Pennsylvania LLC - Decennial Report Due Date & Instructions

Last updated May 30, 2020

Pennsylvania LLC Decennial Report

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This Quick Start Guide is a brief overview of how to form an LLC in Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania LLC Costs:
Pennsylvania state fee: $125

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After you form an LLC in Pennsylvania, you must file a Decennial Report once every 10 years, starting in years that end with a “1” (more details below).

You need to file a Decennial Report in order to keep your Pennsylvania LLC in compliance and in good standing with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Corporations.

Filing Fee:

Due Date:
Your Decennial Report is due during the years ending with a “1” (2011, 2021, 2031, etc.).

The next Decennial Report will be due in 2021.

You can file it anytime during the year of 2021 (between January 1st – December 31st), but after December 31st, your LLC will be penalized and marked delinquent.

If you don’t file your LLC Decennial Report, the Bureau of Corporations will remove the rights to your LLC name and will make it publicly available to others.

The state will mail reminder notices to your LLC’s Registered Office Address or Commercial Registered Office Provider (CROP) on or before November 1st, 2 months prior to the opening filing period.

Even if you do not receive a reminder, it will still be your responsibility to file an LLC Decennial Report. For that reason, we recommend putting a reminder on your phone and computer, as well as writing it out and putting it in some place where you’ll see it.

How early can the Decennial Report be filed?
It can be filed as early as January 1st of the filing year. For example, Decennial Reports that are due for the filing year of 2021, can be filed as early as January 1st, 2021.

Next Step

Once you’ve read over the Decennial Report information and created a reminder for yourself, you can then proceed to the next lesson: Business Licenses & Permits.

Pennsylvania Department of State Contact Info

If you have any questions, you can contact the Pennsylvania Bureau of Corporations at 717-787-1057 (Monday through Friday, 8am – 4:45pm).

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  1. I filled for my LLC on January 1, 2020. Does that mean I will owe the decennial fee in 2021 or 2031?

    • Hi Andrew, all Pennsylvania LLCs will need to file in 2021. Then again in 2031, 2041, and so on. So yes, you’ll need to file your Pennsylvania LLC Decennial Report in 2021. Hope that helps.

        • Hi Michael, no, your Pennsylvania LLC would not have to file a Decennial Report in 2021. If your LLC is formed anytime in 2021, its first Decennial Report would be filed in 2031. Hope that helps.


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