Corpnet Review

We didn’t find anything particularly troubling or problematic about Corpnet. But, on the other hand, nothing about their service really stood out to us. The Basic package isn’t a good value because it doesn’t include the same business formation services offered by competitors in their cheapest LLC formation package. And the other packages have high service fees that aren’t justified by the extras included.

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IncFile Review

IncFile is a decent choice for Registered Agent and business formation services. In fact, their basic Silver plan is one of the best values in the industry because it comes with a free year of Registered Agent service and you don’t pay IncFile any service fees (unless you purchase additional products).

So if you want to save time by having a company form your LLC, IncFile is a good, cheap option. However, IncFile’s customer service isn’t the best and their refund policy is pretty strict.

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Swyft Filings Review

All things considered, our Swyft Filings research determined they are a decent choice overall for LLC formation services and Registered Agent services. The services they offer are fairly standard for the industry, and so are their prices.

The benefits of choosing Swyft Filings include their quick processing times and solid customer service. The biggest drawbacks include their constant upselling and their misleading terms of service.

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Rocket Lawyer LLC Review

Rocket Lawyer offers a collection of templated legal documents and other quality legal services from licensed attorneys. If you pay for membership, you can access their online legal service and get legal advice from licensed attorneys who work in many different practice areas.

Some of Rocket Lawyer’s legal services – like LLC formation filings – are available to non-subscribers.

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IncFile Alternatives

You’ve probably seen lots of websites talking about IncFile, especially because of their “free” formation package. We looked at the LLC service alternatives to help you make an informed choice.

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IncAuthority vs LegalZoom

When you compare IncAuthority vs LegalZoom, IncAuthority is the clear winner.

Here’s why:

IncAuthority has more understandable website language, lower prices, and better customer service than LegalZoom. IncFile’s free LLC formation package also includes a free year of Registered Agent service. With LegalZoom’s basic formation service, their Registered Agent service is a separate add-on priced at $249.

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Nolo vs LegalZoom

Nolo clearly outshines LegalZoom with customer support, faster turnaround times, and an overall more pleasant experience. Although neither company has competitive pricing when compared to other LLC formation companies, Nolo’s prices were better than LegalZoom’s. And Nolo has a much better document library that offers actual reusable templates, whereas LegalZoom requires you to get a new template every time.

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ZenBusiness vs IncFile

ZenBusiness vs IncFile – Compared on 10 Features Are you deciding between ZenBusiness and IncFile for LLC formation services? We know, it can be confusing. But don’t worry! Read our helpful comparison guide below, to learn which company is best for you. LLC service providers all seem to offer the same services, but is price the only thing you should consider? We think user experience, including friendliness of website language and customer support, are really important too. That’s why we tried out their websites to see what it’s like to start your LLC with ZenBusiness or IncFile, and we called their customer support teams multiple times to help you select the best company to form your LLC. Both ZenBusiness and IncFile have reputations as business formation companies that offer extra help to their customers, but which is the best fit for your business? We compared ZenBusiness vs IncFile on 10

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IncFile vs LegalZoom

IncFile has cheaper prices, much faster turnaround times, and they include a free year of Registered Agent service with their basic package. Unlike LegalZoom, IncFile doesn’t have any tricky subscriptions for upsells and they aren’t pushy.

While neither company’s website has great language and they both have some misleading information, IncFile’s site is simpler and more efficient. IncFile also has better customer support. Although it isn’t amazing, they are still easier to reach than LegalZoom.

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ZenBusiness vs LegalZoom

We liked ZenBusiness’s customer service and convenient user dashboard for Registered Agent services. Their LLC formation process uses a conversational chat interface to walk you through the questionnaire. This is a user-friendly design.
We don’t like that LegalZoom is focused on selling you their other legal services – especially consultations with their attorneys. If all you need is help starting and running your LLC, ZenBusiness is a much better choice.

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