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Starting an LLC in Florida

Starting an LLC in Florida costs $125. And it takes 5 days for approval.

How to start an LLCHere are the 5 steps to follow:

  1. Choose an LLC Name
  2. Select a Registered Agent
  3. File Articles of Organization
  4. Create an Operating Agreement
  5. Get an EIN

If you want to form your LLC yourself, follow our free guide below.

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Need to save time? Hire a company to form your LLC:
Northwest ($39 + state fee) or LegalZoom ($149 + state fee)

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How much does it cost to start an LLC in Florida?

It costs $125 to start an LLC in Florida.

And then it costs $138.75 per year.

What are these fees for?

  • The $125 is to file the Articles of Organization – the document that creates your LLC.
  • The $138.75 per year is for your Annual Report – a mandatory filing that keeps your LLC in good standing.

To learn more about LLC Costs, see LLC Costs in Florida.

How long does it take to get an LLC in Florida?

If you file your LLC by mail, it will be approved in 12 business days (plus mail time).

But if you file online, it will be approved in 5 business days.

Please see How long does it take to get an LLC in Florida to check for any delays.

Here are the steps to forming an LLC in Florida

1. Search your LLC Name

LLC namesSearch your Florida LLC Name to make sure it’s available in the state.

You need to do this because two businesses in the state can’t have the same name.

First, search your business name and compare it to existing businesses in Florida. You can make sure the LLC Name you want is unique from existing businesses using the Sunbiz Division of Corporations: Search Records page.

Second, familiarize yourself with the naming rules in this state (so your LLC gets approved).

We’ll explain both in more detail here: Florida LLC Name.

2. Choose a Registered Agent

Registered Agent

The next step is to choose a Florida Registered Agent.

A Registered Agent is a person or company who accepts legal mail and state notices on behalf of your Limited Liability Company.

Who can be an LLC Registered Agent?

You have 3 options for who can be the Registered Agent:

  • You
  • A friend or family member
  • A Registered Agent Service

Florida law requires LLC Registered Agents to have a physical street address in the state. PO Boxes aren’t allowed.

And the Registered Agent’s name and address will be listed on public records.

If you don’t have an address in Florida, or you want more privacy, you can hire a Registered Agent Service for your LLC.

We recommend Northwest Registered Agent

Our favorite feature about Northwest is they’ll let you use their office address throughout your LLC filing. This way, you can keep your address off public records.

They’ll also scan any mail sent to your LLC and upload it to your online account.

Northwest has excellent customer service, and they’re who we trust to be our own Registered Agent.

Special offer: Hire Northwest to form your LLC ($39 + state fee), and you'll get a free year of Registered Agent service.

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3. File Articles of Organization with the Department of State

Articles of OrganizationTo start an LLC, you need to file the Articles of Organization.

This gets filed with the Florida Department of State: Division of Corporations.

The Articles of Organization costs $125 if you file online.

This is a one-time fee to create your LLC.

If you want to file this yourself, see our step-by-step guide: Florida Articles of Organization.

Or, you can hire a company to do it for you.

Need to save time? Hire a company to form your LLC:
Northwest ($39 + state fee) or LegalZoom ($149 + state fee)

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4. Create an Operating Agreement

Operating AgreementAn Operating Agreement is a “companion” document to the Articles of Organization.

The Articles of Organization creates your LLC, and the Operating Agreement shows who owns the LLC.

Additionally, some banks require an Operating Agreement when you open an LLC bank account.

And having an Operating Agreement will be very helpful if you ever end up in court. Reason being, it helps prove that your LLC is being run properly.

That’s why we recommend that all LLCs have an Operating Agreement – including Single-Member LLCs.

Furthermore, an Operating Agreement is an “internal document“. Meaning, you don’t need to file it with any government agency (like the Florida Division of Corporations or the IRS). Just keep a copy with your business records.

You can download a free template below.

Then, learn how to fill it out by watching our step-by-step Florida Operating Agreement video.

Download a free LLC Operating Agreement:
Member-managed: Google DocWordPDF
Manager-managed: Google DocWord

(What's better? See Member-managed vs Manager-managed LLC)

5. Get an EIN from the IRS

The next step is to get a EIN Number from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) for your LLC.

Note: An EIN Number is also called a Federal Tax ID Number or Federal Employer Identification Number.

EIN Number for an LLCAn EIN Number is used to:

  • identify your LLC for tax purposes
  • open a business bank account
  • apply for business licenses and permits
How much does an EIN cost?

Getting an EIN Number from the IRS is completely free.

How long does it take to get an EIN?

If you apply online, it takes 15 minutes.

If you apply by mail or fax, it can take 1-3 months.

How can I get an EIN?

US Citizens/US Residents: If you have an SSN or ITIN, you can apply for an EIN online. Follow these instructions: Apply for an EIN online.

Non-US Residents: You can’t get an EIN online, but you can still get one by fax or by mail. Follow these instructions: How to get an EIN without an SSN or ITIN.

What should I do after my LLC is approved?

After your LLC is approved, there are some additional steps.

Open an LLC business bank account

You’ll want to open a business bank account for your LLC.

This makes accounting and record-keeping much easier for your business finances.

Having a separate business bank account also maintains your personal liability protection. This is because it keeps your business finances separate from your personal finances.

Get business licenses and permits

Business LicenseGood news, Florida doesn’t have a state general business license.

However, depending on where your LLC is located, you may need a local business license or permit.

For example, if you want to start a daycare, you may need a business license from the city or county.

You can learn more on our Florida Business License page.

File an Annual Report for your LLC

LLC Annual Report

All LLCs in Florida must file an Annual Report every year.

The Annual Report keeps your LLC in good standing with the state.

How much does the Annual Report cost?

The Annual Report for an LLC costs $138.75 per year.

When is the Annual Report due?

Your LLC’s Annual Report is due by May 1st, every year.

When is my first Annual Report due?

Your first Annual Report is due the year after your LLC was approved.

For example, if your LLC was approved on February 15, 2024, your first Annual Report is due by May 1, 2025.

How do I file my LLC Annual Report?

You can file your LLC Annual Report online or by mail. We recommend the online filing because it’s easier to complete.

Follow our step-by-step guide here: Florida LLC Annual Report.

File and pay Taxes

LLC TaxesLLCs don’t pay federal taxes. Instead, the LLC Members pay the taxes for the LLC.

Said another way, the owners pay taxes for the LLC as a part of their personal tax return.

How will my LLC be taxed?

By default, a LLC in Florida is taxed by the IRS based on the number of owners your LLC has:

  • A Single-Member LLC is taxed like a Sole Proprietorship.
  • A Multi-Member LLC is taxed like a Partnership.

Alternatively, you can ask the IRS to tax your LLC like a C-Corporation or S-Corporation.

Besides federal taxes, there are also state and local income taxes – and sales tax.

The good news is that Florida doesn’t have state income tax. This means you don’t have to file a state-level income tax return for your LLC income if you have a Single-Member LLC. That said, you may need to file a Florida Partnership Return (Form F-1065) for your Multi-Member LLC.

There are also other types of business taxes that apply to certain industries and types of businesses in Florida.

Learn more in Florida LLC Taxes.

State Agencies

Florida Department of State: Division of Corporations

Phone: 850-245-6052
Hours: 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday (Eastern)
Website: Florida Division of Corporations: Sunbiz

Florida Department of Revenue

Phone: 850-488-6800
Hours: 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday (Eastern)
Website: Florida Department of Revenue
Contact: Florida Department of Revenue: Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start an LLC online in Florida?

Yes, you can form an LLC online in Florida. The Articles of Organization filing fee is $125.

When you start your LLC online, it will be approved 5 business days.

What are the benefits of an LLC?

The first benefit of an LLC is protecting your personal assets. Meaning, if your business is sued, your personal assets – like your home, cars, and bank accounts – are protected.

This protection applies to all LLC owners (called LLC Members). It doesn’t matter if you have a Single-Member LLC or Multi-Member LLC. All of the LLC owners are protected from the business debts and liabilities.

This type of protection wouldn’t apply if you operate as a Sole Proprietorship or Partnership. With these types of informal business structures, the owners aren’t protected in the event of a lawsuit. For that reason, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are a much more popular business structure.

Another benefit is LLC pass-through taxation. This means the LLC itself doesn’t pay federal income taxes. Instead, the profits “pass through” to the LLC Members. And the Members pay the taxes on their personal tax return.

And Florida doesn’t have state income taxes.

To learn more, please see How are LLCs taxed.

Is Florida a good state to start an LLC?

This depends on where you live – and where you’re doing business.

Meaning, if you live in or do business in Florida, then you should start your LLC in Florida. While many websites talk about tax rates and advantages of certain states, none of that applies if it’s not the state where you live and do business.

For example, if you form an LLC in Delaware, but live in and conduct business in Florida, you’ll also need to register your Delaware LLC in Florida (and pay extra fees). And you’ll end up paying Florida taxes anyway. This ends up leading to more costs and more headaches with no advantages.

In summary, if you live in and conduct business in Florida, then yes, Florida is a good state to start a business. If you don’t live in and do business in Florida, then no, it’s not good state to start a business.

Real estate exception: If you’re purchasing real estate outside of Florida, you should form your LLC in the state where the property is located.

For more information, please see Best State to Form an LLC.

Matt Horwitz
Matt Horwitz
Matt Horwitz is the leading expert on LLC education, and has been teaching for 15 years. He founded LLC University in 2010 after realizing people needed simple and actionable instructions to start an LLC. He's cited by Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and the US Chamber of Commerce, and was featured by CNBC and InventRight.
Matt holds a Bachelor's Degree in business from Drexel University with a concentration in business law. He performs extensive research and analysis to convert state laws into simple instructions anyone can follow to form their LLC - all for free! Read more about Matt Horwitz and LLC University.

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106 comments on “Florida LLC”

Disclaimer: Nothing on this page shall be interpreted as legal or tax advice. Rules and regulations vary by location. They also change over time and are specific to your situation. Furthermore, this comment section is provided so people can share their thoughts and experience. Please consult a licensed professional if you have legal or tax questions.

  1. Hi Matt
    Can we use RA Address as principle business address?

  2. Hi Matt,
    I really appreciate your information on this website. It is super helpful.
    I have a few questions, hopefully you can help.
    1. I filed the articles of organization already for a LLC, and added 2 members. Is this considered a multi-member LLC?
    2. How do I know if I have to register with the Department of Revenue? for a handyman business?
    3. Would it be better to register as an S-corp? ,and do I need an EIN number for each member of the LLC?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Juana, I apologize for our slow reply. Yes, an LLC with more than 1 Member is a Multi-Member LLC. Please check with an accountant regarding any tax registrations. An LLC being taxed as an S-Corp usually doesn’t make sense for businesses starting out. It’s something to consider once there is enough net income to justify the cost and administration of the S-Corp. No, just 1 EIN for the LLC. Hope that helps.

  3. Hello Matt. First of all, thank you for the information provided on this website. Glad I found this. Now to the questions…
    I formed a Florida company (LLC) three years ago for a logistics business that has not been very productive yet. I obtained IRS business tax ID, customs broker licenses and applicable software to operate my business, but the business just has not been producing enough income for me to survive. Since bills were pilling up; last year I decided to go into house flipping while still maintaining my logistics business operational. So far it has not been bad, as at the very least I’m paying the bills. I purchased homes under the Already established logistics LLC company. Now as I am renewing my LLC with the state, Do I need to tell the state that I am also using the LLC to do house flipping? and if so, how to I do that? The other question is that when I established the business I created it as a partnership where my wife and I are the partners. Now we both, my wife and I think that it is better for the LLC to be listed as a sole proprietor as opposed to partnership. We filed join returns anyway. Please advise on this and also i would like to know if you could advise on a good accountant specializing on LLCs that can help me with Taxes…thank you and blessings


    • Hi Bill, you’re very welcome. No, you don’t need to update the Florida Division of Corporations that you are now using the LLC for real estate. The only way to change your LLC’s tax classification from an LLC taxed as a Partnership to an LLC taxed as a Sole Proprietorship is for your wife to transfer all her ownership in the LLC to you (via an Assignment of LLC Membership) and to file Form 8832 with the IRS to notify them of the change in tax classification. Because Florida is not a community property state, you can’t have a husband and wife Multi-Member LLC taxed as a Qualified Joint Venture LLC. However, you’d want to consider if doing all that is worth it. We don’t have a specific recommendation, but we have general tips here: How to find an accountant for your LLC. Hope that helps.

  4. Hi Matt,
    LLC S single member is currently registered in RI. Will ownership change and 1 member moving to FL require closing the RI LLC?
    Which state should the new LLC S corporation be registered for the tax savings? Online store, no physical office, fulfillment house in ID.
    New LLC 1 member lives in Europe, 1 member lives in NJ (W2), 1 member will live in Florida (W2).

    • Hi WM, it depends. First, there seems to be a flaw in the premise. If you own 100% of a RI LLC and you sell 20% to a person in NJ and 20% to a person in Europe (for example), then you wouldn’t form a new LLC. It’s still the same RI LLC (you’re question says “which state should the new LLC S corporation”…).

      Additionally, non-US residents can’t be shareholders in an LLC taxed as an S-Corp. See Can a foreigner own an S-Corporation.

      Also, assuming the Members are doing business from home in FL and NJ, an LLC would need to formed/registered in those states. In terms of federal taxes, it doesn’t matter what state the LLC is formed in. There will also be federal withholding for the non-US resident. There is a lot to unpack here. Regarding tax questions, we recommend speaking with a few accountants. Hope that helps and thanks for your understanding.

  5. Which state should we register an LLC S corporation? Online store, working from home, using fulfillment house in Idaho.
    Three members. One member (25%) lives in Europe, one member (25%) lives in New Jersey and is on payroll W2, one member (50%) lives in Florida and is on payroll W2. All US citizens.

    • Hi Walter, I want to clarify here. Does the LLC already exist? If so, in what state is it formed? If it doesn’t, I am confused by your question since it sounds like the New Jersey and Florida Member are being paid a W-2 salary from the LLC. Is that not the case? Thanks.

  6. Could you please give a website to check availability for business names? Thanks !

  7. Hello Matt –

    I live in NJ and will do business in FL.

    In filing the LLC, can I use same name i.e. ACME, LLC be used for both NJ and FL
    (if available)?
    * My interpretation was yes considering the LLC record is specific to the state of file.

    Great content by the way, thanks for your time in giving valued info!


    • Hi Alex, thank you! If you are forming an LLC in New Jersey and registering it to do business in Florida, yes, the Florida foreign LLC registration can use the same LLC name (if available in Florida). And the same thing would apply to a Domestic LLC formed in New Jersey and a Domestic LLC formed in Florida. Hope that helps.

  8. Matt,

    I want to create an LLC in Florida for my YouTube channel. In addition, I would be selling inventory used(board games) for the creation of the videos on ebay, to recoup some of the cost. I have 2 questions:

    1) What business license(s) do I need in Broward County? I tried to look but it didn’t have a choice that resonated with online business.

    2)Do I have to register the LLC for business taxes? If so, how?

    • Hi Kevin, there is no state-level Florida business license and there is no county-level business license in Broward County. You may want to check with the city. I’m not 100% sure.

      I’m assuming you have a Single-Member LLC (taxed a Sole Proprietorship). In that case, the LLC won’t need to be registered for state income tax, because the LLC (taxed in its default status) pays no state corporate income tax and as a Florida resident, you don’t pay personal state income tax. However, you’ll need to register with the Florida Department of Revenue if you are required to collect sales tax. Please see Florida Sales and Use Tax and Account Registration. You can also call the Department of Revenue with any questions. Phone support is quite helpful there.

      Additionally, here is information on business taxes in Broward: Local business taxes. We don’t specialize in taxes though, so I recommend having a conversation or two with a few accountants. Hope that helps. And thank you for your understanding.

  9. Hi Matt,

    I am forming an FL LLC, the deed on the property is in my name and needs to be changed to reflect LLC name, Correct? So a deed transfer is involved? And there is a loan on the property and I have been told I have to pay a percent on the loan for documentary stamps? This makes the cost of the LLC really high, can you clarify?
    Thank you, Kathleen

    • Hi Kathleen, yes, a deed transfer is needed to transfer ownership to the LLC. I’m not 100% sure on the doc stamps, but I’d check with your lender, a real estate attorney, and/or another title company.

  10. Hi Matt. My client just informed me that her business is now an LLC. She has been filing as a sole proprietor. When she filed to get an EIN, is that where she would “check the box” to change to an S-Corp, and if she didn’t, then she’d still file a Schedule C with her form 1040? Thank you so much.

    • Hi Nancy, no, there is no option to have an LLC taxed as an S-Corp when obtaining an EIN. That tax election is made with a different form afterward. Please see LLC taxed as S-Corporation for details. Correct, if the LLC is a Single-Member LLC (and hasn’t elected, and been approved for, S-Corp or C-Corp tax treatment), then she would file a Schedule C (or Schedule E for real estate). Hope that helps.

  11. Hi,

    I thank God for your life – for starting this great site.
    I recently ( 2 days ago) used zenbusiness to open a new LLC, however I made mistake with the address. How can I go about correcting that? according to the company Once it’s submitted I have to wait. In addition, what’s the process to change the LLC from Single Member to Multiple Member once formed?

    Thank you.

    • Thank you Jorge! Once your LLC is processed, let us know which address(es) you are referring to. There are different ways to change the different addresses. On the Florida LLC Articles of Organization, there are 4 address fields:

      • Article 2: Principal Office Address
      • Article 2: Mailing Address
      • Article 3: Florida Registered Agent address
      • Article 4: Members or Managers address

      Have you signed an LLC Operating Agreement yet? If you didn’t, you can just decide to make the LLC a Multi-Member LLC by adopting an Operating Agreement. Did you obtain a EIN Number yet? If yes, you either file a change in tax classification (Form 8832) with the IRS or just cancel the EIN and get a new one (and tell the IRS the total number of LLC Members).

      • Thanks for the response! The change will be for the physical and Mailing address, and I have not signed the operating agreement yet, neither have I applied for the EIN. The state is still processing the application. As I understand this can be done online?

        For the Single Vs Multi members. How much validity is there to a Multi Member having more protection if opened in the Florida state?

        • Hi Jorge, you’re very welcome. To change the Physical Address and Mailing Address, you need to file this form: Articles of Amendment to Articles of Organization. You can download it here: Sunbiz: Limited Liability Company Forms. Look under “Florida LLC Forms” and you’ll see “Amendment”. Multi-Member LLCs do offer better asset protection than Single-Member LLCs in Florida due to the charging order protection. There is charging order protection for Multi-Member LLCs, but not Single-Member LLCs due to the landmark case of Olmstead v. FTC that was heard by the Florida Supreme Court. Apologies for the slow reply. Hope that helps.

  12. Hi Matt, I want to buy an existing LLC, the owner is wanting me to get my own FEIN if i buy it. can I still use the original LLC name?

    • Hi Mickey, what is the reason you are buying the LLC… is it just for the name? FYI, you don’t have to buy the whole entity. You can just purchase the assets of the entity. There are pros and cons to each setup. We strongly recommend talking to an attorney (or two). Buying an entity means you are buying all of its assets (and its name)… and all of its debt, liabilities, and contractual obligations. Said another way, people are often surprised down the road as they didn’t realize the “bundle” they bought. We’re not saying don’t buy the LLC… we’re just saying be careful and work with an attorney if that’s something you want to do. Transferring LLC membership interest is a multi-step process that involves the state, the IRS, and proper paperwork. It’s not just a one form kind of thing. Hope that helps.

  13. I want to name our business as Sun Luxe Homes, LLC.
    But Sunlux Homes, LLC is already taken. Can I still name by business as Sun Luxe Homes, LLC?

    • Hi Gerald, the name will likely be rejected because it is deceptively similar. We’re not the LLC examiners at the Florida Division of Corporation though, so if you want to double-check, you can call them. You can also attempt to form an LLC with that name. If it’s rejected you can add another word to your name to make it more unique. For more information, please see Florida LLC name search. Hope that helps.

  14. I am a share holder in. Florida LLC, how can i see the annual reports?

  15. Truly appreciate all the time and effort you’ve put into this very informative website. It’s the best and most in depth LLC formation website I’ve found.

    My question is this: I live in CA, will be starting an e-commerce business with Amazon FBA. All inventory will be warehoused by Amazon and all sales will be within the US. Would it make sense to form an LLC in FLA? I’m hoping to avoid the $800 annual LLC fees required by CA. Are there any other advantages or disadvantages to consider?

    Thanks so much!

  16. Hi Matt
    Thanks a lot for your service.
    I asked you different questions but answers were for another person.
    1.I form llc here in FLORIDA how can I outsource to another country?Its about online support.
    2. Will it be considered as partnership if I outsource?I am planning to have partnership with 2 people from non resident if its allowed.
    3. Do the foreign person need to file tax for the llc as a partner of my llc?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    • Hi Elangbam, 1) If by by outsource, you mean hire people from outside of the US, there’s no issue. You just hire them as independent contractors. 2) If/how you outsource doesn’t affect how the LLC is taxed. If the LLC has 2 or more members, it will be taxed as a partnership by default. The members can be US persons or non-US residents. There are no restrictions. 3) It depends on many factors, but they’ll need to speak with an accountant on that. Hope that helps.

  17. Hi Matt,
    Thank you for keeping such an informative site!
    I have a few questions, unfortunately Florida is an open book when it comes to public records, being said that, my questions are as follow:
    1. When forming an LLC – can we use a physical address of a UPS store for example, as the main address for our business? The state does not allow it to be a P.O. Box, but there are virtual offices, or some UPS stores offer a “street address” However; we would be conducting business from home. We are planning to invest in Real Estate, so must of the job will be done from home, but we do not want to use our home address for privacy reasons.
    2. Is there any other way to keep our personal info out of the public records?
    We thought of forming a Wyoming LLC as their corporate veil seems to be a bit stronger than the Florida, starting with the fact that owners/members names can remain anonymous in Wyoming, but once then foreign LLC gets registered in FL there would go the anonymity… so it seems that route would not solve much of that issue for us.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks a lot in advance for your input. Blessings.

    • Hi Yrem, Florida is unique since most states don’t allow mailbox rental addresses to be used. Chapter 48 of the Florida Statutes were revised to allow service of process to be delivered at a commercial mail receiving agency/private mailbox. You may want to look into forming a Wyoming LLC that owns the Florida LLC. We have more address privacy information here: Florida LLC Registered Agent. Hope that helps.

  18. Hey Matt,

    I really appreciate the content you have put together to help people who are in a similar situation like myself.

    I am in the process of setting up my Florida LLC. I will need to file tax returns for my LLC and it members. I was wondering if you could recommend any CPAs whose services I can utilize for a reasonable fee.

    Thank you very much!

  19. Hi Matt,

    Can the NYC LLC do the rental real estate business in Florida? If not, and have to set up a separate LLC in FL, can this FL LLC purchase a rental property during the period of time between it gets filed and effective date 1/1/2019?

    Thanks a lot!

  20. Hi Matt,

    Thank you so much for the amazingly helpful website! I was wondering if you have any insights on the situation described below.

    I’m wanting to move my NY LLC to FL while still keeping my EIN and bank accounts. The name will also stay the same. Is this possible? If so, how? I heard merging the two can do this, but I’m not sure.

    If I need to first create the LLC in FL, will I need to get a new EIN? Since I’m using the same business name, I’m concerned the IRS won’t issue me another EIN.

    Thanks in advance for your help! :-)


    • Hey Christine, you’re very welcome! Yes, pursuant to 605.1045 of the Florida Statutes, you can change the domicile of your LLC from New York to Florida. This is referred to as a Conversion in Florida. You’ll be converting your New York LLC into a Florida LLC and this will retain the LLC’s history, bank accounts, EIN, etc.

      It’s a two-step process. First, in Florida, you’ll file an “Articles of Conversion for ‘Other Business Entity’ into a Florida Limited Liability Company”. This can’t be filed online. It can only be filed by mail or in-person in Tallahassee. Attached to this form is the Articles of Organization as well, so it’s kind of like 2 forms in 1. The total fee for both forms is $150 (check or money order made payable to “Department of State”). You can find the form on the Limited Liability Company forms page of the Florida Division of Corporations website. Under “Florida LLC Forms” look for another sub-section titled “Conversion Forms”, then look for “‘Other Business Entity’ into Florida LLC (PDF)”.

      If you file by mail, your Articles of Conversion will be approved in about 7-10 business days. If you file in-person, it takes about 15-30 minutes. Once the Florida Division of Corporation approves your Articles of Conversion and Articles of Organization, you can then proceed to dissolving your New York LLC. And that’s how you convert a New York LLC into a Florida LLC. Hope that helps!

  21. Hi Matt,

    First, I would like to thank you for your hard work and responding to hundreds/thousands of questions. Here are two questions to add:
    1- I live in Virginia and I plan to purchase strip center in Florida. Should I form an LLC in Virginia and then register it as Foreign LLC in Florida? Or should I form it in Florida and then register it as foreign LLC in Virginia?
    2- If I form an LLC, how hard is it to get a commercial loan for a newly established LLC? If I can’t get a loan under this LLC, how could I purchase a property under LLC unless it is a cash deal?
    Thank you for your response in advance!

    • Hi Riad, thank you. Much appreciated! 1.) You can go either way. It might be simpler just to form a Domestic LLC in Florida though as it’s just one filing to thinking about and maintain versus two. 2.) It really depends. On larger commercial, most lenders are looking at the cashflow and valuation of the property. We recommend talking to at least 5-10 lenders as each has their own unique criteria. If you work with a real estate attorney, they may be able to walk you through taking title in your name (if you’d rather/need to secure funding in your name) and the quitclaim deed the strip center to your LLC. Hope that helps.

    • Hi Naveen, we’re not sure (but we don’t think so). You’ll need to call the Corporations Division to find out. If you get any helpful info you’d like to share, please let us know. Thanks.

  22. Hi Matt , I’m gonna create a LLc and I was reading your guide. Thank you very much.
    But I have a question, I do taxes with my husband, and I read the I have to obtain an ID tax
    I’m not sure if I have one because I do personal taxes with him or I have to obtain one
    Thank you

    • Hey Jacquie, you’re very welcome! Please double-check this with your accountant, as I’m not 100% sure I understand the question, since both an EIN and an SSN are a type of taxpayer ID number, so I’m not sure which you’re referring to. However, you’ll get an EIN for your LLC and you can still file your taxes jointly, which is what it sounds like you’re doing. Hope that helps.

  23. Hi, Matt,
    A friend has a lot of equity in his house, but it’s almost in foreclosure. It does not make sense to sell right now, as it needs repair. Would an LLC be the best choice to invest in the property with an expected profit when it is sold? I am most concerned with liability, as I can’t risk my own home. He doesn’t want me to buy it outright for what is owed.

    • Hi Patricia, if you’re concerned about liability, then taking title to real estate in an LLC (as opposed to taking title in your name) offers better personal liability protection. You’ll still want to get insurance though. The LLC is a pass-through entity, so the taxes paid on any gains will be the same. Hope that helps.

  24. Thank you!

    I have one more question..
    To open a business bank account I need EIN ot Tax ID. The lady at Tax Liberty told me only after 1 year, because I will have an income.
    How can I open the bank account?

    Thank you again!

    • Hi Tessy, yes, you’ll need an EIN in order to open the bank account. You don’t need an ITIN to open a bank account. If you don’t have an SSN or ITIN, when applying for an EIN, you can’t apply online. Instead, send Form SS-4 to the IRS (by mail or fax) and write “Foreign” on line 7b. Then when you file your taxes next year with the IRS, you can also apply for your ITIN at the same time. We have info on that here: how to apply for an ITIN. Hope that helps!

  25. Just started a sole proprietorship with a ficticious name a week ago. I now want to change to a LLC. What should I do?

  26. Hi, your site is amazingly informative! I have a few questions, so here goes:
    1) I live in Florida and will be starting an LLC to do financial investing and trading (stocks, options, forex) strictly for my own account. I will be the only member and while it will start with a small amount of cash, the expectation is that it should grow quickly. Is Florida the right state for formation? (Somehow I think the answer is yes.)
    2) Is the election of Subchapter S tax filing appropriate for such an entity considering the type of business? I intend to pay myself a reasonable salary from the proceeds, and to have the LLC contribute to a qualified retirement plan for my benefit.
    3) Which service would be better for both the formation and registered-agent designation, Northwest or IncFile?

    Thanks in advance for your insight.

    • Hi Judy, thank you! You’ll want to speak with an accountant about your situation, but likely yes, Florida would be ideal since that is where you’re legally doing business. An LLC taxed as an S-Corp tends to only make sense after the LLC generates at least $60-$70k in net income. For both LLC formation and Registered Agent services, I recommend Northwest Registered Agent. Hope that helps!

  27. Hi, I have an investor to go partners with on a property. However, I know of more investors what will want to partner with me. Should I file a Holding Company LLC and then list each of my investment properties with different investors as their each individual LLCs?

    Thank you so much ! Do you have any other projects to empower entrepreneurs?

    • Hey Chris, no other projects at this time. Your situation is too complex for us to get involved with. There are multiple angles to look at, and likely multiple solutions to achieve what you’re trying to accomplish. You’ll want to speak with – or hire – someone (or multiple people) who can assess this from a liability standpoint in addition to looking at taxation. Hope that helps and thank you for your understanding.

  28. How much is to open a LLC, where do I find where is written?
    How do I pay?

    What’s de difference btw LLC x EIN?


    • Hi Tessy, a Florida LLC is $125. An LLC is a Limited Liability Company. An EIN is issued by the IRS for the LLC. All the details to your questions are in our Florida LLC lessons. You can find those links at the top of this page. Thanks.

  29. Hi, My business is just starting out. I am baking. I am looking into becoming an LLC only because I now own a home. But is this something that I really need to do, when I am just starting out?

    • Hi Natalie, you don’t have to form an LLC, but if you just operate as a Sole Proprietorship, there is no personal asset protection, so many new entrepreneurs choose an LLC over a Sole Proprietorship. Florida LLC’s are also $125 which is very reasonable and a few dollars shy of the national average. We’ve written more about Sole Proprietorship vs LLC here: should I form an LLC or operate as a Sole Proprietorship?

  30. Hello. My husband an I just started an LLC and just got the EIN #. We will be in rental business for a car and then also add real state. We would like to keep it simple. Is it possible to keep both of those things under one LLC?

    • Hi Andrea, yes, you can run both business activities through the LLC. Hope that helps :)

  31. I want to invest in rental property and also online rents. In addition my family does home inspections. Should I create one LLC and put both businesses under it or should it be two LLCs? Can one LLCs be the main one and manage the other? My goal is to have everything protected so what would accomplish that?

    • Hi Robin, it’ll be best to keep the businesses separate. So that’ll be 2 different LLCs and not having one LLC manage the other. Keep things separate. Hope that helps.

  32. Hi Matt,

    First of all, your website is really really good! I was so confused and you clarified so much for me on the subject! Thank you so very much!

    I have a question though. I live in CA, I have a TX work license which is reciprocal with Florida but not with CA. I might end up moving to work to a different state. My question is: what happens if I move to a different state than the state I make my LLC? Can it be transferred there and have only one for the state I am living in? Do I have to keep my California LLC always from the point I start it (and the $800 every year) if I do my LLC in CA to start with? I would appreciate your advice on that!

    Thank you very much!

    Yael :)

    • Hey Yael, thanks for the great comment :) You’re very welcome! California is extremely strict when it comes to “doing business” so if you’re moving soon and will establish residency rather quickly, you will likely be fine to form the LLC in your new state after you establish residency (and file final returns in CA). If not, there is a chance California will come looking. So if you can’t wait, then yes, you’ll need to form the LLC in California as a Domestic LLC, or form an LLC in the soon-to-be-moving-to state and register it as a Foreign LLC in California. Either way, yup, $800 annual franchise tax in addition to any and all other state-level tax filings as long as you’re living and doing business in California. If you follow that route, then later you can file a Certificate of Dissolution with the California Secretary of State (cancelling the Foreign LLC registration) after you move and establish residency elsewhere.

      To answer your other question, “moving” an LLC (depending on the states) can usually be done 3 ways.

      1.) Form a new Domestic LLC and dissolve the old Domestic LLC. This isn’t really a “move”; more like open one, close the other.

      2.) Register your first LLC as a Foreign LLC in your new state. The benefit of this is maintaining LLC history, bank account and EIN. Downside is added costs for Registered Agent (if a Commercial Registered Agent is needed), LLC Annual Reports (if applicable) and possible state-level tax filings (even if “zeroed out” or informational).

      3. Domesticate or “redomesticate” if the exiting and incoming states allow it. Sometimes this is also called a “conversion”. This has the best of both worlds (of #1 and #2), but it’s usually just a more tedious and complicated filing process (although certainly not impossible).

      Hope that helps!

  33. Hello Matt,
    I am starting an LLC in Florida. Filing online, it asks for the title of the manager of the LLC, but uses a number of options that aren’t clear. I read your article on manager and member, and also about the organizer. But the online form gives options for a manager, an authorized representative, an authorized member, and an authorized person… WHAT?
    Why not just “manager”? What do these other options mean, and how do i know whether they apply to me? Do they apply to the other members?

  34. Hi Tony good work.I want to register a LLC in Florida I am a foreign not living in USA my services is in consultancy services which I provide only out side of USA but I receive the payments fees in a USA bank.
    I can understand the processing for complete this type of company but I am confuse about the taxes, the EIN and other details in reference to this issue.
    I search for some of these services companies but I have some concerning and I do not feel complete secure.
    I need more support at this point, then can you provide a confident company that can help me??
    Thank you and regards

    • Hey Gustavo, you can form an LLC in Florida, and then obtain an EIN after the LLC is approved. Check out Northwest Registered Agent. They’ll be the Registered Agent for your LLC, and they’ll also let you use their address in the rest of your filing. They may also be able to obtain your EIN for you, but you could also file that yourself by mailing or emailing Form SS-4 to the IRS and writing “Foreign” on line 7b. Just make sure your Florida LLC is approved before applying for the EIN. Hope that helps.

      • Thank you Tony I will follow your advice my best regards

  35. Hi Matt,
    Can I create an LLC in the state of Florida and have under that LLC properties that are out of state. I have properties in the state of Rhode Island but wanted to create the LLC in Florida is that possible?
    Thanks, Tony

    • Hi Tony, if you have properties in Rhode Island, then that’s where you’re legally doing business and that’s where the LLCs (that own the property) should be formed. You could have your Florida LLC be the owner of the Rhode Island LLCs (instead of you as an individual), however, in terms of which is a better approach, you’d need to speak with a lawyer. Hope that helps.

  36. Hi Matt,

    First of all, congratulations on this very helpful website!

    I am a non-resident foreigner and have just opened a Florida single-member LLC for a real estate investment. When filling out the SS4 Form, in order to get a EIN, I found out that it might be necessary to fill out as well Form 5472.

    Do you know if that is indeed the case and by when it has to be submitted?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Matt, thank you. Glad you’ve found the website helpful :) You don’t need to complete Form 5472 in order to obtain an EIN, however, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to complete Form 5472 at some point. But we’re not able to say one way or the other (regarding Form 5472) as you’ll need to speak with an accountant about this form, as well as any other forms and filings you’re responsible for. Taxes vary widely, especially among non-US residents, so we can’t provide any details. Thanks for understanding and best wishes!

  37. Hi,
    I am not a US resident/Citizen.
    I would like to open an LLC mainly to start selling on Amazon.
    Which state do you recommend to open it?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Aurelien, you can select any state you’d like. I’m not able to say which is best, especially for an online Amazon business. Will you be visiting the US to open a bank account for your LLC? If so, you might want to consider a state that is easy for you to get to to open the bank account.

      • Dear Matt,
        Thanks a lot for the quick feedback.
        Indeed, I am planning to visit the US to open the bank account. In my case, if there are no major differences between the states, I’ll use the most convenient one for the visit.

        • Hi Aurelien, you’re welcome. I also recommend speaking with an accountant (or a few) in case there are any tax advantages for you.

  38. HI, im not a us citizen and i dont live in us. i try to open llc in florida. i done it with incfile but the only address i can had in they site its a us address. i want to use they Registered Agent and to put my address out side the us. i know its can be done.
    can you advice?


    • Hi Gil, apologies for the slow reply. Did you receive back the Florida LLC approval? What is the status of your LLC at this time?

  39. Thank you for your advice on filing an LLC. How can I have the PA designation added? When I filled out the form I typed in my name and PA It was denied and was told to delete the PA. Any advice? Thank you in advance. Donna L.

    • Hi Donna, you’re very welcome! The PA designation does not go “onto” an LLC. A PA is completely different business entity altogether. “PA” stands for Professional Association, and more specifically, a Professional Association in Florida is known as a Professional Corporation (but it’s abbreviated as “PA”). It’s a special type of Corporation designated for individuals who hold a state license in order to render their professional services. If you decide you want to form a PA in Florida, it’s an entirely different filing. In order to form a Florida Professional Corporation (PA), you need to file a Profit Articles of Incorporation. You can file this by mail or online. The form (and online filing link) can be found here: FL Division of Corporations: Florida Corporations Forms. Hope that helps :)

  40. Do I need to wait until Jan 1st to file for the LLC, If I file for one today Dec 27,2017 will I have to pay the $135 fee again in May 2018 or will it be May 2019 ?
    Bell, Florida

    • Hi Mary, giving your Florida LLC an effective date of 1/1/2018 (or later) will be the “cheapest”. If your LLC is marked effective in 2017, you’ll need to file your first Annual Report before May 1st of 2018. If your Florida LLC goes effective on or after 1/1/2018, your first Annual Report won’t be due until before May 1st of 2019. If you’d like your LLC to become effective on or after 1/1/2018, you have two ways to do this. Either wait until January to file, or even easier, file now, but enter an effective date of 1/1/2018. If you file by mail, this will be in Article V of the Articles of Organization. If you file online, this will be at the very top of the filing, under “Filing Information”. Hope that helps!

  41. Im not a US residence nor citizen, the guide and steps are the same to form an LLC? Thanks in advance

    • Hi Diego, yes, the steps are still the same. For the member/manager address, you can enter a foreign address if you’d like. Or you can enter your Registered Agent address, if you hire Northwest Registered Agent. I also recommend them for your Registered Agent because they are very foreigner-friendly. Hope that helps.

  42. I want to find a less expensive registered agent for my LLC. I am the sole proprietor. No one is in the company except me. I know I could be my own agent. However, I am not home every day during business hours. So once I’ve found a new registered agent what form(s) do I need to file with State of Florida and what fees and do you know what website to use? And finally, do I have to notify my current registered agent afterward to tell them I’ve changed my agent or do I simply not pay their bill?

    • Hi Deb, I’m not sure of the terms of your agreement with your current Registered Agent, so I would check with them on the process of cancelling. In terms of a new Registered Agent, I recommend Northwest Registered Agent. Northwest has been in the business for over 20 years and they have great customer support. Any mail that is sent to your LLC will be scanned by them and uploaded to your online account. In order to update your Registered Agent with the Florida Department of State, you can just do so when you file your FL LLC Annual Report next year (at no additional charge). If you want to file before then, you can mail the change of Registered Agent form and pay the $25 fee. You can find the form here: Statement of Change or Registered Office or Registered Agent or Both. Hope that helps.

    • Hi Andrea, do you mean multiple people’s names or multiple company names? Can you please be more detailed as to what you are looking to achieve?

      • I think I mean tradenames and is there a cost for that or would be less to purchase separate LLCs under one LLC

        • Hi Andrea, I believe you mean Fictitious Names (as they are called in Florida). After your LLC is formed and you’ve obtained an EIN, you can file your Fictitious Names with the Department of State. Please see here: Florida Fictitious Name Registration. The cost is $50 each and they must be renewed every 5 years. Having multiple Fictitious Names owned by your LLC are all just one and the same legal entity; the LLC. If you have multiple LLCs, each would be separate and isolated from one another in regards to liability. So regarding how to “chop it up”… it depends on what is more important: price or liability protection. Florida LLCs are $125 to form and $139 per year for their Annual Report. Fictitious Names are $50 to form and are renewed every 5 years for the same price.

    • Hello. Is it possible to live in Massachusetts. But open an LLC in Florida. This would be for an online business.

      • Hi Anita, while yes, that could be done, the states don’t really care if your business is online. In fact, since you are running and operating the business from your home in Massachusetts, you’ll legally be transacting business in Massachusetts. So if you formed an LLC in Florida, it would then need to be registered as a foreign LLC in Massachusetts. Hope that helps.

        • Wow same day reply. Your awesome! Thanks for the speedy response. So Using a Registered Agent Service Company to use for all my address’s for Florida so that I don’t have to pay Mass hefty fee I guess wouldn’t be allowed?

          • You’re welcome Awitti. Doing that would put you in the gray. Meaning, your Florida LLC will be illegally transacting business in Massachusetts. And as per Massachusetts General Laws – Chapter 156C: Section 54, your non-registered Florida LLC can be fined $500 for every year it fails to register in Massachusetts. Using a Registered Agent service for your Florida LLC only means you are complying with Florida law, which requires an LLC to maintain a Registered Agent in Florida. It doesn’t change the fact that your Florida LLC will be be doing business in Massachusetts. It’s usually more affordable to simply form an LLC in Massachusetts. Hope that helps.

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