California LLC Annual Fee

The CA Annual LLC Franchise tax is mandatory for LLCs. The $800 fee is due by the 15th day of the 4th month after your LLC is filed. You will pay this tax with the LLC Tax Voucher Form 3522. You need to submit this to the CA FTB (California Franchise Tax Board).

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ZenBusiness LLC Service Review

Is ZenBusiness a good choice for LLC services and registered agent services? Their services offer many pros, and only one real con – the confusing pricing of their auto-renewing subscriptions. Besides this, however, ZenBusiness is a good choice. Their packages offer plenty of features at reasonable initial prices. And you can avoid certain upsells by doing some filings yourself.

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How to Find an Accountant for Your LLC

This is advice we share on a weekly basis. After your LLC is formed, you need a good accountant. But how do you go about finding one? This technique allows you to pair 10+ accountants up against each other, use the process of elimination, and also trust your gut feeling and intuition when it comes to forming long-term business relationships.

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MyCorporation Review

MyCorporation isn’t a great choice for LLC services and online incorporation services. Their service packages are overpriced and don’t include as many services as many competitors’ packages. MyCorporation also isn’t a good choice for registered agent services, as they outsource this and you will have to enter into a service agreement with a different company.

But the biggest issue with MyCorporation is the confusing prices. We are still puzzled and appalled by the inflated state fees.

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MyLLC Review

MyLLC is a fairly good choice for LLC services. Their bare-bones LLC formation is too expensive. However, their optional services are useful and reasonably priced. We like that MyLLC lets you choose exactly what extra services you need instead of limiting you to pre-selected bundles. Also, they offer great customer service.

MyLLC is a good choice for Registered Agent service although they are a little more expensive than some competitors. Also, the only other Registered Agent service that offers to shred unwanted mail for you is Northwest.

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BizFilings Review

BizFilings is an okay choice for LLC formation services. They offer some of the best customer service in the industry, and their Basic Package is a good deal.

But the other packages are too expensive for the value, and their upsells are also over-priced in our opinion. Other drawbacks of choosing BizFilings include unclear turnaround times, and the unpredictable fees depending on which state you choose to form your LLC.

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Harbor Compliance Review

Using Harbor Compliance’s software services can save business owners a considerable amount of time in forming and managing their entities. Harbor Compliance is a young company but has built up its reputation quickly as a leading provider of licensing and compliance services.

However, their customer service prior to ordering is completely unhelpful, and the LLC formation packages by themselves are extremely basic. The annual subscription fees rapidly pile up as your needs grow, so you must decide if the excessive cost is worth the automation.

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MaxFilings Review

We think MaxFilings’s Silver package is a good deal. You get all the essential LLC formation services for a good price, and their website is easy to use. However, their customer service was pretty disappointing so if you think you will need help, we can’t recommend them.

MaxFilings offers the usual other LLC services beyond the formation filing, but you can do most of those things at home for free. If you’re looking for basic online incorporation services to start a limited liability company, MaxFilings is a good choice as long as you stick to the Silver package.

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LegalZoom LLC Review

In this review, we discuss the LegalZoom LLC packages. We take a deeper look at their fine print. And we discuss if LegalZoom is the best option to form an LLC, or if it’s a better idea to go with an alternative.

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