Last updated February 5, 2021

How to Find an Accountant for Your LLC

You can use a service like Thumbtack to find accountants in your area. We recommend speaking with a few, running your questions by them, and meeting them in person.

The following is our recommendation on how to find a great accountant for your LLC:

1. Write down your top 4-5 questions about taxes and LLCs and put them in a Word document or a Google document.

2. Copy and paste those questions 7 times, and create a horizontal line between each section of questions.

3. Do a Google search for “business accountant + {city, state}” and browse websites very quickly (1-2 minutes each) and then enter the contact information of 7 accountants in your document. The reason we say fast here is because you want to be using your gut/intuition on your initial decisions. You’ll be able to make a better judge of character over the phone.

Note: If you are a non-US resident and own an LLC, add the word “non-US resident”, “non-resident alien”, or “foreign national” to your google searches. You’ll want to make sure you’re dealing with someone who is familiar with your situation.

4. Spend an hour or two and call every accountant. You can introduce yourself and say, “I’m starting a new business and I have a few tax questions about my LLC. Do you have a few minutes?”

We don’t recommend leaving messages and waiting for calls back as this can slow down your momentum. If someone isn’t available, ask for an ideal time to call back. Or just call another accountant.

Most accountants will be happy to spend 10-15 minutes with you on the phone at no cost.

Write down their answers to your questions and any other notes about the call.

By calling 7 accountants, you’re comparing the answers you get and you’re getting an initial feel of what it may be like to work with them. You’ll notice some people may be far more detailed and confident in their answers than others.

At the end of your calls, you’ll be mentally tired, yes, but you’ll have learned a lot.

You’ll likely gravitate to one or two people. We then recommend asking them to meet in person or via a video call. The in-person meeting or video call shows that they are willing to invest time in you, builds rapport, and it allows you to get a feel for what it would be like working with them.

Do this and you’re likely to find a great accountant for years to come.

Matt Horwitz
Founder & Educator, LLC University®
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