How to Find an Accountant for Your LLC

The following is my advice on how to get a great accountant for your LLC.

Many people will read this and think it’s too hard. Others will realize the beauty in the strategy.

And those that put in the work typically have amazing results. I myself have been with the same accountant for over 9 years, and I am extremely happy.

Here are the steps to finding a great accountant for your LLC:

1. Write down your top 4-5 questions about taxes and LLCs and put them in a Word (or similar) document.

2. Copy and paste those questions 10 times, and create a divider line between each section of questions.

3. Put a post on FB, stating, “Getting ready to form an LLC for my business. Anyone recommend an awesome accountant in {state}?”

4. Google search “business accountant + {city, state}” and browse websites very quickly (1-2 minutes each) and then enter the contact information of 10 accountants in your document. The reason I say fast here is because you want to be using your gut/intuition on your initial decisions.

Note: If you live outside of the US but have a US LLC, add the word “international” and/or “foreign” to your google searches. You’ll want to make sure you’re dealing with someone who is familiar with your situation.

5. Now, spend 1-3 hours and call every single one of the accountants. Say, “Hi my name is {Your Name}. I’m starting a new business and I have a few tax questions about my LLC. Are you able to help?”

Here’s the catch: because you’re implying that you’re a potential new client, each accountant will gladly spent 5-15 minutes with you on the phone for free. If they don’t, delete them from your list and find a replacement.

Write down their answers to your questions in your documents, and enter any other notes about the call. Ex: John was really well-spoken, Susie constantly interrupted me, Steve clearly had no idea WTF he’s talking about, etc.

By calling 10 accountants, you’re “pairing them up” against each other, cross-referencing their information and getting smarter (and more confident) with each call.

At the end of all your calls, you’ll be mentally tired, yes, but you just learned a shit ton!

You’ll immediately be able to eliminate 2-4 people. Either because: they were flat out wrong, you didn’t like their personality, or your intuition just didn’t feel good about them. Always trust your gut.

Then, there will be about 2-3 people who really stand out; people who you just feel good about. You like them personally, as well as professionally.

Follow up with them and ask them to a 5-min “coffee and a quick hello”. Tell them you want to put a face to a name and shake their hand.

The reason for this extra step (which a lot of people don’t think is necessary), is even the craziest and weirdest people can sound good on the phone.

The in-person coffee meeting shows: 1.) if they are willing to invest in you, and; 2.) allows you to really get a good gut-check on them and make sure you feel good about proceeding.

Do this, and you’ll find a great accountant who will help you with your business for years and years. Wouldn’t you rather have an awesome accountant for the next 10 years instead of finding a new one every 1-2? I feel this strategy is the best route there is.

I hope this has been helpful. Let me know your results in the comments section below. Or, if you have any tweaks or suggestions to add to this strategy, add them as well!

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