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Get a Business Phone Number

Whether it’s a local number, or an 800 number, one of the first things your new business needs is a professional way for customers to contact you.

With features like a customized welcome message, call forwarding, and voicemail transcription, a virtual phone systems offers flexibility and convenience, without the high price tag of a typical phone system.

With a virtual phone system, you can get your business number setup and running same-day.

The service that we use and recommend is Check out their video:

A few of the features you’ll find with

  • customized welcome message
  • forward your calls anywhere you want
  • custom phone menus (“press 1 for sales”)
  • customized local area numbers (pick any area code)
  • 800 numbers
  • free conference calls
  • and more!

Their customer support is awesome and plans start at just under $10/month.

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Matt Horwitz
Founder & Educator at LLC University
Forming an LLC shouldn't be so complicated. Our step-by-step guide will make the process a breeze – and no complex legal jargon! We teach people how to form an LLC for free in all 50 states. We hope you find our free guides and resources helpful in your entrepreneurial journey.


  1. Tesha Adams April 27, 2017

    Your website was a godsend; trying to figure out all that was needed to start my LLC was quickly becoming a nightmare but you guys truly made it a breeze. Thank You Thank You!

    • Matt Horwitz April 28, 2017

      Hey Tesha, you’re very welcome! And thank you for the kind words :)

  2. Luis January 7, 2018

    Thank you very much Mr. Horwitz for your amazing way you use to teach us all about a LLC. I was so confused before but now I know a lot. One thing I did no see in your entire guide is you never mentioned anything about insurance. I heard I should have a liability insurance and a worker’s compensation insurance if I will hire workers and that the premium is a little high. Could you please tell me something about it. How and where can I get it if it is required. How much it would be?
    Thanks again.

    • Matt Horwitz January 15, 2018

      Hi Luis, apologies for my slow reply. Thank you very much for your nice comment! I appreciate the kind words. We have insurance and workers’ compensation on our roadmap, but we don’t have anything published yet, so therefore don’t have any recommendations yet. But we will soon though. Thank you.

  3. Mary January 25, 2018


    Thank you very much for the the videos. I saw them all and used them as I registered my company. I can’t thank you enough for the thoroughness and how easy it made the process for me.



    • Matt Horwitz January 27, 2018

      Hi Mary, thank you for your nice comment! You’re very welcome and I’m happy that we could help make things so easy for you :)


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