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Foreign LLC: definition, synonyms, and fees

Foreign LLC Registration (or “Foreign LLC Qualification“) is the term used when an LLC formed in one state is registering to do business in a new state.

Foreign LLC registration fees for all 50 states are listed in the table below.

This is up to date as of 2020.

The average Foreign LLC registration fee in the United States is $186.

The lowest Foreign LLC registration fee is $50 (Hawaii, Michigan, and Missouri), and the most expensive Foreign LLC registration fees are in Massachusetts ($500), Texas ($750), and South Dakota ($750).

The most common names of forms to register a Foreign LLC are the “Application for Registration of Foreign LLC“, “Foreign LLC Registration“, and “Application for Certificate of Authority“. However, depending on the state where you are registering your LLC as a Foreign LLC, the name of the filing form varies widely. Some other examples (but not including all) are:

– Application for Certificate of Registration of Foreign LLC
– Application for Registration
– Certificate of Registration of Foreign LLC
– Foreign Registration Statement
– Application for Admission to Transact Business
– Certificate of Authority
– Statement of Foreign Qualification to Conduct Activities
– and more

Foreign LLC Definition

A Foreign LLC is simply an LLC that was formed in one state (it’s “home state”, where the LLC is known as a Domestic LLC) that is registering to do business in a new state. When a business expands to operate out of, and do business in multiple states, it must register (or “qualify”) as a Foreign LLC in each new state where it wishes to operate.

Foreign LLCs and “Doing Business”

As to whether or not you need to register your LLC as a Foreign LLC in another state comes down to whether or not you are legally “doing business” in that state. Each state has different laws when it comes to the definition of “doing business”, so if you’re not sure whether you need to register a Foreign LLC or not, we recommend reaching out to a few attorneys for a quick chat.

Foreign LLC Annual Reports

The table below is for Foreign LLC registration fees. In addition to registration fees, in most states, Foreign LLCs also have annual reporting requirements, just like “regular” (Domestic) LLCs.

Foreign LLC Fees:

StateForeign LLC FeeForm/Online FilingNotesQuestions?
Alabama Foreign LLC$150Business DownloadsSee Name Reservation Request Form For Foreign Entities ($10 regular/$25 expedited). See Foreign LLC Application for Registration.Alabama Secretary of State
Alaska Foreign LLC$350Forms by Entity TypeSee Limited Liability Company > Foreign (Non-Alaskan) > Registration of Foreign LLC/Form 08-497.State of Alaska
Arizona Foreign LLC$150FormsSee Limited Liability Company Forms > Application for Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company (Form L025).Arizona Corporation Commission
Arkansas Foreign LLC$270 – $300FormsSee Application for Certificate of Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company (Form FL-01).Arkansas Secretary of State
California Foreign LLC$70FormsSee Foreign Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) > Application to Register (Form LLC-5).California Secretary of State
Colorado Foreign LLC$100File a FormLLCs can only be filed online. Under Foreign (outside of Colorado) Entities, click Foreign entity to begin.Colorado Secretary of State
Connecticut Foreign LLC$120FormsSee Foreign Limited Liability Company > Application for Registration.Connecticut Secretary of State
Delaware Foreign LLC$200New EntitiesSee Foreign Limited Liability Company, form is called Certificate of Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company.Delaware Secretary of State
Florida Foreign LLC$125Foreign LLC FormsSee Qualification of Foreign LLC.Florida Department of State
Georgia Foreign LLC$225eCorpCreate account > Create or Register a Business > I am registering a foreign (non-Georgia) business that is in good standing in its place of formation.Georgia Secretary of State
Hawaii Foreign LLC$50Foreign LLCSee Register Online or Application for Certificate of Authority (Form FLLC-1).State of Hawaii
Idaho Foreign LLC$100LLC FormsSee Foreign Entity Registration > Foreign Registration Statement (Limited Liability Company).Idaho Secretary of State
Illinois Foreign LLC$150 (used to be $500)LLC FormsSee Application for Admission to Transact Business (Form LLC 45.5).Illinois Secretary of State
Indiana Foreign LLC$125Business FormsSee Limited Liability Companies (Foreign) >Application for Certificate of Authority (Form 49464).Indiana Secretary of State
Iowa Foreign LLC$100Business FormsSee Foreign Limited Liability Companies (489).Iowa Secretary of State
Kansas Foreign LLC$165Filings & FormsSee "Foreign Limited Liability Company Application" (Form FA).Kansas Secretary of State
Kentucky Foreign LLC$90Filing
See Certificate of Authority (FBE).Kentucky Secretary of State
Louisiana Foreign LLC$150New FilingsSee Foreign Limited Liability Company.Louisiana Secretary of State
Maine Foreign LLC$250LLC FormsSee MLLC-12 (Statement of Foreign Qualification to Conduct Activities).Maine Secretary of State
Maryland Foreign LLC$100FormsSee Foreign (non-Maryland) Businesses > Foreign Limited Liability Company Registration.Maryland Secretary of State
Massachusetts Foreign LLC$500Foreign LLCSee Foreign Limited Liability Company Application for Registration (PDF).Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth
Michigan Foreign LLC$50LLC FormsSee Application for Certificate of Authority to Transact Business (Form 760).Michigan Secretary of State
Minnesota Foreign LLC$185 – $205Foreign LLC FormsSee Certificate of Authority to Transact Business in MN (LLC).Minnesota Secretary of State
Mississippi Foreign LLC$250New FilingCreate account > Register an Out-of-State Corporation, Non-Profit, LLC, Partnership or Business Trust.Mississippi Secretary of State
Missouri Foreign LLC$50 online, $105 by mailFees and FormsSee Application for Registration of a Foreign Limited Liability Company (LLC 4).Missouri Secretary of State
Montana Foreign LLC$70Foreign LLCSee Application for Certificate of Authority.Montana Secretary of State
Nebraska Foreign LLC$120FormsSee Limited Liability Companies (Foreign) > Certificate of Authority.Nebraska Secretary of State
Nevada Foreign LLC$425All FormsSee Foreign Limited-Liability Company (NRS 86.544).Nevada Secretary of State
New Hampshire Foreign LLC$100Foreign LLC FormsSee Form FLLC-1 Application for Foreign Limited Liability Company Registration.New Hampshire Secretary of State
New Jersey Foreign LLC$125Getting RegisteredSee information pertaining to "out-of-state (foreign) legal entity".New Jersey Department of State
New Mexico Foreign LLC$100Foreign LLCSee Application for Registration.New Mexico Secretary of State
New York Foreign LLC$250Application for AuthoritySee Fillable Application for Authority Form.New York Department of State
North Carolina Foreign LLC$250FormsSee Application for Certificate of Authority (Form L-09).North Carolina Secretary of State
North Dakota Foreign LLC$135FormsSee Foreign Business Limited Liability Company Certificate of Authority Application.North Dakota Secretary of State
Ohio Foreign LLC$99LLCsSee Foreign Business Entities > Limited Liability Company > File Registration of a Foreign > Limited Liability Company (Form 533B).Ohio Secretary of State
Oklahoma Foreign LLC$300FormsSee Foreign limited liability companies > Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company Forms and Procedures.Oklahoma Secretary of State
Oregon Foreign LLC$275Foreign LLCsSee ​​Application for Authority.Oregon Secretary of State
Pennsylvania Foreign LLC$250FormsSee Foreign Associations > Foreign Registration Statement.Pennsylvania Department of State
Rhode Island Foreign LLC$150DocumentsSee Application for Registration (450).Rhode Island Secretary of State
South Carolina Foreign LLC$110FormsClick Starting a Business. Then look for Limited Liability Company - Foreign.South Carolina Secretary of State
South Dakota Foreign LLC$750 – $765LLCsSee Foreign Limited Liability Companies > Application for Certificate of Authority Application.South Dakota Secretary of State
Tennessee Foreign LLC$50 per member ($300 minimum / $3,000 maximum)LLCsSee Forms: Formed Outside of Tennessee > Application for Certificate of Authority (ss-4233).Tennessee Secretary of State
Texas Foreign LLC$750FormsSee Limited Liability Company Application for Registration (Form 304).Texas Secretary of State
Utah Foreign LLC$70Foreign LLCSee Foreign Registration Statement.Utah Secretary of State
Vermont Foreign LLC$125Fees and FilingsSee Limited Liability Companies > Application for Certificate of Authority.Vermont Secretary of State
Virginia Foreign LLC$100Foreign LLCsSee Application for a Certificate of Registration to Transact Business in Virginia as a Foreign Limited Liability Company (Form LLC1052).Virginia Corporation Commission
Washington Foreign LLC$200Foreign EntitySee Foreign Entity Registration.Washington Secretary of State
Washington DC Foreign LLC$220Foreign FilingView documents > all documents > search for FN-1.District of Columbia Office of the Secretary
West Virginia Foreign LLC$150Form LLCF-1See Application for Certificate of Authority of Limited Liability Company (Form LLF-1).West Virginia Secretary of State
Wisconsin Foreign LLC$100Filing
See Foreign Limited Liability Company Certificate of Registration Application (Form 521).Wisconsin Secretary of State
Wyoming Foreign LLC$100FormsSee Limited Liability Companies > Out-of-State Forms > Certificate of Authority.Wyoming Secretary of State
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  1. LLCUMedia October 26, 2018

    If a foreign owned single member Wyoming/Delaware LLC wants to open a bank account, but the business doesn’t have any ECI and has no US tax obligations – what states/banks are the best options for bank accounts? Assume the single member can travel to any state.

    Does the LLC have to register as a “foreign LLC” in that state before opening a bank account there? Even if it has no business or ECI in the US?

    If the foreign owned LLC really has to register as a”foreign LLC” in that state in order to open a bank account, does it need to buy a mailing address in that state and have proof of address docs sent there?

    How long does it take to for foreign owned single member Wyoming/Delaware LLC to register as a foreign LLC in the newly desired state? What is the timeframe and how long does this usually take to complete this (ie obtain the form that the bank needs to see in order to open the account)?

    • Matt Horwitz November 22, 2018

      Since banks are governed by state regulations (in addition to federal regulations), they can only open an account in the state where the entity was formed or is qualified as a Foreign LLC. Some banks require a proof of address, some don’t. We recommend calling a few banks ahead of time to check on their requirements for opening an account. We also recommend looking into a TransferWise account. If you need to register as a Foreign LLC, the approval time depends on the state where you’re looking to qualify. Usually though, it’s between 3 to 8 business days. We have more info on banking for foreigners here: foreigners opening US LLC bank account. Hope that helps.

  2. Indy January 7, 2019

    In-regards to a business owner that lives in one state yet its assets are in another would it be best to register with the home state or the state the assets are in, (it has not been registered in either state yet)? How would one go about registering a business that does mainly online sales with ocassional sales at events? Would it need to register in each of the states that it is doing events?

    • Matt Horwitz January 7, 2019

      Hi Indy, it comes down to where the LLC is transacting business. You’d need to look at the statutes and/or speak with an attorney. Usually, isolated transactions are not considered transacting business, but things vary from state to state.

  3. Jeff Long February 4, 2019

    I have a llc that was formed in Wisconsin … I now live in Kansas and will do business in both Kansas and Wisconsin . What do I need to do ?

    Jeff long

    • Matt Horwitz February 12, 2019

      Hi Jeff, since you formed your LLC in Wisconsin, your LLC is already authorized to do business in Wisconsin. If you would like to “extend its authority” into Kansas, you can register your Wisconsin LLC as a foreign LLC in Kansas. Keep in mind, you’ll still have 1 LLC, A Wisconsin LLC… it would just also be allowed to do business in Kansas. Hope that helps.

  4. Iman February 17, 2019

    So any e-commerce business that sells in all 50 states has to register for foreign qualification in the other 49 states if their operations and the LLC are based in one state? That could be ~$9,500 in filing fees!

    • Matt Horwitz February 18, 2019

      Hey Iman, an LLC should be formed/registered in the state(s) where it’s doing business. Selling to customers in this context usually doesn’t constitute doing business, but rather, it’s interstate commerce. Most people are running e-commerce businesses from their home, and are therefore doing business in their home state. Hope that helps.

  5. Geri March 6, 2019

    What about annual fees for foreign LLCs, are they also different from regular (local) LLC annual fees?

    • Matt Horwitz April 15, 2019

      Hi Geri, the annual fees may differ. It depends on the state. Since we don’t currently have those annual fees on this page, you’ll want to get in touch with the Secretary of State’s office for the details.


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