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The table below lists the LLC laws (LLC Acts) for every state.

All 50 states: Limited Liability Company Acts

LLC laws by state

Most states have their LLC laws broken into 3 sections:

  1. State body of law
  2. Main title
  3. LLC Act

However, some states have their LLC laws broken into 4 sections:

  1. State body of law
  2. Main title
  3. Subtitle
  4. LLC Act

Of course, there are other subtle differences in how the states structure their laws.

What does it mean if a column is empty?
This means the state has their LLC laws broken into only 2 sections.

What if there is no clickable link?
If there is no clickable link in the table, it means that section of the state legislation doesn’t have a direct link. Look at its parent elements (the columns to the left), click the parent element link, and then navigate to the desired section.

LLC Laws by State:

StateStatute/LawMain Title and/or SubtitleLLC ActNotes
AlabamaCode of AlabamaTitle 10A - Alabama Business and Nonprofit Entities CodeChapter 5A - Limited Liability Companies
AlaskaAlaska StatutesTitle 10- Corporations and AssociationsChapter 50 - Alaska Revised Limited Liability Company Act
ArizonaArizona Revised StatutesTitle 29 - PartnershipChapter - Arizona Limited
Liability Company Act
ArkansasCode of ArkansasTitle 4 - Business and Commercial Law

Subtitle 3 - Corporations and Associations
Chapter 38 - Uniform Limited Liability Company ActLegislation is hosted by LexisNexis.
CaliforniaCalifornia CodesCorporations CodeTitle 2.6 - California Revised Limited Liability Company Act
ColoradoColorado Revised StatutesTitle 7 - Corporations and AssociationsArticle 80 - Limited Liability CompaniesLegislation is hosted by LexisNexis.
ConnecticutGeneral Statutes of ConnecticutTitle 34 - Limited Partnerships, Partnerships, Professional Associations, Limited Liability Companies And Statutory TrustsChapter 613a - Connecticut Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
DelawareDelaware CodeTitle 6 - Commerce and Trade

Subtitle II - Other Laws Relating to Commerce and Trade
Chapter 18 - Limited Liability Company Act
District of ColumbiaCode of the District of ColumbiaDivision V - Local Business Affairs

Title 29 - Business Organizations
Chapter 8 - Limited Liability Companies
FloridaFlorida StatutesTitle XXXVI - Business OrganizationsChapter 605 - Florida Revised Limited Liability Company Act
GeorgiaGeorgia CodeTitle 14 - Corporations, Partnerships, and AssociationsChapter 11 - Limited Liability CompaniesLegislation is hosted by LexisNexis.
HawaiiHawaii Revised StatutesTitle 23A - Other Business EntitiesChapter 428 - Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
IdahoIdaho StatutesTitle 30 - CorporationsChapter 25 - Limited Liability Companies
IllinoisIllinois Compiled StatutesChapter 805 - Business OrganizationsAct 180 - Limited Liability Company Act
IndianaIndiana CodeTitle 23 - Business and Other AssociationsArticle 18 - Limited Liability Companies
IowaIowa CodeTitle XII - Business EntitiesChapter 489 - Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
KansasKansas Statutes
Chapter 17 - CorporationsArticle 76 - Limited Liability Companies
KentuckyKentucky Revised StatutesTitle XXIII - Private Corporations and AssociationsChapter 275 - Limited Liability Companies
LouisianaLouisiana Revised Statutes
Title 12 - Corporations and AssociationsChapter 22 - Limited Liability Companies
MaineMaine Revised StatutesTitle 31 - Partnerships and AssociationsChapter 21 - Limited Liability Companies
MarylandMaryland CodeCorporations and AssociationsTitle 4a - Limited Liability Company Act
MassachusettsMassachusetts General LawsPart I - Administration of the Government

Title XXII - Corporations
Chapter 156C - Limited Liability Company Act
MichiganMichigan Compiled LawsChapter 450 - CorporationsAct 23 - Michigan Limited Liability Company Act
MinnesotaMinnesota StatutesChapter 322C - Minnesota Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
MississippiMississippi CodeTitle 79 - Corporations, Associations, and PartnershipsChapter 29 - Revised Mississippi Limited Liability Company ActLegislation is hosted by LexisNexis.
MissouriMissouri Revised StatutesTitle XXIII - Corporations, Associations, and PartnershipsChapter 347 - Limited Liability Companies — Merger and Consolidation of Business Organizations
MontanaMontana CodeTitle 35 - Corporations, Partnerships, and AssociationsChapter 8 - Montana Limited Liability Company
NebraskaNebraska Revised StatutesChapter 21 - Corporations and other CompaniesArticle 1 - Nebraska Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
NevadaNevada Revised Statutes


Nevada Administrative Code
Title 7 - Business Associations; Securities; CommoditiesChapter 86 - Limited Liability Companies


Chapter 86 - Limited Liability Companies
Nevada LLCs are governed by the Revised Statutes and the Administrative Code.
New HampshireNew Hampshire Revised StatutesTitle XXVIII - PartnershipsChapter 304-C - Limited Liability Companies
New JerseyNew Jersey StatutesTitle 42 - Partnerships and Partnership AssociationsChapter 2C - Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
New MexicoNew Mexico StatutesChapter 53 - CorporationsArticle 19 - Limited Liability Companies
New YorkConsolidated Laws of New YorkLimited Liability Company Law
North CarolinaNorth Carolina General StatutesChapter 57D - North Carolina Limited Liability Company Act
North DakotaNorth Dakota Century CodeTitle 10 - CorporationsChapter 10-32.1 - Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
OhioOhio Revised CodeTitle 17 - Corporations and PartnershipsChapter 1706 - Revised LLC Act
OklahomaOklahoma StatutesTitle 18 - CorporationsSection 2000 - Oklahoma Limited Liability Company Act
OregonOregon Revised StatutesVolume 2 - Business Organizations, Commercial CodeChapter 63 - Limited Liability Companies
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Consolidated StatutesTitle 15 - Corporations and Unincorporated AssociationsChapter 89 - Limited Liability Companies
Rhode IslandState of Rhode Island General Laws
Title 7 - Corporations, Associations, and PartnershipsChapter 7-16 - The Rhode Island Limited-Liability Company Act
South CarolinaSouth Carolina Code of LawsTitle 33 - Corporations, Partnerships and AssociationsChapter 44 - Uniform Limited Liability Company Act of 1996
South DakotaSouth Dakota Codified LawsTitle 47 - CorporationsChapter 34A - Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
TennesseeTennessee CodeTitle 48 - Corporations and AssociationsChapter 249 - Tennessee Revised Limited Liability Company ActLegislation is hosted by LexisNexis.
TexasTexas StatutesBusiness Organizations Code

Title 3 - Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 101 - Limited Liability Companies
UtahUtah CodeTitle 48 - Unincorporated Business Entity ActChapter 3a - Utah Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
VermontVermont StatutesTitle 11 - Corporations, Partnerships And AssociationsChapter 25 - Limited Liability Companies
VirginiaCode of VirginiaTitle 13.1 - CorporationsChapter 12 - Virginia Limited Liability Company Act
WashingtonRevised Code of WashingtonTitle 25 - PartnershipsChapter 25.15 - Limited Liability Companies
West VirginiaWest Virginia CodeChapter 31B - Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
WisconsinWisconsin StatutesPartnerships and Corporations; Transportation; Utilities; Banks; Savings AssociationsChapter 183 - Limited Liability Companies
WyomingWyoming StatutesTitle 17 - Corporations, Partnerships and AssociationsChapter 29 - Wyoming Limited Liability Company Act
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