Can a Foreigner Own an S-Corp?

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Can a Foreigner Own an S-Corp?

What types of foreigners can own
a U.S. S-Corporation?

The short answer is yes, a “foreigner” can own an S-Corp (also known as an S-Corporation), but it depends on what type of “foreigner”.

If you look on the main S-Corporation page of the IRS website, they briefly state, “To qualify for S-Corporation status, the corporation must meet the following requirements: May not be partnerships, corporations or non-resident alien shareholders.”

This is not very helpful since not all foreigners understand what a non-resident alien is, and the “who can own S-Corp” could be expanded on.

Note: An S-Corporation owner is the same thing as an S-Corporation shareholder.

Who can own an S-Corporation (be an S-Corp shareholder)?

Non-resident alien (aka non-US resident)

A foreigner that is a non-resident alien cannot own an S-Corp.

As per the IRS, a non-resident alien is an individual who is not a US citizen or a US resident alien.

Note: Another word used for non-resident alien is non-US resident.

US resident

A foreigner that is a US resident can own an S-Corp.

As per the IRS, a US resident alien is an individual that is not a US citizen or US national and who meets either “the green card test” or “the substantial presence test” for the calendar year.


The following people can own an S-Corporation:

  • US citizens
  • US residents

The following people can’t own an S-Corporation:

  • non-resident aliens (non-US residents)
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  1. Damian February 1, 2019

    as an resident alien and owner of an LLC s-corp, can I switch my LLC s-corp to a regular LLC to be able to keep it if I were to leave the US?

  2. Yasser March 5, 2019

    Hi Matt,

    Can a US Citizen, and two non-US Citizen/Foreigners who reside outside the US form an S-Corp?


    • Matt Horwitz March 5, 2019

      Hi Yasser, no, non-US resident/non-resident aliens cannot be S-Corp owners. Hope that helps.


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