Last updated October 12, 2020

LLC name with or without comma?

Short answer: it doesn’t matter. It’s personal preference. Both are acceptable in all 50 states.

LLC name with or without a comma?

None of the 50 states have rules/restrictions about whether or not you have to use a comma.

Which do you think looks better?

ABC Widgets, LLC or ABC Widgets LLC?

Again, it’s totally up to you.

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The more traditional and commonly seen is the comma (ABC Widgets, LLC). And by more commonly seen, I mean with-the-comma LLCs encompass over 80% of registered LLCs in most states.

I’ve seen countless arguments for both cases.

An Illinois tax professional mentioned, “Your LLC’s name looks better with the comma.”

Then I heard another expert say, “The more contemporary way is to not use a comma.”

Ahhh man, who cares. Do whatever the hell you want! ;-)

One thing to make note of though…

Your LLC’s Legal Name

Whether you use a comma or not in your LLC name, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter though is that you stay consistent. If you choose a comma, then make sure to use it on all paperwork and contracts for your business.

The way in which your Secretary of State accepts/approves the LLC becomes its official legal name and you’ll need to stick with it.

Banking & Checks for Your LLC

As an FYI, if your company (ABC Widgets, LLC) gets checks, the bank will accept all iterations:

– ABC Widgets, LLC
– ABC Widgets LLC
– ABC Widgets

The bank is more laid back. They just want that money ;)

For more information on what makes an LLC name unique and distinguishable: Choosing your LLC name.

Video Transcript:

Hey folks, Matt Horwitz, LLC University dot com. Should you use a comma or no comma in your LLC name? This is often kind of silly debate. You hear it a lot on the internet and you’ll see basically equal arguments on both sides. So let me me break it down for you and tell you the truth. The truth is ,is that it doesn’t matter… it’s completely your personal preference.

None of the 50 states have any requirement or restrictions about whether or not you need to use a comma or not a comma. And what I mean by that is “ABC Widgets, LLC” or “ABC Widgets LLC”, no comma. Again, none of the 50 states have any rules or regulations about whether you can or cannot use the comma, so it’s completely up to, it’s your personal preference.

More commonly seen, I do notice the comma. I do hear people say that the comma looks more professional. And then I hear other people say that the no comma looks more modern and contemporary. Ah, the hell with it. It doesn’t matter, whatever you like, it’s completely up to you. One important thing though to make note of is that the way the Secretary of State, or the way that your state approves your LLC is officially its legal business name. So if you do use the comma, you’ll have to make sure that it’s consistent across all of your contracts, all of your documents, etc. And likewise if you don’t use the comma.

Now one little small tidbit is for banking purposes, you don’t have to be so anal… the banks don’t really care, they’ll cash any checks, whether you have a comma or no comma, or you can even leave out the letters “LLC” at the end of the name. They don’t care, they’ll cash your checks. I don’t know why a lot of people have questions about that, but, again, the banks don’t really care. They just want the money ;)

So hopefully this video is helpful for you. LLC: comma or no comma, completely doesn’t matter, no rules or regulations. It’s personal preference. Hope this video is helpful.

Matt Horwitz
Founder & Educator, LLC University®
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