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Every Louisiana LLC is required to file an Annual Report each year.

You need to file an Annual Report in order to keep your LLC in compliance and in good standing with the state of Louisiana.

Method of Filing
You can file your Louisiana LLC’s Annual Report by mail or online.

If you file by mail, you’ll print out your Annual Report, make changes by hand, and then mail to the state with a check or money order.

If you file online, you’ll need a geauxBIZ account (pronounced “go Biz”). You’ll fill out everything online and then pay with a credit card. If you don’t have a geauxBIZ account, registration instructions are below.

We recommend filing your LLC’s Annual Report online as it’s much easier and your Annual Report will be processed faster.

Annual Report Filing Fee
If filing by mail, $30 per year. If filing online, $35 per year.

Method of Payment
If filing by mail, pay with a check or money order. If filing online, pay with a credit card.

Processing Times
By mail: 1-2 business days
Online: 15 minutes or less

Due Date
LLC Annual ReportYour Louisiana LLC’s Annual Report is due every year before your anniversary date. Your anniversary date is the date your LLC was approved by the state.

For example, if your LLC was approved on October 10th 2024, your first Annual Report must be filed before October 10th 2025. Then it must be filed before October 10th every year going forward.

You can find your LLC’s approval date on your Certificate of Organization. Or, you can search your LLC here, click “Details” to the right of your LLC, and look for “Registration Date” towards the top.

How early can it be filed?
Your LLC’s Annual Report can be filed up to 30 days prior to the due date.

Following our example above, if your LLC was approved on October 10th 2024, you can file your Annual Report as early as September 10th 2025.

If you do not file your Annual Report by your anniversary date, the state will mark your LLC as “not in good standing”. If you don’t file your Annual Report for 3 years, the state will revoke (shut down) your LLC.

The Louisiana Secretary of State used to send postcard reminders by mail, but they stopped doing this in 2016 in an effort to become more “digital” with geauxBIZ.

The state will send email and/or text message reminders approximately 30 days prior to your Annual Report’s due date.

We also recommend putting a repeating reminder on your calendar because even if you don’t receive a reminder from the state, it is still your responsibility to file your Annual Report on time each year.

Sign up for email and text message reminders
Search your LLC name here, click on “Details”, then click the small “Subscribe to Electronic Notification” button at the top. Next, enter your email address and phone number (optional), then click “Submit”.

Instructions for Filing Louisiana LLC Annual Report by Mail

Get Started:

  • Search your LLC name here.
  • Click the “Details” button to the right of your LLC name.
  • Click the small button at the top that says “Print Annual Report for Filing“. A new tab/window will popup loading your pre-filled Annual Report Form. Please print this form out.

Make Changes to Address(es):
If you need to make changes to your Mailing Address or Registered Office Address, please cross out the old information and write in the updated address(es).

Change of Registered Agent:
If you are changing your Registered Agent, cross out their old information and enter your new Registered Agent’s information.

Important: If you are changing your Registered Agent, the new Registered Agent must to sign this Annual Report Paper Form and you also need to get the form notarized.

If no changes are being made to the Registered Agent section, you can leave everything as-is and the existing Registered Agent does not need to sign, and you do not need to get the form notarized.

Update Members/Managers
If you need to add or remove any LLC members or managers, please cross out and/or add the names and addresses of the members/managers.

Signature, Title, and Contact Information
After you print your Annual Form, sign your name at the bottom.

For Title, enter “Member” or “Manager“. If you’re not sure what to put for title, please read this article: LLC Member vs Manager.

Next, enter your phone number, today’s date, your mailing address, and your email address.

Prepare Payment:
Prepare a check or money order for $30 and make payable to “Secretary of State”.

Mail Annual Report to State:
Mail your completed and signed Annual Report, along with your $30 filing fee to:

Commercial Division
PO Box 94125
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9125

Congratulations, your Louisiana LLC’s Annual Report has been mailed for processing! Now you just need to wait for verification. Please see “LLC Annual Report Verification/Approval” section below for more details.

Instructions for Filing Louisiana LLC Annual Report Online

Note: If you already have a geauxBIZ account, you can skip the next two sections.

Register for geauxBIZ

Tip: Although geauxBIZ was designed to work in all web browsers, the state recommends using Google Chrome.

1. Go to geauxBIZ. Then click the yellow “Sign In or Create Account” button.

2. To the right, click the “Create an Account” button.

3. Enter your email address twice, and enter a password twice. Enter the reCaptcha security code, check off the “Terms and Conditions” box, and then click the “Create Account” button.

4. Enter your address (can be home, office, or mailing address), and your phone number. Then click the “Create Account” button at the bottom.

5. On the next page, you’ll see the following message:

“Your account has been created successfully! A confirmation email has been sent to the email address you provided. Please follow the instructions in this email to complete your registration.”

6. Go to your inbox, find the email from the state (subject line should be “Welcome to Louisiana Secretary of State / geauxBiz”), and click the verification link.

7. You will be redirected to a success page which will say “Your email has been verified!” Next, click the “Sign In Page” button to proceed.

8. On the Login page, enter your email and password (select “Remember Me” for easy access the next time you log in), then click the “Sign In” button.

Create your geauxBIZ Profile

1. In the “Account Type” drop down menu, select “Individual“.

2. Then enter your last name, then your first name.

3. Check off the Disclaimer box agreeing to the terms and then click the “Save geauxBIZ Profile” button at the bottom.

You’ll see a green “record successfully added” message at the top. Please don’t click anything and wait 10-15 seconds for the page to reload.

4. You are now in your geauxBIZ Dashboard.

File Your Annual Report Online


If you filed your Articles of Organization online, the “Get Started” section below will work fine and you can ignore this message.

If you filed your Articles of Organization by mail, the “Get Started” section below will not work. You first need to associate your LLC with your geauxBIZ account. To do that, login to geauxBIZ, click the “My Businesses” tab, click the “Add Existing Business” button, enter your LLC name and click “Search“. Select your LLC on the left, then click the “Associate Business” button at the bottom. You’ll be redirected back to your dashboard and your LLC will now be in the “My Businesses” tab.

Get Started:

  • Visit geauxBIZ.
  • Click “Sign in or Create Account” button
  • Sign into your geauxBIZ account
  • Click the “My Businesses” tab
  • Click on your LLC name or click the eyeball icon to view
  • Click the “File Annual Report” button at the top

On this page, read the instructions at the top, make sure the LLC is the correct one, then click the “Next” button to begin.

Review Addresses:
Review your office address and mailing address and make any updates if needed.

The address at the top is your LLC’s “office address”. This can be a home address, an office address, or the address of your Registered Agent. The address cannot be a PO Box, and it must be located in Louisiana.

Your mailing address can be the same as your office address, unless you’d like to receive mail at a different address.

Again, make any address updates if things have changed. If not, just leave as-is.

Click the “Next” button at the bottom to proceed.

Agent Name:
Review your existing Registered Agent’s information. Make any changes if needed, or leave as-is.

Important: If you removed your old Registered Agent and added a new one, you will see the following popup message:

“In order for your order to be processed, an email will be sent to your designated registered agent(s) and they must complete the electronic agent acceptance process within 7 days. Failure by your registered agent to complete the agent acceptance process within this time frame or if they decline the agent assignment will require you to re-file the application.”

If your Registered Agent is someone other than yourself, please let them know to keep an eye on their email in order to accept the verification from the state. Again, they have 7 days to click the acceptance/verification link.

To proceed, just click the “Close” button.

Add or remove any members or managers to/from your LLC by either clicking the “Delete” button or the “Add Additional” button.

To learn more about members vs. managers, please read this article: LLC Member vs Manager.

Signature and Title
Once you’ve added all your members/managers, enter your full name again at the bottom in the “Electronic Signature” box and enter your title. Your title will be “Member”, “Manager”, or “Agent”.

Click the “Next” button to proceed.

Review Your Annual Report:
Review your information for accuracy and check for typos. If you need to make any changes, click the “Edit” buttons. If everything looks good, click the “Next” button to proceed.

Secure Business Filings PIN (SBF):
The purpose of SBF is prevent corporate identity theft and fraud. If you have an SBF PIN you can enter it here. If you don’t have an SBF PIN, you can leave this blank and click “Next” at the bottom.

If you’d like to register or learn more about SBF, please see this lesson: Louisiana Secure Business Filings.

Submit Payment
Select your card type, then enter your billing information and click “Checkout & File” to submit your Annual Report online.

You’ll see a success message on the following page that will tell you to wait for your confirmation email. It will look like this:

louisiana llc annual report filed online geauxBIZ

Congratulations, your Louisiana LLC’s Annual Report has been filed for processing! Now you just need to wait for verification.

LLC Annual Report Verification/Approval

If you filed by mail, your Annual Report will be processed in 1-2 business days. The state does not mail you back any confirmation, but you can login to your geauxBiz account (if you have one) and download a copy of your filed Annual Report. If you don’t have a geauxBiz account, wait a few days, then search your LLC here, click on “Details”, then look at the bottom under “Amendments on File” and you’ll see your Annual Report listed.

If you filed online, your Annual Report will be processed in 15 minutes or less. The state will send you an email confirmation letter to let you know your Annual Report has been filed. You can then login to your geauxBiz account, click the “My Businesses” tab, then download and save a copy of your filed Annual Report.

If your Annual Report filing is rejected for any reason, the state will notify you by email, your credit card will not be charged (or check won’t be cashed), and you’ll be able to re-submit your Annual Report to the state, either from inside your geauxBIZ dashboard, or by re-submitting the paper form.

Tip: Make sure to put a reminder on your calendar for next year’s Annual Report!

Louisiana Secretary of State Contact Info

If you have any questions, you can contact the Louisiana Secretary of State at 225-925-4704.

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  1. How do I log out of GeauxBiz when finished. If I just exit then need to do something else it tells me I have an open session and have to close it and log back in.

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  2. Thanks for detail info on LLC in Louisiana.
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    • Hi Asha, you’re welcome. All the information about the LLC Annual Report is on this very page. I’m not sure what the $155 is you’re seeing, or where you’re seeing that. The state fee to form an LLC in Louisiana is $100. You can pay $30 extra for expedited. Or you can pay $50 extra to have it filed while you wait in person. Hope that helps.

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