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Montana LLC Annual Report Instructions

Every LLC in Montana is required to file an Annual Report each year.

You need to file an Annual Report with the Montana Secretary of State in order to keep your LLC in compliance and in good standing.

How to file your Montana Annual Report:

The only method of filing your Montana LLC’s Annual Report is online.

The state stopped accepting mail filings back in September of 2017.

Montana LLC Annual Report Filing Fee:

$20 per year. This is paid once every year for the life of your Montana LLC.

Annual Report Processing/Approval Time:

1-2 business days.

Annual Report Due Date:

Your LLC’s Annual Report must be filed before April 15th every year.

How early can the Annual Report be filed?

January 1st.


If you miss the April 15th deadline, you will be charged a $15 late fee (on top of the $20 filing fee). If you still don’t file by September 1st, the state will mail you a warning notice that your LLC is about to be dissolved (shut down). If you continue to ignore this requirement, and you do not file your Annual Report by December 1st, the state will administratively dissolve your Montana LLC.

Annual Report Reminders:

The Montana Secretary of State will send reminders out by mail (sent to your Registered Agent’s address) the first week in March. They will also send out email reminders in January, as well as February.

The #1 reason that LLCs are shut down by the Montana Secretary of State is for failure to file an Annual Report.

And even if you don’t receive the reminder notice that the state mails out, it is still your responsibility to file your Montana LLC’s Annual Report on time every year.

For that reason, we strongly recommend putting a repeating reminder on your phone and computer, as well as writing out the due date and putting it some place where you’ll see it often.

Montana ePass Account & LLC Business Identifier

1. You need to have an ePass account in order to file your Annual Report. You should have created one when you filed your LLC’s Articles of Organization.

If you still need to create an ePass account, click here:
(click “Login” on the left, then click “Create an Account” on the right)

2. You’ll need your Montana LLC’s Folder Number, also called your “Business ID” or “Business Identifier”. You can find your LLC’s Folder Number, by doing a search in the state’s online database.

Search your LLC name and then look below for the results. Click on your LLC name and look for “Business Identifier”.

Note: You’ll also find your Montana LLC’s Folder Number/Business Identifier in the reminder notice that the state will send you. It will look like this:

montana llc annual report

3. Because of the way Montana has their online filing system setup (very high security), our team at LLC University® is unable to view a sample filing or an existing company for reference. For this reason, we are unable to provide you with highly detailed and step-by-step instructions which you are used to. We apologize, however, below is a general overview of the steps.

Montana LLC Annual Report Instructions

#1. Visit Montana’s ePass and sign in:
(please register if you don’t have an online account)

#2. After you login, you should be redirected to your ePassMS dashboard. However, there’s not much you can do from this page, so please visit the Business Services homepage (the system will recognize that you are logged in):

#3. Click “FILE AN ANNUAL REPORT”, then search for your LLC by name, or by Folder Number in the next page. Click on your LLC name below in the results.

#4. Click the “File My Annual Report” button at the top.

#5. If there are no changes or updates that need to be made, check off the Confirmation box as well as the two Signature checkboxes. Then enter your name and contact information. Click “Submit” and proceed to make your payment online.

#6. If you need to make any changes or updates, click the “Login to Change the Information” button. Make the necessary changes, enter your contact information, and then proceed to make your payment online.

Congratulations, your Montana LLC Annual Report has been filed for processing! Now you just need to wait for verification.

Montana LLC Annual Report Verification/Approval

After submitting your Montana LLC’s Annual Report and payment online, the state will receive and process your filing within 1-2 business days.

The state will send you an email confirmation along with a copy of your filed Annual Report once it’s been processed.

At this point you’re all finished!

Just make sure to put a repeating reminder on your phone and/or calendar for the years ahead.

Next Step

Once you’ve reviewed this lesson, or filed your Montana LLC’s Annual Report, you can then proceed to the next lesson: Montana Business Licenses & Permits.

Montana Secretary of State Contact Info

If you have any questions, you can contact the Montana Secretary of State at 406-444-3665. Their hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Mountain Time.

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