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After your South Carolina LLC is approved, you’ll need to comply with state and local government license and permit requirements.

Your requirements are determined by the industry you are in and where your business is located.

Not complying with license and permit requirements is risky and can result in penalties and fines, or worse, not being allowed to conduct business.

Types of licenses you may need in South Carolina

Below are some license and permits examples:

  • Department of Revenue State Tax ID number
  • Business operation license/business privilege license
  • Sales tax license
  • Seller/reseller permit
  • Building permit
  • Health permit
  • Signage permit
  • Home occupation permit
  • Zoning and land use permits
  • Withholding taxes (if you have employees)

Industries that are more regulated have more requirements.

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Do it yourself in South Carolina

Below are some resources for determining your South Carolina license and permit requirements yourself:

Obtain a South Carolina Tax ID Number

A state taxpayer identification number is issued by the South Carolina Department of Revenue:
South Carolina Department of Revenue
South Carolina Department of Revenue: Registration

Note: Make sure your LLC is approved and you have an EIN Number from the IRS before registering.

Here is some additional information:
South Carolina Department of Revenue: Contact Us
South Carolina Department of Revenue: Registration FAQs
South Carolina Department of Revenue: Sales & Use Tax for Remote Sellers

General and Local Business Licensing Info

South Carolina Business One Stop (SCBOS) has a checklist for various business licenses your LLC may need at the state and county level.

You can access the checklist here:
SCBOS: County Business License Quick Chart

Business Licenses Handbook

The Municipal Association of South Carolina has a handbook containing guides on various business licenses.

You can access the handbook here:
Municipal Association of South Carolina: Business License Handbook

Other Resources

You can contact any of the places listed below to inquire about any license or permit requirements for your business:

Note: There may be more places in South Carolina you need to contact.

Next Step

After you’ve researched and obtained the proper licenses and permits, you can then proceed to the next lesson: South Carolina LLC Taxes.

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