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Filing an Annual Report for a New Jersey LLC

After you form an LLC in New Jersey, you must file an Annual Report every year.

You need to file an Annual Report in order to keep your New Jersey LLC in compliance and in good standing with the state.

New Jersey LLC Annual Report fee:

$75 per year

Note: The New Jersey LLC Annual Report fee used to be $50 per year. However, in 2019, the Annual Report fee for LLCs was raised to $75 per year.

Filed with:

Your LLC’s Annual Report will be filed with the New Jersey Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services.

We’ll refer to the department as the Division of Revenue below to keep things short.

Online filings only:

You can only file your New Jersey LLC’s Annual Report online. There is no option to file by mail.

Annual Report due date:

LLC Annual ReportYour New Jersey LLC Annual Report is due every year by the end of your LLC’s anniversary month. Your LLC’s anniversary month is the month your LLC was approved.

You can find this date in your stamped and approved Certificate of Formation. You can also use the business name search on the state’s website to search for your LLC name, then look for the “incorporated date”.

Your first Annual Report in New Jersey is due the year after your LLC was formed. For example, if your New Jersey LLC was formed on June 5th 2024, your first Annual Report will be due by June 30th 2025. Then every year going forward, it will be due by June 30th.

LLC Annual Report Reminders:

The Division of Revenue will mail a courtesy reminder to your LLC’s Registered Agent address. This is sent approximately 1 to 2 months before the Annual Report is due.

However, even if you don’t receive the courtesy reminder from the Division of Revenue, it is still your responsibility to file your New Jersey LLC’s Annual Report on time.

LLC University® recommendation:

We recommend putting a repeating reminder on your phone and on your computer. We also recommend writing it out and putting it in some place where you’ll see it every year.

The Annual Report is not the same as the LLC Partner Tax:

The Annual Report (and $75 fee) is filed with the Division of Revenue and this is not the same thing as the LLC Partner Tax (also paid annually) that is filed with the Division of Taxation.

The LLC Partner Tax is required for Multi-Member LLCs (2 or more owners). The LLC Partner Tax is $150 per LLC Member (per year).

The LLC Partner Tax is not required for Single-Member LLCs (only one owner).

You can find more information about the LLC Partner Tax in the LLC tax lesson: New Jersey LLC taxes.

New Jersey LLC Annual Report Online Filing

Get Started:

Business Identification

NJ Business Entity Identification Number:
Enter your NJ LLC’s Entity ID Number. You can find this on your approved Certificate of Formation. You can also search for your LLC in New Jersey’s Business Name Search and look for the ID Number there.

Business Type:
Select “NJ Limited Liability Company (LLC)” on the drop down menu.

Incorporation/Formation/Authorization Date:
Enter the month and year your LLC was approved. You can also find this date on your Certificate of Formation or on the state’s Business Name Search page.

Annual Reports Due

You should see your LLC’s name and any outstanding Annual Reports that need to be filed on this page.

Click “Continue” to proceed.

Registered Agent And Office

You will see your existing New Jersey Registered Agent and their address.

If you don’t need to make any changes, click “Continue”.

If you need to update or change your LLC’s Registered Agent, click the “Change” button. The state charges a $25 fee any time you change your LLC’s Registered Agent.

Business Address

Review your Main Address and Principal Address.

If you don’t need to make any changes, click “Continue”. If you need to update or make changes, click the “Change” button.

The Main Address and Principal Address cannot be a PO Box, they must be a street address. However, the address can be in New Jersey, outside of New Jersey, or in any country.

Also, a New Jersey LLC only needs to have a Main Address. The Principal Address is not required.


In this section you’re going to list the LLC Members (owners) of your New Jersey LLC.

If you need to add additional LLC Members, click the “Add New Officer” button.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

As per New Jersey law, section 34:15-79, if you are an employer and you’re required to have workers’ compensation insurance, you need to enter proof of your insurance policy, such as the name of the insurance company, your policy number, and the start date of the policy.

If you’re not an employer or you’re not required to have workers’ compensation insurance, just select “No”.

Review and Sign

At the top of the page, review the information you entered in your LLC’s Annual Report and look for any errors or typos. If you need to make any changes, click the “Edit” button.

Select who will be signing the LLC’s Annual Report. Most filers are Members of their own LLC and select “Business Owner/Officer or Member”.

Then enter your name, title (“Member” is most common), phone number, and address, then click “Continue”.

Additional Documents (optional)

If you need to purchase additional documents, you can check them off at the top of this page.

A Certificate of Standing is also referred to as a “Certificate of Good Standing” and it’s a document that verifies your New Jersey LLC is in good standing with the state. The document is usually unnecessary as your LLC’s Certificate of Formation shows the same thing. The only difference is that the Certificate of Standing looks fancier and has the state seal on it.

A Certificate of Standing is usually only needed if you are obtaining financing (like a loan), or you need to register your New Jersey LLC in another state as a Foreign LLC.

A Certificate of Standing is available in 3 formats: Short ($50), Long with History ($100), and Long with Officers ($100).

A Status Report also verifies that your New Jersey LLC is active and in good standing with the state. A Status Report costs $5.

Here are examples of what these forms look like:

Most filers don’t select any additional documents.

Payment and Check Out

Select “credit card” from the drop down and then click “Continue”.

Enter your name, address, phone number, and email, then click “Next”.

Enter your credit card information, click “Next”, and finalize your Annual Report payment.

Congratulations, your New Jersey LLC Annual Report has been filed for processing!

New Jersey LLC Annual Report Confirmation

When you file a New Jersey LLC Annual Report online, it is processed and filed with the state immediately.

You’ll be able to download a filed copy of your Annual Report in the Confirmation Page.

We recommend keeping a copy or two with your business records.

New Jersey Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services

If you have any questions about your LLC’s Annual Report, you can contact the New Jersey Division of Revenue at 609-292-9292. Their hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:30am – 4:30pm Eastern Time.

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  1. I just received my annual report form from NJ for my one person LLC and the fee is $185 not $70. Did the fee go up or is something wrong?

    • It’s likely spam mail. If you look closely at the letter, it likely says “we are not the government” and “this is not a bill”. If that’s the case, just toss it in the trash.

  2. Not sure whether I included the correct e-mail address in the email I just sent you. So I am including it again.

    • Ah, all good. I’m replying here so it triggers the email notification to let you know I replied to your question.

  3. Good day and thank you for this forum. My question is:
    I formed an LLC in the State of New Jersey on July 7, 2020. My husband is the sole member of the LLC. What date should he have on the operating agreement? Should it be dated after the certificate of formation?
    IRS tax ID was dated July 24, 2020.

    Thank you for the explanation.

    • Hi Winifred, you’re welcome. You can make the date on the Operating Agreement be the date the Public Records Filing (aka Certificate of Formation) was filed with the state. It’s okay that the date is before the date the Federal Tax ID Number was issued by the IRS.

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