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New Mexico LLC Name Search

How to form an LLC in New Mexico
This Quick Start Guide is a brief overview of how to form an LLC in New Mexico.

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New Mexico LLC costs:
LLC formation: $50 (one-time fee)
Annual report: None

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The first step to forming an LLC in New Mexico is to search your desired LLC name and make sure it is available for use.

Your New Mexico LLC name must be unique and must follow certain state requirements.

New Mexico LLC Name Requirements

Before searching your LLC name in New Mexico, there are a few requirements you need to know:

1. The abbreviations “LLC” or “L.L.C.” must be used at the end of your New Mexico LLC name. The abbreviation “LLC” is the most common.

2. Because a New Mexico LLC is not a Corporation, your desired LLC name cannot use the word “Corporation”, “Incorporated,” or their abbreviations (“Corp.”, “Inc.”).

3. Your desired LLC name must be distinguishable. This means it must be different and unique from all other businesses registered in New Mexico.

Differences in designators (the identifiers at the end of a business name) and differences in grammar do not create distinguishability.

For example:
• LLC, L.L.C, Inc., Corp.
• singular, plural, and possessive
• A, An, The
• and, or, &
• hyphens, slashes, periods, commas
• three vs. 3

The following examples are NOT distinguishable:
– Smith Investments, LLC vs. Smith Investments, Inc.
– Apple Farm, LLC vs. Apple Farms, LLC
– Print Shop, LLC vs. The Print Shop, LLC
– Night & Day, LLC vs. Night and Day, LLC
– Peter Paul & Mary Studios, LLC vs. Peter-Paul-Mary Studios, Inc
– Three Teachers Consulting, LLC vs. 3 Teachers Consulting, LLC

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Searching the New Mexico Name Database

1. Visit the Database
Go to the Business Search page:

2. Search your LLC
Leave “Starts with” selected. Then enter your desired LLC name in the “Entity Name” search box and click the “Search” button.

• Leave out the designator (“LLC”, “L.L.C.”, etc.) and leave out any punctuation.

• Capitalization doesn’t matter. You can search in uppercase or lowercase.

• To be thorough, just enter the first word or two of your LLC name to ensure you see everything that is potentially similar. (Ex: if your desired New Mexico LLC name is “Johnny Apple Farm LLC”, just enter “johnny apple”).

• To be even more thorough, just enter a part of the first word. (Ex: if your desired New Mexico LLC name is “Printing Solutions LLC”, just enter “print”).

3. Browse the Results
Click the “Search” button and browse the list of existing New Mexico businesses:

• If the results show names that are not too similar to yours (meaning yours is distinguishable), then your desired LLC name is available for use.

• If a “No data found.” popup message appears, that means your desired LLC name is unique and available for use.

• If your desired LLC name appears in the list exactly as you want it, your desired New Mexico LLC name is not available for use. You’ll need to think of a new name or use some creativity and come up with a unique variation.

• If the results show a name that is deceptively similar to yours, your desired New Mexico LLC name is not available for use. You’ll need to think of a new name or use some creativity and come up with a unique variation.

Tip 1: The back button in your web browser will not work if you need to go back to the search page. Use the “back” button at the bottom of the results page instead.

Tip 2: If you’re not 100% sure that your desired New Mexico LLC name is distinguishable, just file your paperwork with the state. If your name is not available, the New Mexico Secretary of State will send back your filing and let you know that the name needs to be changed.

Important: Do not apply for your Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) until your LLC is approved. Also, do not purchase a domain name, business cards, letterhead, signs, marketing materials, etc., until the New Mexico Secretary of State has approved your LLC.

Next Step

Once you find a New Mexico LLC name that is unique and distinguishable, you’re ready to select your LLC’s Registered Agent. We’ll discuss this in the next lesson: New Mexico LLC Registered Agent.

New Mexico Secretary of State Contact Info

If you have any questions, you can contact the New Mexico Secretary of State at 505-827-4508 (Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm).

Matt Horwitz
Founder & Educator, LLC University®
Forming an LLC shouldn't be so complicated. Our step-by-step guide will make the process a breeze – and no complex legal jargon! LLC University® teaches people how to form an LLC for free in all 50 states. We hope you find our free guides and resources helpful in your business journey.
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  1. Gil Garcia June 8, 2018

    if I have co. name as sole proprietor how do I change to llc and keep name? in new mexico.

  2. Virginia January 22, 2019


    Thanks for the lifesaving methods of streamlining this stuff for us!
    Question: I see we cannot use a PO box as a registered agent, however, if the location allows us to use a street address plus a number , such as 1234 elm street #12, city, state, zip, can we use it in this form as the registered agent?

    If yes, can we also use the same address for a separate mailing location on the same application?

    • Matt Horwitz January 22, 2019

      Hi Virginia, you’re very welcome :) At this time, the New Mexico LLC Statute (see section 53-19-5) is silent on the matter, as in most states. Many people use a street address of a mailbox rental. There are a handful of states which specifically don’t allow it, but again, most statutes are silent. Word on the street is that’s it’s okay in New Mexico, as New Mexico is a bit more progressive on its LLC stance. The address is fine to use as the mailing address, too. Hope that helps.

  3. Michael February 26, 2019

    Matt first off love your site! I did a search for the name I want in the New Mexico llc search link you provided above. The name that I want says (Process of Appeal) next to it. Can I still get that name? I even punched it in on legal zoom: the (name that I wanted) and (New Mexico) and It says It’s Available (on legal zoom).
    Thanks buddy can’t wait to hear from you!

    • Matt Horwitz February 27, 2019

      Hey Michael, thanks so much! You’ll want to stay away from names that are in the appeal process. That’s an open court case. Details on which… who knows. I also wouldn’t rely on any non-Secretary of State searches either. Hope that helps.

      • Michael March 1, 2019

        Awesome thanks again!!


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