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Colorado LLC Periodic Report
(annual report)

How to form an LLC in Colorado
This Quick Start Guide is a brief overview of how to form an LLC in Colorado.

Detailed Lessons:

5. EIN Number
6. Periodic Report ← you are here
7. Taxes
8. Good Standing


Colorado LLC costs:
LLC filing fee: $50 (one-time)
LLC periodic report: $10 (every year)

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What is the Colorado LLC Periodic Report and when is it due?

Colorado LLC - Annual Report (Periodic Report)

Video Transcript:

The following information is provided for educational purposes only and in no way constitutes legal, tax, or financial advice. For legal, tax, or financial advice specific to your business needs, we encourage you to consult with a licensed attorney and/or CPA in your State. The following information is copyright protected. No part of this Lesson may be redistributed, copied, modified or adapted without prior written consent of the author. As I mentioned earlier there are ongoing requirements with the State of Colorado. The first of these is called the Periodic Report which we will discuss in this Lesson. The second of these is filing your LLC taxes. We will discuss taxes in the next Lesson. Each year, you are required by law to keep the State of Colorado updated with your LLC’s contact information. You do this by filing what’s called a Periodic Report. Along with filing your Periodic Report, you must also pay the annual filing fee. You will find the annual filing fee amount listed below this video. The Periodic Report can be filed 5 months out of the year, 2 months prior to the Periodic Report Month, the Periodic Report Month itself, and 2 months after. Your Periodic Report month is the month in which your LLC was formed. For example, if your LLC was formed on June 15th, then your Periodic Report Month is June. Therefore, you’ll need to file your Periodic Report between April and August of each year, but no later than August 31st. Again, that’s 2 months prior to the Periodic Report month of June, and 2 months after. We recommend filing before the end of your Periodic Report Month every year just to keep things simple. If you’re unsure what month your LLC was approved, you can find its approval date in your Articles of Organization. The State will send you an email reminder approximately 1 week before your Periodic Report Month begins. Even if you do not receive a reminder notice, it is still your responsibility to file your Periodic Report on time each year. For this reason, we recommend putting a repeating reminder on your calendar. If the Periodic Report is not filed on time, your LLC will be marked as non-compliant and the State will charge you a late fee of $50. If you continue to ignore this requirement, your LLC will be marked as delinquent which will prevent you from doing business in the State. There’s no option to file your Periodic Report by mail since Colorado does everything online. You’ll need to review your LLC’s contact information online, then submit your Periodic Report electronically, and pay the filing fee on the State’s website. The filing fee must be paid with a debit or credit card. The State only accepts Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Filing online is simple and only takes a few minutes. We are now ready to show you how to file your Periodic Report. The link below this video will take you to the State’s website. Let’s get started. Here we are at the State’s website under the “Record Identification or ID Search”. To the right of the “Business name” field, you’re going to enter the first few words of your LLC. You do not need to include the designator “LLC” or “L.L.C.” since we’re just doing a search. And also capitalization doesn’t matter, so it can be uppercase, or lowercase, or any variation. I’m now going to paste in a sample company that’s on record in Colorado, and I’m going to be using it for demonstration purposes. Okay, this company is called “Wrought’n Apples, LLC”. Once I enter that name at the box, I’m going to click the “Search” button. You’ll see that the State searches the entire database for all businesses that include that name, but the one I’m interested in for this example is the one that’s in good standing. Most likely if you search your LLC name, you might just only see 1 record or you’ll see a number, just make sure you’re selecting your actual LLC. Once you see your LLC in the list, go ahead and click the ID Number. That’s going to take you to a Confirmation Page. Make sure the information in this box is yours, and at the bottom where it says “I confirm that I am authorized to make changes”, you’re going to click “Confirm”. Okay, here we are at the Periodic Report. This is going to look very similar to when you formed your LLC and you filed your Articles of Organization online. This is where a lot of that information is pulled from, so we’re simply going to scroll through the Periodic Report and confirm that our information is up-to-date, or if we need to make any changes to addresses or any other information, we’re going to do so and then pay the fee and submit it online. All right, let’s scroll down and get started. At the top you’ll see the filing fee as well as the name of your LLC. In the 1st section (“Principal office address”), if your address has not changed, you can leave everything as is, or if your address has changed, go ahead and make those changes there. For this example, let’s say there are no changes. I’m going then scroll down to the next section which is “Registered Agent”. Same thing here: if you need to make changes to your Registered Agent, you can do so. If it’s an individual person such as yourself, a friend, or a family member who’s now the Registered Agent for the LLC, you’re going put in their last name and their first name, or if you’re LLC is representing itself as its Registered Agent, or you hired a 3rd-party, you would put that name in here. Then you’re going to go ahead onto the “Street Address” information. Again, you may need to make any changes so if you don’t, leave everything as is, or updated as necessary. Let’s scroll down to the next section (“Email Notification”). If you’ve submitted your email address along with your initial filing, then you can check off the 1st option which says “My email address is already signed up for this record”. If not, I recommend you check “Yes” and put your email address in this box here. What that’s going to do is it’s going to send you an email any time there any documents filed for your LLC. In this case, I’m going to check off the 1st one that states “The email address is already on file”. Scrolling down into the next section (” The names and addresses of individuals causing this document to be delivered for filing), this is going to be yourself (the person responsible for submitting the document). You’re going to go ahead and fill in your last name, first name and your address). Then down here, where it says “Additional individuals causing this document to be delivered from filing”, you can just select “No”, as only 1 person is required to file the documents. Even if you’re a Multi-Member LLC, you can still select “No”. I’m going to go ahead and paste in some sample information, and then we’ll proceed. Okay, I’ve pasted in the sample information. Once you have your information filled in here, you’re going to scroll down and click “Submit”. On this next page, the “Transaction Preview”, wait a few seconds and a preview of the document is going to load in the window. Please scroll through, make sure there are no typos or any errors. At the bottom of this page, if there are any errors or any corrections you make, just click “Return to Form” and make those. If everything looks good, go ahead and hit the “Accept” button. On the next page, the “Online Payment” section, you scroll down. What you’re going to do is you’re going to select your card type, enter your card number, the expiration date, the name on the card, and then the billing address that’s associated with that credit card. Down here where it says “Pay Using a Prepaid Account”, this does not apply so you can leave this section blank. Once you have all your credit card and billing information correct, You’re going to click the “Pay Now” button. Unfortunately, I am unable to take you past this step since this isn’t my entity and I don’t actually need to file a Periodic Report for “Wrought’n Apples, LLC” (it’s just used for example purposes). However, once you click “Pay Now”, on the next page you’ll get a confirmation message and then what you can do is you can print a page out for your records. You don’t need to, but if you’d like to, you can. If you have any issues while filing your Periodic Report, or you have any other questions about it. You can contact the State at the phone number below this video. Once you file your Periodic Report, that completes this Lesson, but this is an ongoing requirement in the State of Colorado, so make sure that you do this every year. And that concludes this Lesson.

Note: In most states, the LLC annual filing is called the Annual Report. However, in Colorado, it’s called the Periodic Report.

The LLC Periodic Report is a required filing for all Colorado LLCs and it costs $10 per year.

It must be filed every year to keep your LLC in Good Standing with the state.

All LLCs formed in Colorado must file the Periodic Report. Additionally, foreign LLCs registered to do business in Colorado must also file the Periodic Report.

The Periodic Report is due regardless of income or activity. Said another way, it still needs to be filed even if your LLC made $0 or did nothing.

The purpose of the Periodic Report is to keep your LLC’s contact information up to date with the Colorado Secretary of State.

Colorado LLC Periodic Report:

Filing fee:$10 (per year)
Filing method: Online filing only (no mail filings)
Filing office: Business Organizations Department, Colorado Secretary of State
Due date:Due within a 5-month window: 2 months before the anniversary month, the anniversary month, and 2 months after the anniversary month (explained below).
Late fee:$50 late fee. You have 60 days (after the 5-month window) to late-file before your LLC becomes Delinquent.
Penalty:If you miss the 60 days to late-file, your LLC becomes Delinquent. Your LLC must file a Statement Curing Delinquency and pay $100. This resets the anniversary month.
Instructions:See Colorado Secretary of State: Instructions for Periodic Report and see the step-by-step instructions below on this page.
Statute: Section 7-90-501 of the Colorado Revised Statutes
Sample form:See Periodic Report sample (blank form)

Filing fee for Colorado LLC Periodic Report

The filing fee for the Colorado LLC Periodic Report is $10.

The $10 fee is due every year.

Filing method for Colorado LLC Periodic Report

The Colorado LLC Periodic Report can only be filed online (instructions below).

There is no option to file by mail.

Due date for the Colorado LLC Periodic Report
(5-month filing window & how to count the months)

First, you need to determine your LLC effective date. This is the date your LLC went into existence. This will determine the Anniversary Month (aka Month 3) of your Colorado LLC.

Look at your approved Colorado LLC Articles of Organization or do a search on the state’s business database:

Whatever month your Formation Date is in is your LLC’s Anniversary Month (aka Month 3). You can file 2 months before the Anniversary Month, during the Anniversary Month itself, and 2 months after the Anniversary Month.

Said another way, the earliest you can file is the 1st day of Month 1 and the latest you can file (for an on-time filing) is the last day of Month 5.

Before we look at a few examples, a common question asked is:

Do I have to file a Periodic Report right after I form my LLC?
No, you don’t. The 1st Periodic Report is due 1 year after your LLC is formed.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Example 1: If your LLC has a Formation Date of May 10th, 2026, then May is your LLC’s Anniversary Month (aka Month 3). And this is the 5-month filing window for your 1st Periodic Report:

  • March 2027 (Month 1)
  • April 2027 (Month 2)
  • May 2027 (Month 3, aka Anniversary Month)
  • June 2027 (Month 4)
  • July 2027 (Month 5)
Colorado LLC Periodic Report example 1
(click to enlarge)

Example 2: If your LLC has a Formation Date of January 30th, 2027, then January is your LLC’s Anniversary Month (aka Month 3). And this is the 5-month filing window for your 1st Periodic Report:

  • November 2027 (Month 1)
  • December 2027 (Month 2)
  • January 2028 (Month 3, aka Anniversary Month)
  • February 2028 (Month 4)
  • March 2028 (Month 5)
Colorado LLC Periodic Report example 2
(click to enlarge)

Example 3: If your LLC has a Formation Date of December 5th, 2027, then December is your LLC’s Anniversary Month (aka Month 3). And this is the 5-month filing window for your 1st Periodic Report:

  • October 2028 (Month 1)
  • November 2028 (Month 2)
  • December 2028 (Month 3, aka Anniversary Month)
  • January 2029 (Month 4)
  • February 2029 (Month 5)
Colorado LLC Periodic Report example 3
(click to enlarge)

When is the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. Periodic Report due?

If you submit an on-time filing or a late-filing, your LLC Periodic Report’s filing window is the same time every year going forward.

If your LLC becomes Delinquent (discussed below), the Anniversary Month of your LLC will reset. It will reset to the month the Statement Curing Delinquency is filed. And that’ll be your LLC’s new filing window going forward.

Are there reminders for the Colorado LLC Periodic Report?

The Colorado Secretary of State doesn’t send any reminders by mail. But they will send you an email reminder if you’re subscribed to their notification service.

The first email reminder is sent out in Month 1.

If you want to get email reminders, please see Colorado Secretary of State: Email Notification.

Am I charged a late fee if I file my Periodic Report late?

If your LLC misses the 5-month filing window, it can still late-file in Month 6 and Month 7. There is a $50 late fee if you file in Month 6 or Month 7.

As per Section 7-90-902 of the Colorado Statutes, if you miss the late filing window, your LLC becomes Delinquent on the 1st day of Month 8.

In order to bring your LLC out of a Delinquent status and into a Good Standing status, you need to file a Statement Curing Delinquency (explained below) and pay a $100 filing fee.

Statement Curing Delinquency

Again, if your LLC hasn’t filed a Periodic Report by the last day of Month 7, it becomes Delinquent on the 1st day of Month 8.

Once a Colorado LLC is Delinquent, it can no longer file a Periodic Report.

It must file a Statement Curing Delinquency (and pay $100) to get out of a Delinquent status and into a Good Standing status.

If your LLC needs to file a Statement Curing Delinquency, it doesn’t also need to file a Periodic Report (no matter how many years the LLC is Delinquent). Simply filing the Statement Curing Delinquency brings the LLC back into Good Standing.

Important: Filing a Statement Curing Delinquency will change your LLC’s Anniversary Month. Your LLC’s new Anniversary Month will be the month your Statement Curing Delinquency is filed.

Step-by-step instructions on how to file Colorado LLC Periodic Report

Below you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to form a Colorado LLC online.


Search your Colorado LLC on the state’s website:

Principal Office Address

Your Colorado LLC’s Principal Office Address is auto-filled.

If nothing has changed, leave it as-is.

If the address has changed, you can update it here.

Note: The Street Address and Mailing Address can be the same address, but they don’t have to be.

Registered Agent

Your Colorado LLC Registered Agent address is auto-filled.

If nothing has changed, leave it as-is.

If the address has changed, you can update it here.

If you’re going to use a Commercial Registered Agent, you must hire them first before entering their information in the Periodic Report.

Note: The Street Address and Mailing Address for the Registered Agent can be the same, but they don’t have to be.

Email Notification

We recommend signing up for email notifications. This way, the Colorado Secretary of State will send you reminders before your next LLC Periodic Report is due.

They won’t give your email address to third parties, or post it on public records.

Note: The state doesn’t send reminders by mail, so email reminders are the only option.


Enter your name and address.

Additional individuals are causing this document to be delivered for filing:
Only one person needs to enter their information here, so we recommend selecting “No”.

Click “Submit” to proceed.

Review Filing

You’ll see a PDF version of your Colorado LLC Periodic Report. You might need to zoom in to see it.

Review your document and check for any typos. If you need to make changes, click “Return to form”.

If everything looks good, click “Pay now”.


  • Select “Credit or debit” (fields will appear below)
  • Enter your name, address, email, and click “Pay Now”
  • Enter your card information and click “Pay Now”

Congratulations! Your Colorado LLC Periodic Report has been submitted to the state… and it was approved instantly!

Don’t close the browser tab just yet. We recommend saving two things:

First, enter your email address in the “Email my receipt” box.

Second, look under the Stamped Filing section. You’ll see your filed and approved Periodic Report. Hover over the PDF document and the download button will appear. Click that to save a copy on your computer. You can also print out a copy.

Calendar reminder for next year (using Google Calendar)

Here’s a video on how to use Google Calendar to create free Periodic Report reminders:

Colorado Secretary of State Contact Info

If you have any questions, you can contact the Colorado Secretary of State at 303-894-2200.

Their hours are Monday through Friday, from 8am – 5pm Mountain Time.

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  1. Hi, When I try to find the periodic report filing form for LLC , I get this error:

    “The document you requested ( Periodic Report ) is not available for this entity. Below is a list of documents that are available”

    • Hi Ashwin, you’re likely outside of the filing window to file the Periodic Report for your LLC. If that’s not the case, I would call the Colorado Secretary of State’s office in case there is an error. Hope that helps.

  2. Hey Matt! First off thank you so much for these lessons. It made it so much easier. I was trying to do my periodic report but it when i search it just takes me to available documents. Would this be because I just set up my llc this week?

    • Hi Toni, you’re very welcome! Yes, that is correct. Your first Periodic Report is not due until next year. Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Matt,
    any chance you could add a lesson on “How to Close an LLC”?
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    • Hi Peter, thanks for your recommendation. We won’t be adding dissolution lessons at this time, but it’s on our list. We just have a lot of other content in front of it. Thank you for your understanding.

  4. Hi,
    I received in the mail a form for my 2019- Periodic Report (Colorado LLCs)
    From Workplace Compliance Services wanting a fee of $85.00.
    I have never received anything like this before as I do everything online through the state site.
    Have you heard of this company and are they legit? Just seems like a scam to me. Why would I pay them $85.00 when it’s only $10.00 through the state??

    • Hi Penny, mail like this is borderline illegal. If you look on the back, it’ll say something like “this is a solicitation” and “we are not a government agency”. You can toss it in the trash. Hope that helps.

  5. What if I missed date for periodic report. Can I still use the LLC?

    • Hi Todd, when is your due date? If you’re LLC is not in good standing, you’ll want to bring it into good standing.

  6. I just received a letter in the mail stating it has to be completed by the 24th of January. I started my LLC in june and it also states the fee is $110.

    • Hi Val, it sounds like spam mail. Who is the sender? If it’s not the Colorado Secretary of State, it’s likely junk. Also, look on the back of the letter. If it’s spam, it’ll say something like “this is a solicitation”, “this is not a bill”, and “we are not a government entity” (or something along those lines). Hope that helps.

  7. Have changed the name for Registered Agent of Carr Creek Cattle, LLC from Joan Hyland to McCade McDonald PO Box 757, Fruita, CO 81521. I have paid $110.00 in doing so, also received the notice to file a periodic report for Carr Creek (20091051080). Do I need to file for Carr Creek again and do I need to pay the $10.00 yearly fee? Please let me know on this please.

    • Ho Joan, yes, you still need to file the Colorado LLC Periodic Report even though you recently filed a Statement of Change. The LLC Periodic Report is due each year. Also, the fee to file a Statement of Change is only $10. It’s not $110. Hope that helps.

  8. Do I file the same form with the Dept of real Estate. We are a small self managed HOA and just beginning that process. Want to make sure we follow all the requirement

    • Hi Mary Ann, we are not familiar with HOA requirements so you’ll want to contact the Department of Real Estate to check. Thanks for your understanding.

  9. our LLI/HOA art. of incorp. show June. 1994 as the creation date. So if our periodic report is due 2 months before June or any time from April. Our HOA just filed it in Jan. Is it considered accepted by the SOS even though it has been filed early.

    • Hi Mary Ann, we recommend calling the Colorado Secretary of State (303-894-2200) to first check if your entity is in good standing. You shouldn’t have been able to file, so I’m not sure what you did.

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