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Last updated July 13, 2021

Connecticut LLC Annual Report

How to form an LLC in Connecticut
This Quick Start Guide is a brief overview of how to form an LLC in Connecticut.

Detailed Lessons:


Connecticut LLC costs:
Connecticut state fee: $120 (one-time fee)
Annual report: $80 (every year)

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Northwest ($39 + state fee) or LegalZoom ($149 + state fee)

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How to file an Annual Report for your Connecticut LLC

Every LLC in Connecticut is required to file an Annual Report each year.

The Annual Report keeps your LLC’s contact information updated with the Connecticut Secretary of State.

We recommend reading the overview below which contains important information, however, if you want to skip to the filing instructions, click here: Connecticut LLC Annual Report instructions.

Method of Filing an Annual Report

Your Connecticut LLC Annual Report can only be filed online.

There is no option to file by mail.

Connecticut LLC Annual Report filing fee

The fee for a Connecticut LLC Annual Report is $80. This is due every year.

Note: The Annual Report fee used to be $20 per year. However, in July 2020, the Connecticut Secretary of State increased the LLC Annual Report fee to $80 per year.

Due Date for Connecticut Annual Reports

Your Connecticut LLC Annual Report is due every year between January 1st and March 31st.

January 1st is the earliest that you can file.

And March 31st is the last day to file before it’s late.

When is my first Connecticut LLC Annual Report due?

Your first Annual Report is due the year after your LLC was approved.

For example: If your Connecticut LLC was approved on April 10th of 2024, your first Annual Report is due between January 1st and March 31st of 2025.

Whether your LLC was approved on January 1st of 2024 or December 31st of 2024, your first Annual Report is still due between January 1st and March 31st of 2025.

Then every year going forward, your LLC Annual Report will also be due between January 1st and March 31st.

Reminder Notices

Approximately 1 month before your LLC Annual Report is due, the Connecticut Secretary of State will send you an email reminder.

If they don’t have an email address on file for you, they will mail the reminder notice to your LLC’s business address.

Even if you don’t receive any reminders from the state, it is still your responsibility to file your LLC Annual Report on time every year.

Set your own reminder

We recommend putting a repeating reminder on your phone and/or computer to make sure you file your LLC Annual Report on time every year.

Here’s a video on how to use Google Calendar to create free Annual Report reminders:

Video Transcript:

Hey, it’s Matt from LLC University. In this video, I’m going to show you how to use Google Calendar to set up repeating reminders for your LLC Annual Report… and actually anything else that’s repeating in nature. So, this is a default, new, blank layout of a Google Calendar. I’m recording this video in April of 2020, so the layout, or the visual interface here may change a bit from time-to-time, but in general, it should be really, really similar to this process. Once you’re logged in, you’re going to click on… Well, let’s look at something first. So by default, they’ve thrown the name here, and then it says Birthdays, Reminders, and Tasks. This is the default out-of-the-box setup. So while Tasks and Reminders do sound beneficial, I don’t like to use them because they’re overly simplistic in nature, and can be hard to… basically keep track of important tasks. So, I’m going to show you a better way.Click on Settings, or click on the gear, and then click on Settings. And, we’re going to, on the left, look for “Add Calendar”. We’re going to click Add Calendar. It’s also interesting to see because you can see Settings from my calendars, you can see that only Birthdays and LLC University are here. Those Tasks and Reminders are a different feature; they’re not inherently a Calendar feature. So, we want an inherent Calendar feature. We’re going to go ahead and create a new Calendar. Now, you don’t want to call it Reminders, and you don’t want to call it Tasks, because that can lead to confusion. I think I got this from David Allen’s book, called “Getting Things Done”. It’s a book about productivity. It’s kind of like this mindset of when I receive a reminder for a task, I have this energy, like I’m just going to bang it out. I’m going to take care of it really quickly. I’m going to close the open loop.So I actually like to call my calendar, Bang It Out. Feel free to name it whatever you like. Again, I don’t recommend using reminders or tasks. It could be My To-Do List. I would use a general term, because even though I’m going to show you how to use this for your LLC Annual Report, I use this feature for all kinds of recurring tasks, or setting myself reminders of something as simple as taking the trash out every Sunday night. I have a repeating reminder on my calendar that then sends me an email. I guess that’s the feature I should have mentioned in the beginning. We’re using Google Calendar to send us email reminders. I use email as my central management and communication system. So we’re going to use Google Calendar, in order to trigger that email.

So call it whatever you like. You can leave the description blank, and set your time zone. Then hit Create Calendar. It says, “Bang It Out is successfully created.” We’re going to go back to Settings. Oh, I clicked back. We’re going to click on the gear icon again, and click Settings. Now, on the left, we will see Settings For My Calendars, and we’re going to click on Bang It Out. And the Auto Accept Invitations doesn’t matter, since we’re not going to be inviting people. We don’t want to make this public. We don’t need to share it. What we’re looking for here is Event Notifications. This is the big one here.

We’re going to add a notification. And these are the default notifications, meaning, when an event, in our case a task is placed, the default notification is to send us an email 1 minute before that task. This will make sense in a second. And you can see down here it’s set, it automatically, if I change that to 3, it says, “Settings were saved.” So I’m just going to change that to 1. Meaning, the time, 4:00pm doesn’t really matter. I’ll show you what that means in just a second. So, that’s done. We’re going to go back.

So, right now I just filed… We just updated a lesson for the Montana LLC Annual Report. Now those are due every year by April 15th; that’s the deadline. They can be filed as early as January. So, I don’t want to set my reminder for the 15th or the 14th (of April) and give myself no notice and no time, because life happens and I could be busy. So over here on the left, I’m actually, well let’s do some thinking, right? If I can file this anytime between January and April 15th, when do I want this reminder to get this done? Well, the earlier, the better, is my opinion. So, it could be done as early as January, but January tends to be a busy month. It’s the New Year; things just are a little bit busier that month. If we wait until the beginning of April, it’s tax season is starting, and it’s also overwhelming. So, hey, let’s just say March 1 is when I’m going to send myself the reminder.

So I’m going to go forward to March 1 of next year. I’m going to click on March 1, it’s going to bring up the calendar here. And the time is really the time that I’m going to receive that email, because once that event triggers or gets close to triggering, I’m going to get an email 1 minute before that. So, let’s see. All right, it’s Monday, it’s a workday, I’ll be doing other stuff. And let’s say after I do my important work, let’s say at 4:00pm, I am going to send myself an email. So I’m going to say, “File Montana LLC Annual Report.” The really important thing to do is not hit Save, but we want to go down here and we want to change the Calendar from the default one to the Bang It Out Calendar. And, instead of hitting Save, we want to hit More Options. And now it takes us into a more in-depth field. And you can see, so the default reminder, here it is. That setting that we placed in the Calendar is going to send us an email 1 minute before this event.

What I want to do here is not click the All Day thing, but right to the right, I want to make this repeat. And I want to repeat this reminder annually on March 1st. And, you could also click Custom, which will take up a popup box with more settings. So, sometimes I like to… Let’s see here, weekly, annually. There’s other examples for other types of reminders where you’ll just want to go to Custom and say, “Hey, repeat this every one, every couple of days, every other day, every week, month, etc. You can make it a little bit more easy to customize here, but in this case, repeating every year, and we don’t want to change the ending date, we don’t want to automatically disable this. We can just delete this reminder in the future, if necessary. So, we’re going to repeat this annually, on March 1st.

What’s also really nice is there’s this description box down here and sometimes depending on the task… this makes a lot of sense right now because it’s fresh in my mind, but I might want to say something like, “The due date is April 15th every year. Look in the hard drive under My LLCs folder.” Then we’re going to look at the company, ABC Widgets LLC.

So now, I’m helping my future self by saying, “Hey, by the way,” and you can even do some text formatting down here. Oh we can maybe take it a step further. So let’s say I went to Google and I typed “Montana LLC Annual Report LLC University”. Type in your state, and you can find the lesson here that walks you through how to file it. So I could take this URL, I could copy that, and then I could go ahead and place it here, and I could say, “Instructions.” So now, when I get this email, it’s going to be pretty rich in information. So I’m going to go ahead and click Save. Event Saved. So every single year on March 1, I’m going to get an email. Now, let me show you what that email is going to look like. So what I need to do is actually set up a task two minutes from now.

What I’m going to do is clone this. Let me see real quick. All right, got it. I’m going to click Edit. I’m going to copy this information here. I’m going to close out of this. So I’m going to leave my March 1 reminder set. What I’m going to do is, today it is 12:18pm. Let’s go ahead and set a reminder. So this is temporary. We’re going to file the Annual Report. I’m just showing you an example of what the email is going to look like. I’m making it, Bang It Out, go to More Options. And I’m including all of my notes. And, get my formatting correct. Now, I need to set this. Let’s see, I’m going to get this email at 12:20pm so I need to set this for 12:21pm. 12:21pm, so one minute before 12:21pm, I’m going to get an email.

Let’s go ahead and save this. I’m going to pause this recording, and show you what it looks like to get an email about this task.

All right. So that test email arrived. Here I am in the Gmail account, and this is what an email reminder from Google Calendar looks like. It says it’s from Google Calendar and notification. It just says “Temporary” here, but it would say “File the Annual Report”. So let’s say you get this email. And the nice thing about it is here’s my notes, top and center. Oh yeah, right, my Annual Report. I’ve got to do that by April 15th. And I’ve set myself this reminder on March 1, you know, 45 days ahead of time. Look on my hard drive. Maybe I have some notes in there. And, you can click the link and just go right to the instructions. So that can be really, really helpful. And this, you can put a lot of information in this Notes section.

Now, let’s say I received this email on March 1, and it’s telling me, “Hey, file the Annual Report.” And I’m like, “Oh great.” But let’s say today or this week is a very, very busy week. I can just leave this email here. Or, if I want to get it out of my mind for a little bit, I can actually go over here and click More Details. Close this tab first, just to show you what it does. When I click More Details, it’s going to bring me back into a Calendar and pop up this note. Then what I can do is click Edit the Event and I can say, “Hey, instead of,” this is just an example. So I set it for today. Let’s say I was getting this March 1, 2021, that’s what this would say. And I’d say, “Hey, this is a busy week. I know I have 45 days, but you know what? I’d probably rather do this next weekend.”

So I’m going to set this for Saturday, and I’m going to wake up a little early and take care of this. I’m going to set my reminder for 9:00am on Saturday. Still way ahead of the due date.” And then I’m just going to go ahead and click Save. And then down here it says, “Event Saved.” And then I can go back to my inbox and if I wanted to, I could delete that email, and I know that next Saturday I’m going to get another email that reminds me.

So, that’s the really nice feature of getting this is when you get a reminder, you can click More Details, and you can bump the task forward to a more ideal day. But that’s not going to change the settings. Every single year on March 1, I’m still going to get that repeating reminder.

So, that’s been a video of the Bang It Out Calendar using Google Calendar and Gmail. I hope this video has been helpful for you.

How to file a Connecticut LLC Annual Report Online

Note: Connecticut previously used an online system called CONCORD for online filings. CONCORD was phased out in June 2021. Going forward, all online filings will be processed through Connecticut’s new “One Stop” business center. The instructions on this page have been updated to reflect the new system. If you have a CONCORD login, this no longer works. You’ll need to create a new account.

If you already have a One Stop account, login (CT.gov: Login), then go to your Business Dashboard.

Create a “One Stop” Account

  1. Visit the CT.gov: Account Creation page.
  2. Enter your contact information and then click “Sign Up“.
  3. Go to your email, get the confirmation code, and then enter it.
  4. You can now sign in.

If you’re redirected to your profile page, just click this link to go to the online filing: CT.gov: My Dashboard.

(Tip: We use 1Password to save all of our passwords. You might like it, too.)

How to file your Connecticut LLC Annual Report online

Get started:

  1. Go to CT.gov: Registering Your Business
  2. Click “Register your Business

Important: If you use a pop-up blocker, you will need to turn it off during the online filing.

Start your Annual Report

Hover over “All business services” in the top menu bar.

Click “File Annual Report”.

On the next page, click “File Annual Report” again.

Select a Business (associate your LLC with your account)

If you formed your LLC using your One Stop account, your LLC should appear on this page. If so, click on your LLC name to start your Annual Report filing.

If this is your first time using your One Stop account, search your Connecticut LLC name. Then select it from the list and click “Next”.

Review your Annual Report (Make Changes if Needed)

Review the information listed below about your LLC. Make sure everything is correct and up-to-date. If you need to make any changes, click the “Edit” links. Once everything is correct, click the “Verify” boxes and go to the next step to submit your payment.

Having said that, if you have any questions about what anything means (or what you can and can’t do), we’ve explained every section below.

Business Email Address

The state will use this email address to send notices about your LLC. You can use a personal email or a business-purpose email.

NAICS Information

An NAICS Code for an LLC is used by the Secretary of State to classify your LLC’s business activity. It’s used for government statistics.

If your NAICS Code has changed, edit this field to update it.

If you can’t find an NAICS Code for your business, just choose one that is similar or kind of related.

Tip: If your LLC runs multiple businesses, you just need to enter one NAICS Code. The state doesn’t investigate or enforce NAICS Codes. Again, they are just used for statistics.

Principal Office Address

Review your LLC’s Principal Office Address. If no changes are needed, you can leave it as-is. If you need to update the address, you can do so here.

What is a Principal Office Address?
A Principal Office Address is where the primary business activities take place and/or where your LLC records are kept.

Your Connecticut LLC’s Principal Office Address can be:

  • located in Connecticut
  • located in any state
  • located in any country
  • a home address
  • an office address
  • a mailbox rental address
  • a virtual office address
  • the address of your Connecticut Registered Agent (if your Registered Agent allows it)

Note: A PO Box address can’t be used as your Principal Office Address.

Mailing Address

Most people use their Principal Office Address as their Mailing Address. However, if you prefer to receive mail at a different address, you can enter that here.

Review your LLC’s Mailing Address. If no changes are needed, you can leave it as-is. If you need to update the address, you can do so here.

Your Connecticut LLC’s Mailing Address can be any type of address (in any state or country). Additionally, PO Box addresses are allowed.

Agent (Registered Agent)

Review your Connecticut LLC Registered Agent information.

If no changes are needed, you can leave it as-is. If you need to update your LLC Registered Agent, you can do so here.

Principals (Members and/or Managers)

Your Connecticut LLC must have at least one Principal listed in the Annual Report.

A Principal just means an LLC Member or an LLC Manager.

If no changes are needed in this section, you can leave it as-is. If you need to update your LLC’s Principal(s), you can do so here.

Submit the Annual Report

Once you’ve made any necessary edits and verified your information, click “Continue to Acknowledge“.

Agree to the terms, sign your filing, and go on to the next step.

Note: The Filer’s signature isn’t editable on this page. If you want to edit it, please go to your account profile.

Payment Information

Check the box agreeing to the terms and click “Continue to Payment“.

Enter your billing information and submit your filing to the state.


Your Connecticut LLC Annual Report has been filed and processed.

You will see a success message and the state will also email you a confirmation.

There is nothing else you need to do here. Just make sure you have a calendar reminder set to file your LLC Annual Report next year :)

Connecticut Secretary of State

If you have any questions about your LLC’s Annual Report, you can contact the Connecticut Secretary of State.

Their phone number is 860-509-6002 and their hours are Monday through Friday, from 8am to 4:30pm Eastern time.

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