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Last updated September 29, 2020

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Connecticut LLC
Certificate of Organization

How to form an LLC in Connecticut
This Quick Start Guide is a brief overview of how to form an LLC in Connecticut.

Detailed Lessons:


Connecticut LLC costs:
Connecticut state fee: $120 (one-time fee)
Annual report: $20 (every year)

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How to file the Connecticut Certificate of Organization and form your LLC

Note: Connecticut changed their LLC laws in 2017 (amending Chapter 613a of the LLC Act). The form “Articles of Organization” is now called the “Certificate of Organization“. And “Statutory Agent” is now called “Registered Agent“.

In this lesson we will walk you through filing your Certificate of Organization with the Connecticut Secretary of State.

This is the document that officially forms your Connecticut LLC and allows it to do business in the state.

Connecticut LLC Secretary of State Business Services
(Connecticut Secretary of State, Business Services Building)

Methods of filing an LLC in Connecticut

You can file your Certificate of Organization by mail or online.

In both cases, the Connecticut LLC filing fee is $120.

If you file your LLC by mail

Your Connecticut LLC approval time can be as quick as 7-10 business days. However, if the state’s office is backed up, approval time can take 3-5 weeks.

If you filed your LLC online

Your Connecticut LLC approval time takes 2-3 business days (regardless of whether or not the state is backed up).

Note: The “LLC filing fee” (the fee to create a Connecticut LLC) is the same thing as the “Certificate of Organization fee”. The Certificate of Organization is the document that, once approved by the Secretary of State’s office, creates your Connecticut LLC.

Our Recommendation: We recommend filing your Certificate of Organization online as the approval time is much quicker. The state will also send you back a copy of your approved Certificate of Organization (at no extra charge). If you file by mail, the state charges $40 for a copy of your approved Certificate of Organization. The instructions on this page are for the online filing only. However, if you are not very “tech comfortable” and prefer to file by mail, you can follow the Connecticut Certificate of Organization by mail lesson instead.

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Before filing your Connecticut LLC Certificate of Organization, make sure you have read the prior lessons:

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How to File the Connecticut LLC Certificate of Organization Online

The first step is to create an account with Connecticut’s online filing system, called CONCORD. If you already have a CONCORD account, you can simply login.

Create a new CONCORD account

1. Visit the CT Secretary of State: Business Services Division Online Filing System.

2. Click “Create a user account” on the right. Then click “Create a user account” again.

3. Enter your contact information and then click “Continue”.

4. Create your account login information and then click “Create a user account”. Make sure to save your login information. You’ll need it next year when you file your Connecticut LLC Annual Report.

On the next page, you can print your login details for safe keeping. When ready, click “Go to Login Page”.

Enter your login name and password and then click “Login”.

(Tip: We use LastPass to manage our passwords. You might like it, too.)

Filing your LLC documents online

In the left navigation menu, click “Business Formation (Domestic / Connecticut)“. It should be close to the top of the list.

Important: A “Special Instructions” popup message will appear. Please read through it carefully. Your LLC’s Registered Agent (which can be a person or a company) will be sent an important email from the state. They must click the “acceptance link” within 48 hours (to become your LLC’s Registered Agent) or your LLC filing will be rejected.

Make sure you have read the Connecticut Registered Agent lesson before proceeding. It’s important to understand the rules as to who can and can’t be your LLC’s Registered Agent.

  • If you are going to be the Registered Agent for your LLC, then no need to worry. Simply monitor your email address (which you’ll enter a few steps ahead) for an email from the Connecticut Secretary of State.
  • If a friend or family member is going to be the Registered Agent for your LLC, please tell them to be on the lookout for the email from the state.
  • If you hired a Commercial Registered Agent, please ask them which email address they would like you to use. Also let them know to be on the lookout for the email from the state.

Once you understand, you’ll need to agree to the terms by clicking the “Continue” button.

Check LLC Name Availability

Business Type:
From the drop down list, select “Domestic Limited Liability Company”.

Business Name:
Enter your desired Connecticut LLC name exactly as you would like it. Include your preferred capitalization as well as the designator (the ending).

Remember, Connecticut law allows for the following designators:

  • LLC
  • L.L.C.
  • Ltd. Liability Co.
  • Ltd. Liability Company
  • Limited Liability Co.
  • Limited Liability Company

Tip #1: If you’re not sure which designator to choose, “LLC” is the most common.

Tip #2: Your LLC name can use a comma or you can leave it out. For example, “Nutmeg Builders LLC” and “Nutmeg Builders, LLC” are both acceptable.

Do you have a business name reservation number?

  • Most filers don’t have a name reservation filed and select “No”.
  • If you filed an LLC name reservation, select “Yes” and fill out the necessary information. Then click “Search Reserved Business” and select your name from the list.

Note: A name reservation is not required when forming an LLC in Connecticut.

Click the “Continue” button to proceed. You’ll see a popup reminding you that your LLC name needs a designator (ending). You should have already entered that, so you can click “Continue”.

Business Formation

Business Email Address

Enter your email address here. The state will use this address to send your LLC approval. It doesn’t have to be an actual “business email” address. Most filers just use a personal email address.


An NAICS Code for an LLC is used by the Connecticut Secretary of State to classify your LLC’s primary type of business activity. It’s mostly used for statistics. You’re not going to be forced to do this forever.

While an LLC can run multiple businesses, you just need to list your LLC’s primary business activity.

The NAICS code is self-chosen. So just pick the primary activity that most closely represents what your LLC does.

Recommendation: Before choosing from the drop-down menus, we recommend using Connecticut’s NAICS search page to determine your LLC’s primary NAICS Code.

Then choose a NAICS Code from the first drop-down list. The primary NAICS code will start with the 2 numbers of the full code you found on the Connecticut NAICS search page.

Then choose a NAICS Sub Code from the second drop-down list.

Principal Office Address

Enter your Connecticut LLC’s Principal Office Address.

What is a Principal Office Address?
It’s where primary business activities take place and/or where your LLC records are kept.

Your Connecticut LLC’s Principal Office Address can be:

  • located in Connecticut
  • located in any state
  • located in any country
  • a home address
  • an office address

The address is technically not supposed to be a mail forwarding address (like The UPS Store), a virtual office address, or your Connecticut Registered Agent address (if they allow), however, you won’t get in trouble by listing one of those addresses here.

The only address type not allowed in this field is a PO box address from the US Post Office.

Mailing Address

Enter your Connecticut LLC’s Mailing Address (which can be the same address as its Principal Office Address).

What is a Mailing Address?
It’s any address that is best for you to receive your LLC’s mail. The state is quite flexible. The address can be any type of address (no limitations) and it can be located anywhere. Again, wherever you want to have mail sent.

Your Connecticut LLC’s Mailing Address can be any of the following:

  • located in Connecticut
  • located in any state
  • located in any country
  • a PO Box address from the US Post Office
  • a home address
  • an office address
  • a mail forwarding address (like The UPS Store)
  • a virtual office address
  • your Connecticut Registered Agent address (if they allow)

Agent Information

If you or a friend or family member are your LLC’s Registered Agent:

  • select “Individual” in the “Agent Type” drop down list
  • enter your/their name in the “Agent Name” box
  • complete all the address fields (I know, there’s a lot!)
  • enter their email address

If you hired a Commercial Registered Agent:

  • select “Business” in the “Agent Type” drop down list
  • enter their company name in the “Business Name” box
  • complete all the address fields
  • enter their email address

Tip: If you hired a Commercial Registered Agent, please call or email them to get their proper contact information before completing your online LLC filing.

Organizer Information

Enter the name of your LLC Organizer. If you are filing your own LLC, this will be your name.

Click “Continue” at the bottom to proceed.

Principals (Members or Managers)

Related articles:

A Connecticut LLC must list at least one Principal (an LLC Member or an LLC Manager) in its Certificate of Organization.

For each Principal you’d like to add:

  • in the “Principal Type” drop down list, select “Individual” or “Business”
  • enter their name
  • for “Title”, enter “Member” or “Manager”
  • complete the address fields
  • click “Continue” to save the information

If you’d like to add more Members or Managers, click “Add Principals”.

Once you’re finished, click “Continue” to proceed.


Review all of the information you entered. Check for accuracy and look for any typos.

If you need to change anything, click the pencil icons to make edits (towards the right).

If everything looks good, click the “Continue” button to proceed.

Optional Survey

You can participate in this optional survey by answering the questions and clicking “Submit Survey”.

Or you can decline the survey (which won’t negatively impact your LLC filing) by clicking “Decline Survey”.


Tip: At the top, you’ll see $0.00 under “Customer Account Balance”. Don’t worry about that part. A Customer Account Balance is a prepaid account mostly used by companies who submit lots of LLC filings.

Terms and Conditions: Check off the box agreeing to the terms.

Then enter your billing information and click “Pay Securely using Credit Card”.


Your Connecticut LLC has been filed for processing!

Now you just need to wait for approval :)

Connecticut LLC Approval Time

The Secretary of State will process and approve your Connecticut LLC in 2 to 3 business days.

Once your LLC is approved:

  1. The state will email you an approved Certificate of Organization.
  2. They’ll also email you an Acceptance Letter.

Tip: Sometimes they arrive in the same email, or sometimes you will receive 2 separate emails.

Your Acceptance Letter will contain your Connecticut Business ID Number. Your Connecticut Business ID Number is a unique number that identifies your LLC with the Secretary of State.

Next Step: LLC Operating Agreement

Once you file your Certificate of Organization, and it is approved by the state, you can then proceed to the next lesson: Connecticut LLC Operating Agreement.

Connecticut Secretary of State

If you have any questions, you can contact the Connecticut Secretary of State at 860-509-6002.

Their hours are Monday through Friday, 8am – 4:30pm Eastern time.

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  1. Dear Matt,
    Hello. What a wonderfully informative and helpful website you’ve created!!! I am hoping that you may be able to help me with something. My husband and I let our LLC (which we created in 2004) become inactive…now we would like to reactivate it…. is that something we can do online? We live in CT. Many thanks for your help!!!
    Yours, Maureen

    • Hi Maureen, thanks so much!! Glad you’ve found us helpful :) You can file what’s called an LLC Reinstatement. In Connecticut though, you cannot do this online. You actually need to call the state and request a “Reinstatement Packet” be sent to you. You can call them during the week at 860-509-6003. You’ll have to pay any outstanding penalties and also file a current Annual Report in addition to the other forms for LLC Reinstatement.

  2. Hi Matt, this is a great site, thank you. Question, are there any other documents I need to file for an e-commerce store? I’m assuming I have to file something federally too, right? I’m debating whether I need to hire an attorney to do this or not. You made the CT portion seem easy.


    • Hi Christine, you’re very welcome! Federally, you’ll get an EIN for your LLC and then file your taxes each year. You can file the LLC yourself, but we recommend working with an accountant for taxes. Taxes are usually filed and/or paid on 3 levels: federal, state, and local. Hope that helps!

  3. I formed an LLC in CT for my consulting business. I am moving to VA, can I still operate under the CT LLC? Do I need a member to be a resident of CT?


    • Hi Paul, how long will you be living in Virginia for and running the business from there? You can still operate the Connecticut LLC without being a resident of Connecticut, however, if you’re doing business in Virginia, you should either 1.) register your Connecticut LLC as a Foreign LLC in Virginia (keeps EIN and bank account), 2.) dissolve Connecticut LLC and form a Virginia LLC (needs new and new bank account), or 3.) merge/redomesticate, which is moving the jurisdiction of the LLC if the states allow it (keeps EIN and bank account). Hope that helps.

  4. Hi!

    I found this very helpful when doing my process for the LLC.

    I just wanted to ask you a question. If the name of my company is July LLC, but i will be doing business as July, do i need a trade name? it will be for marketing purposes and since is an e-commerce do i need my website to have the llc

    • Hi Valeria! If your LLC name is “July LLC”, but you want to do business as “July”, then yes, you’ll need to file a Trade Name owned by your LLC. Your website address and logo don’t have to include the LLC name. Hope that helps.

  5. Thank you much for putting together this highly resourceful and precious website.

    I currently live in New City, NY, and Stamford, CT but I’m setting up my warehouse and office in Philadephia, PA where I’m actively considering relocating to in the Spring of 2019.

    However, I still have a Connecticut Driver License that I don’t to change to another State yet until I make sure my new business survives in PA.

    Considering the above scenario, should I form an LLC in Pennsylvania or Connecticut? New York is definitely out of consideration.

    Thank you.

    • Hey Nicholas, you’re welcome! I’d consider just forming the LLC in Pennsylvania since that is ultimately where you will end up doing business. If you need a Foreign LLC registration in Connecticut, you could always file one and then cancel/withdrawal when you move from Connecticut. Hope that helps.

  6. Matt, thank you so very much for your clear, step by step directions for filing an LLC in the state of CT. It was very easy to follow and was a tremendous help.


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