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LLC University® bank recommendations

Our bank recommendations are split into two categories:

  • traditional banks (with physical branches)
  • and online banks

Best traditional LLC bank accounts (physical branches)

If you travel a lot, having branches in nearly every state is super helpful. Check out:

  • Wells Fargo has the largest number of branches and they cover most of the US. We have accounts with Wells Fargo. Here’s a map of Wells Fargo locations.
  • Bank of America has branches in nearly every state, except for a few. Here’s a map of Bank of America locations. Note: In our experience, Bank of America doesn’t have the best customer service and it can be difficult to get phone support without waiting a long time.
  • US Bank doesn’t have as many locations as Wells Fargo and Bank of America (specifically not on the east coast), but they are located in many other states. Here’s a map of US Bank locations.

If you live on the east coast:

Other banking options:

  • Fifth Third Bank has branches in the Midwest and a few in the Southeast. Here’s a map of Fifth Third Bank locations.
  • PNC Bank has branches in nearly all states east of the Mississippi, except for New England. Here’s a map of PNC Bank locations.
  • Citizens Bank has branches in CT, DE, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, and VT. Here’s a map of Citizens Bank locations.
  • Santander is a good choice for an LLC bank account. They are only located in the Northeast. Here’s a map of Santander branch locations.
  • Truist (formerly SunTrust Bank) is well-known in the Southeast region. Here’s a map of Truist locations.
  • There are lots of other banking options all throughout the country. We recommend making a few calls and seeing if banks have monthly fees as well as checking on other account features. We have more tips on banking further down on the page.

Business banking in a smaller town

If you live in a smaller town, or don’t have access to the branches above, you can open a business bank account with your local bank. You can google “small business checking + TOWN NAME” or review this map for options in your area.

Tip: Whichever bank you choose, they should have great customer service and be willing to answer all your questions. They should help educate you on their various products, like business loans, checking, savings, and investments. Finding a bank with great hours and a few branch locations is also a plus.

Online LLC bank accounts


Mercury is our #1 recommendation. Here are our favorite features:

  • No monthly fees
  • Virtual debit cards
  • Helpful support
  • Beautiful and intuitive design
  • Helpful mobile app
  • Great for non-US residents (no SSN or ITIN required)
  • Spending analytics
  • Checks
  • Domestic and international wires (incoming and outgoing)
  • Free ACH transfers
  • And more

We have a Mercury business account and we find it easy to use.

Note: Mercury doesn’t allow cash deposits, so if you need to deposit cash, you’ll also want to open a traditional bank account. Also, Mercury doesn’t offer phone support, so if you prefer to deal with customer support by phone, a traditional bank may be a better fit. Mercury does have email support though.

How to open an LLC bank account

One of the first things to do after forming your LLC (and getting your LLC EIN Number) is to open an LLC business bank account.

Not only does opening an LLC business bank account make life easier, it also helps you maintain personal liability protection (which is the main reason people form LLCs).

Think of your LLC as being another person: it makes its own money, has its own bank account, and has its own expenses.

If you don’t create a separate bank account for your LLC (and you mixed your LLC funds with your personal funds), you would be “commingling” your assets and a court could “pierce your corporate veil”, which would then make you personally liable for the LLC’s debts and legal obligations.

Note: This doesn’t mean you can’t move money between your personal account and your business account; you certainly can. You just want to avoid paying business expenses with a personal card and avoid paying personal expenses with a business card.

Other reasons to have an LLC bank account are:

  • easier financial record-keeping
  • easier to calculate and pay taxes
  • audit prevention
  • easy to track/deduct business expenses
  • professionalism and credibility (using business checks instead of personal checks)

In order to keep your personal liability protection:

  • don’t pay personal expenses out of your business account
  • don’t pay business expenses out of your personal account

What documents are needed to open an LLC bank account?

You’ll need the following items to open your LLC’s business bank account:

1. Articles of Organization (or equivalent)

This will be your LLC’s approved Articles of Organization, which might be called something different in your state (Certificate of Formation or Certificate of Organization).

2. EIN Confirmation Letter or EIN Verification Letter

Make sure you’ve received your EIN Number from the IRS before heading to the bank. You’ll need to show them a copy of your EIN in order to open your account. If you need assistance getting your EIN, please see getting an EIN for my LLC.

The two letters from the IRS that are acceptable by banks are:

  • EIN Confirmation Letter (575 CP)
  • EIN Verification Letter (147C)

Can’t find your EIN letter? You can call the IRS and get a 147C EIN Confirmation Letter. You’ll need a fax, since that’s the only way the IRS can send you 147C. But they’ll fax it to you right while you’re on the phone. Make sure to call as early as possible (7am ideally) for the shortest hold times. If you don’t have a fax, any digital fax service (ex: HelloFax) will work fine.

3. Your Identification

You’ll need to bring in two forms of ID. One of these needs to be government-issued (such as a driver’s license). The 2nd ID could be any of the following: credit/debit card, passport, voter’s registration, or utility bill.

4. Operating Agreement and Additional Forms

Most banks don’t need a copy of your Operating Agreement or your Welcome/Approval Letter (if you received one), but some banks may require it. We recommend bringing all additional LLC documentation just to be safe.

5. Declaration of Beneficial Ownership

A Declaration of Beneficial Ownership form will be provided by the bank. It’s simply a document that discloses who the LLC owners are.

How can non-US residents and non-US citizens open an LLC bank account?

Non-US residents with an LLC can either:

  1. Visit the US to open a bank account (but that can be difficult).
  2. Open an online bank account with Mercury (no SSN or ITIN required and no US address required)

If you visit the US in person, you’ll need to open an LLC bank account in the state where you formed your LLC. We recommend calling the bank ahead of time and making sure they are comfortable opening a bank account for a non-US resident/non-US citizen.

To avoid traveling, Mercury is a great option because you can open an account online.

And you don’t need a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

For more details please see how non-US residents can open an LLC bank account in the USA.

All LLC Members Need to be Present

Most banks require all LLC members to be present when opening a bank account.

We recommend calling the bank ahead of time to double-check.

Don’t be confused if they ask for your DBA

A lot of people who work at banks are clueless when it comes to LLCs. Hopefully you don’t get one of these reps, but if you do, they may ask for your DBA (aka Fictitious Name) documentation.

You don’t need a DBA for your LLC, since your LLC operates under its own name. But often the reps get confused and think that the LLC needs one.

We can assure you, it does not, and the account will just go in the name of the LLC.

Having said that, if your LLC needs to operate under a name different than the one you registered with the state (and you have a DBA), make sure to bring its approval.

Call the bank ahead of time

Call the bank ahead of time and ask to speak with the person who handles business accounts.

Check on the following:

  • What are the required documents?
  • What are the minimum monthly balance requirements?
  • What are the monthly fees, if any?
  • How much is needed for the initial deposit?
  • Do all LLC members need to be present?
  • What’s the best time of day for the quickest service?
  • What else do I need to bring that I forgot to ask?

Be Careful of…

Monthly Fees and Required Minimum Balances

A lot of banks charge monthly fees and require you to maintain a minimum monthly balance.

But many other banks don’t charge monthly fees, so we recommend calling a few and checking before going into the local branch.


Be careful of promotions and incentives for opening an account. Although they may sound good, most are just temporary and usually lead to ongoing monthly fees.

Different Packages

Banks may have different packages/tiers of business accounts (like economy, gold, and deluxe, for example). Usually, the fancier sounding packages have crap you don’t need and higher fees.

We recommend going with the basic package and save yourself the money (and the hype). You can always upgrade later.

Debit Cards

You’ll also receive a business debit card after opening your account. Some banks will issue them right on the spot, others will mail them in a few days.

Having a debit card helps you keep track of business expenses with a dedicated card.

Most debit cards also have technology built in to prevent any fraudulent purchases.

Credit Cards

Besides a debit card, you can also get credit cards for your LLC to use for rewards, such as cash back or travel.

To see the top cards, check out business credit cards.

Tips when Ordering Checks

After your account is opened, you’ll be able to order business checks. Below are some helpful tips.

Don’t start your checks at #001

Most checks start at number 001. This could give your business an “amateur” feel. Just ask the bank to start your checks at #1000 or #5000 or whatever you please.

Don’t get super-sized checks

Most banks will try to sell you “special” checks that boost your ego. They are big business checks that come in a large, bulky binder. Unless you need to run checks through a printer (which is what they were originally designed for), you can save yourself some money by just ordering regular size checks.

Single Member LLCs: EIN vs. SSN?

Most banks will let Single-Member LLCs open a bank account with their SSN, and some might even suggest it. We recommend using your EIN instead of your SSN for privacy and easier record keeping.

If you formed your LLC by following our LLC filing instructions, you should have obtained an EIN from the IRS.

Matt Horwitz
Matt Horwitz
Matt Horwitz has been the leading expert on LLC education for the past decade. He founded LLC University in 2010 after realizing people needed simple and actionable instructions to start an LLC that other companies weren't offering. He's cited by Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and the US Chamber of Commerce, and was featured by CNBC and InventRight.
Matt holds a Bachelor's Degree in business from Drexel University with a concentration in business law. He performs extensive research and analysis to convert state laws into simple instructions anyone can follow to form their LLC - all for free! Read more about Matt Horwitz and LLC University.

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173 comments on “Business Bank Account”

Disclaimer: Nothing on this page shall be interpreted as legal or tax advice. Rules and regulations vary by location. They also change over time and are specific to your situation. Furthermore, this comment section is provided so people can share their thoughts and experience. Please consult a licensed professional if you have legal or tax questions.

  1. I have another question for you :) I formed an LLC with the help of Northwest Registered Agent and now I’m going to open a bank account. I’ll sell my paintings online or through galleries. What should I put as my LLC principal office address (agent’s address or my home address where I will be painting?). Thanks for such an informative website. All the best

    • Hi Tanja, nearly all banks will require your actual address. Also, Northwest doesn’t want to receive bank mail. Hope that helps.

  2. Hello Matt, I have zero idea or knowledge about any business or to register an LLC.
    1. I have registered in an online business as an Independent Distributor of a Multi-Level Company. In their website they are suggesting to establish “separate Bank account for the business to deposit all money received from your business into the business account and pay all business expenses from it.
    2. The company also mentioned to obtain a Resale Certificate if the city requires a business license.
    3. The company also mentioned if you desire to register as an LLC, it is important and must have a RESALE Certificate for my business.

    PS: I do not know if I have to;
    1, Open a separate bank account for the business.
    2.How to obtain the Resale certificate in the City Hall and what it is for.
    3. How to register for LLC and why is that important.

    Thank you very much for your time and attention on this issues.

    • Hi Sheri, okay, lets back up a little bit. You’ll first want to determine if you want to operate this business as a Sole Proprietorship or an LLC. If you decide to form an LLC, we have instructions on our website: How to form an LLC. If you form an LLC, then the bank account will in the name of the LLC and the Resale Certificate will be in the name of the LLC. Feel free to reply back after you decide on LLC or Sole Proprietorship. Hope that helps.

  3. I am confused about the requirement to have a bank account in the state your LLC is registered with. You state that it is required, but then state that you have a Mercury account. I also find conflicting info online about needing to have a bank account in the state your LLC is registered.

    If I am in NE, can I use Mercury or do I need to use a bank that has branches in NE?

    • Hi Todd, apologies for the confusion. The rules comes from the banks themselves. Mercury doesn’t have such a rule. Traditional banks do though. However, there is an exception to that. And that is Bank of America and Wells Fargo. They will let customers open an LLC bank account with an out-of-state LLC. That’s because they have branches in nearly all states. However, on the other hand, there is TD Bank, which offices along the east coast. They will not open a bank account for an out-of-state LLC, even in states where they have branches. Hope that helps.

  4. is the mercury bank the only one that allows opening a commercial account for non-residents?

    • Hi Oscar, as discussed in our non-US resident LLC bank account article, you can visit the US to open a bank account for your LLC. However, at this time, Mercury is the only bank we know of where non-US residents can open an LLC bank account online. There is also TransferWise (aka Wise).

      , however, TransferWise is technically not a bank. Many non-US residents open an account with both Mercury and TransferWise to see which one (or if both) fits their needs. Hope that helps.

  5. Hi Matt,

    You have a great name! ;) Anyway, I have a few questions for you.

    (1) I understand personal and business funds must be kept separate for an LLC. However, how do I give the company it’s initial deposit when I open the business bank account. Can I use money from my personal account to seed the initial deposit of the company? If I’m understanding everything correctly, I would list that initial money that comes from my personal account in the operating agreement as my contribution. Is that correct? Do I need a capital contribution form in addition to the operating agreement for that initial deposit?

    (2) This is related to the first question. I’m planing to use Northwest to help me open the company. The money I pay them to help form the LLC and the money used to pay the state filing fees for LLC formation can’t come from a business account because the business won’t exist yet. Can I use my personal account to pay for those, and how do I document that? Does it just go into the operating agreement contribution line?

    (3) My LLC will work with in-state and out-of-state customers. We will provide software programming for customers and then deliver that software to them. Occasionally, on-site visits at the customer’s location may be required. To work with these out-of-state customers, do I have to form an LLC in their state? In other words, if I had a customer from all 50 states, would I need to reform my LLC in every state somehow?

    Thanks for the help! The information on your website has been amazing!


    • Hey Matt! Thanks :)

      1. The initial capital contribution can be given from yourself to your LLC when you open your LLC bank account by simply writing a personal check made out to your LLC and depositing that into the newly opened LLC bank account. And yes, that initial deposit can be used as your initial capital contribution to your LLC. You don’t need an additional capital contribution form if you list it in your LLC Operating Agreement.

      2. Yes, you can pay for that personally and then when you do your bookkeeping/taxes (we recommend working with a professional), you can have your LLC reimburse you for those expenses. You’ll document that in the books and your LLC can reimburse you at any time. The expense will become a deductible expense for your LLC.

      3. Where an LLC should be formed (or registered as a foreign LLC) has to do with where it is “transacting business”. If you running the business and fulfilling most of the services from home, then that’s the state where your LLC is transacting business. You wouldn’t need to register your LLC as a foreign LLC unless in started transacting business on a regular basis in other states. Just having a customer here and there in another state is, most of the time, is not considered transacting business.

      Hope that helps! Thanks so much!

  6. Hello!

    Matt is a wealth of information and I’m so grateful for his help starting my LLC 3 1/2 years ago. My first post was about this very issue.

    I started with a small community bank that said it was great for small business. What has been great are the free checking and deposits, but it took 5 weeks to open my account before I could use it, and even my business savings account took 3 weeks after 2 years of my checking account running perfectly! They turned out to be naive about business, and said I was the first person in 25 years to ask about opening a SEP IRA!

    Now my customers want to use cash apps and electronic payments so just this week, I opened a B of A business checking account. Yes, many fees which doesn’t make me happy, but up-to-date services and my account will be up and running and able to accept electronic payments in about a week! This makes my customers so happy. I was able to open the account online and send in the docs (ss#, drivers license, operating agreement, state sales tax certificate, and articles of organization, via email. This saved me a lot of time and having my account activated and bank debit card on its way, I’m excited!

    Thanks Matt!!

    • Hey Ginny! It’s great to hear from you! Wow… crazy your first bank was so shocked about the SEP IRA LOL!! Glad to hear you have a more modern bank for your LLC now :) I hope everything is well!

  7. Hello,

    Kindly share the requirements for opening a Business account LLC account in USA, which bank has lesser charges and offer Credit cards.


  8. Hi Matt,

    Last year, I formed a LLC to start selling on Amazon. I would like to open a business bank account online with a traditional bank. I am a foreigner, living outside of the US.
    However, I have a SSN since I went to college in Iowa.
    Is there a bank that can provide me the option to open the account online?
    The only requirement I don’t have is the US citizenship or US residency.
    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Ricardo, you will need to call the banks and ask as we don’t have this information readily available. Some banks just require an SSN to be used, but other banks require an SSN be used and that you be either a US citizen or a permanent US resident. If that doesn’t work, we do have other recommendations on this page: non-US resident LLC bank account. Hope that helps.

  9. Hi Matt,
    I just set up my first LLC after being a sole proprietor for 8 years.

    My next step is to set up the biz account with my credit union but I’m confused since you said we should keep our business funds separate from our personal accounts. ALL my income is coming from that LLC business so when I need to pay my personal expenses like rent/utilities/gas/internet and everything else do I write myself a check from the LLC account or just transfer between the accounts?

    • Hi Troy, yes, exactly. You can take “draws” from the LLC. So you can write yourself a check or process a transfer. You pay yourself a draw from the LLC and then once the money is in your account, you do as you wish. You just want to avoid paying personal expenses directly from the business account. Hope that helps.

  10. Hey Guys,

    Great thread! Thanks Matt!
    Has anyone opened successfully a mercury account with anonymous LLC (formed in New Mexico)? Does the anonymity get in the way?

  11. Matt, US Bank has a Silver Checking which has $0 Monthly Maintenance Fee. Not sure if this was in your initial criteria to evaluate and were there any reasons why it was dropped?

    • Hi Lavan, we didn’t intentionally exclude it the first time around. There’s just so many banks in the US that we just listed a few. However, we updated the page and added US Bank. Thank you.

      • Matt, no worries. I wanted to tell people that US Bank Silver Checking is awesome with $0 monthly fee, so features can be helpful to your readers.

        Also people should check their local credit union. Especially on east coast there is DCU (Digital Federal Credit Union) which has a lot of facilities and doesn’t charge monthly fees. Not all credit unions are equal though, so it is better to look around a few local credit unions. Credit unions are member owned, so they are typically less commercial and more favorable to the members/customers.

  12. Matt, Lets say I live in OR and my business is conducted in OR and my LLC is registered in OR. Does my bank (business checking account) need to be in OR? Or can they be located anywhere in the US? For example, they are a credit union located in East Coast. Is there a way I can bank with them and based on your comments should I ask them about “cross branch opening”?

    What happens when I move my business out of OR? Do I change the bank which is local to the new state?

    • Hi Lavan, the answer is typically yes: most banks will only open an LLC bank account if the LLC was formed (or registered as a foreign LLC) in the state where that branch office is located. This has especially been the case after federal regulations came out in 2018 regarding LLC beneficial ownership (see Beneficial Ownership rule for LLC bank accounts for more details). Having said all that, each bank/credit union is different, so you may be able to open a bank account at your credit union’s east coast location. We recommend calling and asking to speak to the branch manager. Hope that helps!

  13. Hi Matt, Thank you for getting back on bank. I did use the link to go to northwestregistered agent to register my LLC. It will be great if you can negotiate a better price for the Deluxe and Premium. Thank you again.

    • You’re welcome Lavan. We’ll be speaking with them in the coming weeks. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree. I think the current packages could use some adjustments. Thanks!

      • Thank you. BTW, their service is awesome. I took the middle one (3 day service) and registered on sunday with them (late evening). MOnday evening, LLC and EIN are available. Essentially they did a 1 day turnaround for a 3 day turnaround. Please pass on my appreciation to them.

        Also, if they have a referral scheme, then folks will be interested to refer more / word of mouth.

        Your articles have been enlightening. I understood your articles, but again re-reading will reinforce all the learnings. Thank you so much for the indepth education and your awesome speedy response. You should pat on your back.. Kudos..

        • Hi Lavan, it’s great to hear you’re having a good experience with them! And yes, that’s fast! You’re right, reading LLC content a few times really helps things “click” since it’s a lot of information to digest. Thank you for your kind words :)

  14. Hi Matt, I have my personal savings acct with my credit union. Is it okay to create a business checking / savings account for my LLC? Does it create any challenge. Also do you recommend separating the unified login for the personal and business LLC? Thank you.

    Btw, your website and content is awesome

    • Hey Lavan, thank you! The unified login is okay to keep in place. As long as the separate account is opened in the name of the LLC, then it’s setup correctly. So yes, you can open a separate LLC checking account at your existing credit union. And the unified login is okay as well. Hope that helps.

  15. Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your great information.

    I have questions about EIN. I’m going to start an LLC, but choose to be taxed as Sole proprietor. According to my understanding, in this case I don’t need to get EIN, instead the owner can use his/her SSN for tax purpose. Is this correct ? And if I do so, is my limited liability still be protected? (I’ll use separate business bank account).

    Thank you !

    • Hi Angel, whether you choose to use your SSN or EIN for tax reporting purposes won’t effect your LLC’s liability protection. And yes, you are correct; as a Single-Member LLC taxed in its default status (LLC taxed as Sole Proprietorship), you don’t have to get an EIN and can just use your SSN instead for IRS reporting purposes (unless you answer “yes” to these IRS questions: do I need an EIN). But we always ask… why not just get the EIN? It can be done online in 5 minutes. We usually find it better to just get an EIN. The first road bump people usually hit is the LLC bank account. While the SSN can technically be used, most banks don’t know this. Many will insist on the EIN. And for many people who will have clients paying their LLC, those clients will send you a W-9 to complete for the LLC (same thing for receiving income from certain online companies… you’ll need to complete a W-9)… so for security/identify theft reasons, you can use the EIN instead of listing your SSN. There are likely some other annoyances/disadvantages of using your SSN instead of the EIN, but those are two big ones we see. I guess let’s back up a bit… why wouldn’t you want to get an EIN for your LLC? Is there a specific reason?

  16. Hi Matt,

    I opened a business bank account for my single-member LLC (providing the business EIN and my SSN) and received an account opening bonus. That income is taxable, but the 1099-INT is issued under the company’s EIN. How should I report this income given that my business is a disregarded entity? Is it business income, and if so, where would I report it on Schedule C? Or is it personal interest income even though the 1099 was issued to the business under its EIN?

    I’m finding conflicting advice in the TurboTax forums and haven’t been able to locate a definitive answer on the IRS website, so I’d certainly appreciate any insight you can offer.

    • Hey Sarah, we’re not able to address tax questions like this. However, if the income was paid to your LLC, its business income. A Single-Member LLC taxed as a Sole Proprietorship reports taxes on your personal return, usually on a Schedule C. If it’s helpful, please see how is an LLC taxed. Thanks.

  17. Hi Matt – I’ve gone through all the steps listed to form my Phoenix, AZ based LLC. On the checking accounts and credit cards – I opened a separate bank account and credit card while my LLC application was in progress, so they are in my name. From the start, they have only been used for business related transactions. Do I need to apply for a new checking and CC under the business name, or am I ok keeping these as long as I am disciplined about using them solely for business? Thanks for all the info on this site – great stuff!

    • Hi Dave, these accounts are not owned by the LLC. They are just personal accounts. That could work if you were a Sole Proprietorship, but an LLC is a separate and distinct entity from yourself. It’s best practice to treat it that way. So yes, you’ll want a business checking account, business debit card, and business credit card in the name of your LLC. Hope that helps :)

  18. Hi Matt!

    I started an LLC in Michigan for my rental property in Michigan. I am trying to open a business bank account for my LLC here in Colorado, where we live, and a couple of banks (ENT Credit union, Chase, Farmers State Bank) told me, that in order to do that, I need to register my LLC as a foreign entity with CO Secretary of State. Is this correct? I am new to this and am trying to understand all the laws. Is opening a bank account in CO for a rental property out of state doing business in CO?
    Is opening an online bank account a good idea?

    Thanks in advance!
    This site is very informative!

    • Hi Margo, this is usually the case. We recommend calling a bank in Michigan that also has branch locations near you. Speak to the branch manager and see if they’ll do a “cross-branch opening”. The branch manager in MI may coordinate with the branch manager in CO to open a Michigan bank account for your MI LLC while you’re in the CO branch office. Another idea is to fly up to MI and open the bank account. As per section 7-90-801 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, maintaining a bank account is not considered doing business. Hope that helps :)

  19. I started a single member llc selling apparel. I have my company registered with the state and an EIN. I opened a separate personal checking account for my business operations. I have not started selling goods yet but I made my initial investment into the account and have been purchasing supplies for my business with that account. Am I required to open a business account even though I keep my personal account and the account I use for business separate?

    • Hi M., running LLC activities through a personal bank account is not recommended. You’ll want to set up a separate business bank account in the LLC’s name. Hope that helps.

  20. I operate X healthcare services, LLC and recently registered another company as M,DBA operating under the LLC. My question is do I have to indicate on the new business card for M, DBA that X, LLC is the parent company.


    • Hi Karie, I’d be careful with how that’s phrased (“registered another company”). You didn’t register another company. You registered a Fictitious Name/DBA, which is a “nickname” of X Healthcare Services, LLC. There is not a clear black and white answer to this. Some will say it’s not important, others will say it’s imperative. It might be a good idea to have a conversation with an attorney to dive into the details. Hope that helps.

  21. Hey Matt,

    Isn’t TransferWise the same as Payoneer? Or there’s any key difference I’m missing? Thanks!

    • Hi Carlos, we’re not sure on all the pros and cons as these international banking solutions are not something we specialize in. Thanks for your understanding.

  22. Matt!
    This was all so HUGELY helpful! Thank you!
    (FYI, Bank of America is in Colorado now)

    • Theresa! You’re very welcome!! Thanks so much for letting us know that Bank of America is now in Colorado. We’ve updated the page :)

  23. Hi!

    I registered an LLC a couple on months ago as a consultancy business, now I have changed my mind and want to be an importer and distributer of products, to sell both to retailers and directly via internet. Can I do that in the same business? I am thinking of register a DBA with another name that fits better with the import/sell business. I also need a Vendor license. Should I get the Vendor license in the LLC name or in the DBA name? If I have bank accounts and Credit/Debit card connected to the LLC, can I use them for the DBA or do they need to be separated? It is still the same legal entity, but do the financing need to be separated?


    • Hi Linda, you can use the same LLC for the new business purpose. You can also register a DBA (aka Fictitious Name, Trade Name, Assumed Name) if you’d like, but it’s not required. The Vendor’s license will be to the LLC and there will likely be a place to enter a DBA/Trade Name. Check with the bank. I’m sure they don’t really care whether your LLC or DBA is on the card since the bank account will be registered to the LLC with the DBA on file. I’m not sure about the credit cards. I recommend calling them and seeing which name they want… or maybe it’s up to you. Feel free to share your findings as I’m curious. I don’t understand your question about “needs to be separated”. Can you rephrase? Thanks.

  24. Hi Matt,
    After getting my business up and running, I realized that I had been taking care of personal items and business items out of the same account.

    I have been reading your comments and I feel I have really screwed up this account.

    Can I just close this account and start fresh with a new business account and make sure I never do this again?


  25. Hi,

    My wife and I are trying to establish an LLC in Florida. Now we should, to do things right, open an account in the name of the LLC, once it is ready, but like most banks ask for two forms of identification, how can we open it if we are not US citizens? Thank you so much !

  26. I just started an LLC and went yesterday to open a bank account with the same institution I’ve used personally for over a decade, but the bank refused saying they don’t like the way the state of NM allows various designations other than LLC. (When forming NM allows you to choose between “Limited Liability Company”, ” Limited Company”, ” Limited Liability Co.”, ” Limited Co.”, ” Ltd. Company”, ” L.L.C.”, ” LLC”, ” L.C.”, ” LC.”, ” Ltd. Co.”, and “LC”)

    I chose to use the designation “LC” when I formed the company, the bank is insisting I go back to the state and change my company name to read “LLC”, I have no interest in doing so.

    Should I expect this warm welcome everywhere, or is this just idiocy from one particular bank?

    • Hey Ken, that is ridiculous lol! We haven’t heard this one yet. Pretty stupid if you ask me. Can I ask the name of the bank? Try this: make an appointment with the branch manager and print out section 53-19-3 (Name) from the NM LLC Act (New Mexico LLC Act Chapter 53 Article 19). Tell them that the designator has no bearing on the “accuracy” or legality of an LLC. If they still refuse, and you really want to stick with them, then I guess you need to amend your Articles of Organization and change the designator. Or check out a few other banks. Feel free to keep us posted on updates. I’m quite curious. Hope that helps!

  27. Hi Matt,

    Our company was formed as an LLC during 2017, we opened a bank account with Chase.
    we registered the company in Wyoming , and we live in FL
    Recently Chase closed our LLC bank account and sent us a cashier check payable to the company notifying us that they were not able to verify the physical address of the company.
    We need to open a new bank account for the LLC
    We operate an online retailer business and The Wyoming registered agents act as our physical and mailing address.
    Since we are living in Florida I was reading We have to qualify the company as a foreign LLC to open a bank account but the legal name of our LLC is now taken in Florida… If we have to request now and operate under a fictitious name or dba is the bank account open under both names? Or how do we deposit the funds we have under our legal name?

    Can a Wells Fargo branch in Florida open a bank account for the Wyoming LLC or are we have the same issue?

    Thanks in Advance

    • Hi Mauricio, I would call a branch office in Wyoming and in Florida and see if you can coordinate between the branch managers a “cross branch account opening”. This would solve all the naming/DBA issues. Please feel free to comment back with an update as I’m sure this will help other readers. Based on some of our research, there were some minor updates made internally across a few banks where address verification is being taken more seriously. We’re curious to hear your findings. Thank you.

  28. Hello,

    Your articles are very helpful. How long should it take for the new business account to be approved so you can start making deposits and withdrawals. My bank took 30 days for the business checking account. I opened a business savings account 7 business days ago and I’m still waiting for approval so I can use it. Is this usual? It’s a local bank in a big city that touts it’s small business services. My checking account has been there 2 years now and is in good standing. If not this is not usual, I may switch banks. The bank is fine once everything gets going, but the set up time seems very long and holds things up.

    Thank you.

    • Hey Ginny, curious what bank this is and in what city? I’ve never heard of anything like that. Also curious about fees… do they charge monthly maintenance fees? Anytime I’ve opened business bank accounts for LLCs, they are opened the same-day, on the spot, while sitting across the desk from a team member at the bank. Hope that helps.

      • Thank you for your reply Matt. I never have either. It’s Apple Bank for Saving in New York City. It was offering a free business checking account with free checks and deposit slips and touted itself good for small businesses. I want to find a more responsive bank for my small business. Any suggestions?

        • Hey Ginny, we did some research on Apple Bank. Again, we don’t know much about it, however, the consensus online (via many different reviews) is not very positive. They seem to average less than a 3-star review. We recommend TD Bank or Wells Fargo since most have free business checking accounts (or very low monthly fees, if any) and both banks have small initial deposit requirements and small minimum balance requirements. So these accounts are great for businesses starting out. If you will regularly maintain balances over $5,000 to $10,000 (or more), then we recommend comparing the first banks mentioned with Chase or CitiBank. These business bank accounts are set up for more established businesses with more transactions and larger balances. Hope that helps!

          • Dear Matt,

            Thank you for your reply about banks for businesses and feedback on general users ratings for Apple Bank for Savings. You have definitely helped me and I appreciate your recommendations and I will explore TD Ameritrade and Wells Fargo. As it turned out, Apple bank took so long on the account I the reason I needed it for evaporated due to the lengthy set-up time. I will be moving my business account to, and opening a SEP IRA at, one of the banks you suggest. I was going to open a SEP IRA at Apple Bank for Savings until one of the assistant managers told me she hadn’t opened one in all the 21 years of working there! I think that says it all.

            You have been so helpful on other occasions since forming my LLC. Thank you so much! All the best!

            • Hi Ginny, thanks for the update and thank you for the kind words! Happy we could help :) Wow, 21 years!! Yea, I see what you mean lol ;)

  29. Hi Matt,

    Our company just formed an LLC, now we are going to open a back account with Chase.
    we registered the company in Delaware, and will be operating in CA,
    we have all the documents ready, but is it ok to open the bank account in NY? or has to be in the state where it will be operated?

    Thank you.

    Beryl Chang

    • Hi Beryl, if you’re doing business in California, you’ll need to register your Delaware LLC as a Foreign LLC in California. You’ll need to open the bank account in California unless you can coordinate a cross-branch opening. Meaning, speak to a branch manager at the same bank (with a location in CA & NY) and coordinate the opening that way. Essentially, you’re opening a California bank account from New York. Hope that helps.

  30. Hi Matt, I created an LLC for use as a “self directed IRA” with the primary purpose of purchasing, holding and improving raw land. I hear some banks do not do LLC’s for these IRA’s and am looking for a good online bank for wire transactions that might also have checking to pay someone that works on the property. Do you have any recommendations or sage advise for me?
    Eric in Colorado

    • Hi Eric, smaller banks and local community banks generally lend to LLCs more often. The name of the game here is to hit the phones. When looking for financing, I usually speak with 10-15 banks. Since the loan is made to the entity, it falls in the bank’s “commercial” lending department (even though the property is residential). Hope that helps.

  31. Hello Matt,

    I need to setup a business bank account for my Indiana LLC. Does this bank account (which is represented by its routing number and account #) need to be an Indiana bank account?

    I’m based in California and the local Wells Fargo branch can open an account for an LLC registered in Indiana but only with routing number based in CA. Does this matter to protect the corporate veil?

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Hi Doug, to my knowledge, this doesn’t affect the corporate veil, but to open an account in California, the LLC usually needs to be formed in California or the LLC needs to be registered as a Foreign LLC in California. Hope that helps.

  32. So in your non-lawyer opinion ( in know you are not a layer and so forth) a business license is not needed if you set up a single member Texas LLC and have obtained an EIN, correct?

    I have an EIN, I set up a Texas Limited Liability LLC (single member).

    I’m trying to open a business checking account with my credit union (I already have personal funds there and I think it should be easier). But, they tell me that I need an EIN and a business license.

    Yet, I don’t see that I need both in anything I have read. I’m just trying to start an online business, so my official place of work in my apartment, but I purchase a mailbox to have an official business address.

    They also tell me that my physical address needs to be my apartment. But, it’s an online business so I have no physical address, just a place to receive official corporate repeated communications.

    So, in your opinion, do I need both an EIN and a license and do I need to use a physical location?

    I think the people at the credit union are wrong and haven’t been properly trained, but I’m trying to confirm this.

    Thanks in advance.

  33. Hello,

    i have LLC and EIN .. can i have my office manager to go in bank to open the account.. or i have to be present at bank to open bank account.?



    • Hi Mike, I’d call the bank and ask, as each bank (and often each branch) does things differently. However, usually LLC Members must be present. Hope that helps.

  34. Hi Matt,

    I have an anonymous LLC in one state and wish to use a fictitious business name (dba) in another state. I want to open a bank account in this new state where I will be using the fictitious name, but the application for Registration of Trade Name asks for an authorized Signature and Signer’s Name. The most important thing to me is anonymity: How do I remain anonymous when I need a signer? I need to get the DBA before I open the bank account, as I want the bank account to be listed under my fictitious name.


    • Hey Char, best thing is to hire a filing company to register the DBA. And reiterate your need for privacy so they do your filing correctly. This way, they’re signing the DBA registration as authorized signer. Hope that helps.

  35. hi Matt

    i thank you sending the answers to the wrong person.i been received all the response from people that ask you question.:)
    thanks for all you do

    • Hey Rachele, the comment notification system is a little funny. You can click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email that this comment generates. Thanks :)

  36. I am starting a business in CA. I am going to be the only employee ( for a year or 2). I was wondering if I file as an LLC and open a bank account under the company name with me as an authorised card user does this make the money deposited into the account untouchable for personal depts? Also, when i deposite an initial amount, ($10,000 or more) will the IRS try to tax this? An help you could give regarding starting this business would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Micahel, the IRS doesn’t automatically tax money in your account, but banks communicate with the IRS, so if the IRS sees something and they want to audit, then they will proceed. If you are running the LLC properly and documenting your capital contributions, your personal assets should be protected in the event the business gets sued. If you are sued personally, your personal assets (which include the LLC interest) could be at risk.

  37. Hi Matt, your blog is very informative. I have a query – Can a non-manager/non-employee be a signer for an LLC’s business bank account?

    The detailed case is this: Person A, a foreigner, opens an LLC remotely (registers an LLC in one of the US states while he stays out of the US and never visited the US) and after that he gets an EIN. So, A is sole member cum manager of the LLC. Then can A issue a banking resolution wherein he makes person B (who is A’s friend and neither a member nor a manager/employee of the LLC) who is resident alien in the USA to open and be signer for the LLC’s business bank account? The main issue here is: Person B is on H1B visa working for her own employer and can not work for any other employer. Does being signer for A’s LLC make B necessarily an employee of that LLC? If yes, then it violates B’s visa status. But this arrangement may only work if B’s being signer for A’s LLC doesn’t constitute being employed by A or his LLC. Please provide your views on this possibility.

    Thanks and regards

    • Hi Niladri, I’m not sure about that. I recommend getting in contact with the bank to see what their policies are. Best thing to do is be “boots on the ground”. Have the LLC Member visit the state where they LLC is formed and open the account in person. Hope that helps.

  38. 2 people are opening a business account for our LLC.
    my partner is one of them. she cant pass the banks rules , so they wont open an account for us. now what do we do ?

    • Curious what banks rules she wasn’t able to pass? I’d try another bank.

  39. Thank you Matt for your help.
    And I do have one more concern if you can help me clarify please I will really appreciate.
    So if I understand correctly even I put my sc to get the EIN number for the LLC if something happened with my business and someone trying to hurt me they can just go after my business only right? My sc it’s not connected to it and they can’t go after me personally right?

    Thank you

    • Hi Rachele, yes, that is correct. Being the Responsible Party for your LLC’s EIN and using your SSN (which using a taxpayer ID is required) doesn’t remove your liability protection. Hope that helps.

  40. Hi Matt

    I have a situation I’m in Florida I was trying to get a EIN number but the application request for my personal social security.but it doesn’t ask for the LLC number which I already question is do I have to putt it.cause I don’t want my sc to associate with the LLC.even I’m the owner.what do you think I should do.your advice will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Hey Rachele, to put it bluntly, the IRS doesn’t care about your Florida LLC’s Document Number. The Responsible Party (you) must enter a Taxpayer Identification Number in order to get an EIN. So that means either an SSN, ITIN, or existing EIN. Hope that helps!

  41. Hi Matt

    I have a question I don’t know if you can help me.i’m planning to buy houses to rehabe and flip.AND I’m also a Registered Nurse I’m also planning to open a mobile school to give classes for home health aid,CPR classes and medical administration assistance classes.for now my question is can I open just one LLC or do I need more?AND can someone open more than one LLC?
    And the other question is can I applied for the LLC and have The EIN number and open the business account before I start to buy houses and start the school?

    And I wanted to know even if i don’t start the business yet if I have the LLC license will I be able to start building my business credit if I buy online with the company that provide credit for I need to have my business to start running first or can I still be able to purchase with my LLC license?

    In one more year I’m will open a ALF (ASSISSTED living facility)it’s a residential home for I will need a different LLC or can I put it on the same for the other business.

    ANY advice will greatly appreciate

    • Hi Rachel, since you are licensed by the Florida Board of Nursing (which is a part of the Florida Board of Health), you may need to form a Professional LLC (PLLC). Please see Florida Statutes 621.03.

      Can someone open more than one LLC?
      – Yes, there is no limit to the number of LLCs someone can own.

      Can I open just one LLC or do I need more?
      – You can open just one LLC, but it’s not recommended to mix those businesses up. Also, if you are required to form a PLLC, then that PLLC can only engage in the activities in which you’re licensed. So in that case, no you could not.

      Can I apply for the LLC, obtain an EIN for the LLC, and open a business account before I start the business?
      – Yes, that is the order in which it should be done.

      Building credit
      – Yes, you can start using the LLC to make purchases right away.

      LLC license
      – This term is not correct. I think you simply mean LLC.

      Hope that helps!

      • Thank you Matt for responding back.i just read your message.And I will take the advice.and thanks for all you do.

  42. I was told I should open a LLC bank account with only $25 ?

    • Hi Joe, you’re question is phrased like a comment, not a question. I’m not sure what you’re asking. Can you please re-phrase with a more detailed question?

      • What would be the minnum amount of money needed to start an LLC bank account ? Was told, all I need is $25 ?

        • Ah, I see. That all depends on the bank as there isn’t an industry-wide rule. You’ll need to call the bank(s) and ask. Typically for business accounts, the minimum deposit amount is either $100, $500, or $1,000. Sometimes I’ve seen $2,500, but that’s not very common. Also keep in mind that most banks will require you maintain a certain minimum balance at all times to avoid monthly “maintenance fees”. We have these details in the article above. Just make sure to ask about these things when you call around and shop banks. Hope that helps.

  43. Hi Matt,
    Your article is very helpful, thanks. Recently I have registered LLC and opened a bank account at Wells Fargo. The manager was new to opening a business account. She asked me what type of business S-corporation, C-corporation or Sole P. But there was not LLC. As I am new in this I could not answer for sure and said just S-corporation. Then I realized that it is wrong, but she said that it can’t be changed. I am wondering why I have to choose between S or C corporation if my business is LLC? And how it can affect my business? What type was I supposed to choose?

    • Geez, apologies for that experience! Unfortunately, many people working at banks don’t know how LLCs and business entities work. Check out this article on how LLCs are taxed. It should have been opened under “Sole Proprietorship”, but really, it’s an LLC at the state level taxed as a Sole Proprietorship by the IRS. I would call back and speak with the branch manager. The person you were working with is new and she screwed up your account type. I would close that account and open a new one… possibly at another branch location, if only to make your life easier :) Hope that helps.

  44. Hi Matt,
    If you have a Business Checking account in 2 names…can 1 person close it and open a new business account in just 1 name. (It is a LLC company 79% woman owned and the other is 21 %… the one that I think that would close and open a new one is the 21%…) can they do that?

    • I received a email from you but the question shows it was from Aiga.. not the answer to my question… am I Missing something…

      • Hi Anne, I have got the same email as you with your question. It seems that we will get an email with every post on this page.

        • H Matt…. can I get an answer for this question…If you have a Business Checking account in 2 names…can 1 person close it and open a new business account in just 1 name. (It is a LLC company 79% woman owned and the other is 21 %… the one that I think that would close and open a new one is the 21%…) can they do that?

          • Hi Anne. Hi Aiga. Apologies about our comment notification emails. We’re still getting them setup correctly ;) Usually when closing a bank account, all signers need to be present. So I’m not sure that just 1 person can close the old bank account. And the same thing goes with opening an LLC bank account, although I can’t speak for every bank, as there are literally thousands, and many have their own set of rules. I recommend calling up the bank and asking if they allow it. Hope that helps.

  45. Hi Matt,

    Your site has been very informative and helpful! I am forming different LLCs for three rental properties (to be purchased). I have a few questions and I’m hoping you could help me with them:

    1. Is it true that single-member LLC has higher possibility of being audited by IRS than two or more members LLC? What if single member LLC formally elected to be taxed as S Corporation? Does single-member LLC has less protection from liability than traditional LLC in NY?
    2. Do you know any banks in NY that only require the physical presence of the member with signing authority, as stated in Operating Agreement? If the other member is a non-US alien and can make it to the bank, but doesn’t have a SSN, how do we proceed with opening a business account?

    Thank you a lot in advance.


    • Hi Tiffany, so glad to hear! 1. I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t worry too much if you’re filing and doing taxes properly. 2. Just call the bank ahead of time and check. With many banks, account signors don’t always need an SSN or ITIN. They’ll likely need 2 forms of ID with a photo though, such as a passport and driver’s license from their country of residence. Each bank is different though, so make sure to call around and takes notes. Hope that helps.

  46. Recently my partners and I started a LLC in the state of GA. We filed as a multi-member LLC with the state and received an EIN number. The Chief Executive Member opened a business checking account with a small bank had no problems. The CEM decided to open another account for the LLC with a larger bank that she has been a customer with almost 30 yrs. She provided the bank with 2 forms of ID, Articles of Organization, Articles of Operation and the EIN confirmation letter. The CME had no issues with the bank account screening(CRA) ChexSystems. No criminal background issues, and she is a licensed broker in the state. However, the branch manager refused to open the account unless the CME allowed a personal credit inquiry a “soft pull”. The branch manager requested the pin for Equifax and when she realized the account was frozen asked that the CME unfreeze her account before she would process our LLC’s application for a simple business checking account. The CME did not apply for credit lines or credit cards. The branch manager informed her verbally and by email that it was a new banking procedure for ALL commercial accounts. I do find that proclamation dubious…Is this a form of screening and does it follow the laws of the state relating to LLC’s? Should we consult lawyers?

    • Hi Sonya, I’m really not sure about this and cannot comment about the laws. You can certainly get in touch with a lawyer, or also consider taking your business to another bank. Hope that helps.

      • Hi Matt,
        Thank you for your prompt response. The bank manager did not express what were the guidelines for acceptance before running my credit, but did open the account, however, I have contacted her superiors and The Board of Governors for the Federal Reserve and filed a complaint. I have opened accounts with other banks using a D-U-N-S number to avoid this issue. It maybe legal to ask for my SS# number to open a business account for a LLC but I don’t think it’s ethical if your not asking every patron/customer opening an account.

        • Hi Sonya, I understand. Glad you got to the bottom of things.

  47. Me and my 2 friends have just registered an LLC. One of us is an us resident and has SSN, the rest of us are NRA (non-resident alien) – we don’t have any ITIN’s and any other tax identification numbers. We all are now in the USA, we have already EIN for the company and we would like to open a bank account for the LLC. Banks say, that all the LLC members have to be in the bank by opening the account, and all the members have to have a tax identification number (ITIN or SSN). Is there a possibility, that we can open a bank account for LLC in this situation? Any ideas or suggestions? I know we can apply for ITIN – we will do it this week, but it takes 4 to 6 weeks and we need a bank account now.
    Do you know how to convince any bank to open an account in this situation? And mayby I am too worried about it, and it’s not a problem at all? Thanks for any information.

    • And one more thing. Each of us own 1/3 of the company – this is the case if it is relevant. thanks

      • Hi Fabian, not all banks require a Tax Identification Number (ITIN or SSN), but many do, and banks can set their own rules (they don’t have to provide you a bank account). My best recommendation is to call 10-20 banks and ask to speak to the branch manager. The good thing is that you can all go in in-person and identify yourselves. Hope that helps. Feel free to keep me posted. I’m interested to hear what ends up happening.

  48. Hi Matt,
    I’m starting an ecommerce business and now have my LLC. However, my store will operate as a DBA to the LLC. My question is do I get my EIN and bank account under my LLC name, or must it be under the DBA name? Your guidance is appreciated.

    • Hi Joy, you should get the EIN for the LLC, then when you open the LLC bank account, bring in your LLC approval documents, your EIN, and your DBA approval. The bank account will be setup with both the DBA’s info and the LLC’s. Hope that helps!

  49. My friend has an LLC registered in SD. She lives in Chicago and wants to open a bank account there. Is that possible?

    • She’ll need to open a “SD bank account”. However, instead of heading to SD to open the account, usually a “cross branch opening” can occur if you find a bank located in both states and you call them ahead of time to coordinate. Hope that helps.

  50. I have filed the paperwork to open an LLC with LegalZoom. It says the paperwork takes 30 days to process. Am I not able to open a business and/or bank account until the paperwork has process? I’ve already signed the lease and I’m looking to get started within 2 weeks. Am I stuck until I actually have the documents?

    • Hi Jazz, yes, the bank will need the LLC approval documents and your Federal Tax ID Number in order to open an account, so at this point, it’s the patience game ;)

  51. Hi Matt,

    My husband is starting a single member LLC (disregarded entity) and we are confused on how to approach opening a business bank account. When applying online (Capital One Business Checking), it asks to provide either an EIN or an SSN. We’d rather provide an EIN to separate his identity from the business, but there is a note that says if anyone owns 25% or more of the business, you have to provide each person’s personal tax ID number (so SSN?). So sounds like we have no choice to but use his SSN instead of EIN… Also below that it asks for Legal Business Name, with a footnote of ‘This is the name on tax returns’. We’d want to put his LLC business name there, but the footnote is throwing us off because the name on tax returns would be his name, as he’s operating as a disregarded entity. Any insight you have would be much appreciated!!

    • Hey Leyla, apologies for the slow reply. Please see my other comment on this page from December 29th (addressed to Jay). This briefly explains Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. In short, the bank account will be set up with the EIN, your husband will be on file with his SSN, and you can list the LLC name for the Legal Business Name (even though there is that confusing footnote). Hope that helps.

  52. I lvoe this site, thank you for all this information. I am interested in forming LLCs before I purchase rental properties, and I have a few questions if you could please answer?

    1) If a bank will not finance my rental property purchase to my LLC because it considers it commercial, is it true that I can create a Land Trust and fill out all of my mortgage paperwork under the name of my Land Trust, and then link my Land Trust to my LLC in order to get LLC protections? If I did this without telling the lender, and if the lender found out, could they call my mortgage due under the due on sale clause?

    2) Where can I find information on if Massachusetts LLCs offer inside and outside protections (charge-offs and anonymity)?

    3) If I’m understanding correctly, if I need to add money from a personal check or personal bank account to my LLC business bank account, I use a Capital Contribution deposit form to deposit that money into my LLC business account, right? Are there any special things I have to do in order to use my cash flow money, which will be in my LLC business bank account? Can I make personal purchases with my business account or how do I go about personally using the cash flow money that’s in my LLC business bank account?

    • Hey Michelle, thank you for the kind words!

      1. I’m not 100% familiar with how land trusts work in MA, but I would use our “knights of the roundtable strategy” (found in this article: How to find an accountant) and call 5+ RE lawyers. That’s how I’d solve it. It’s require extra work to get anonymity with an LLC/trust (when financing), but there could be a way. Just requires effort + research on your part.

      Here’s where to find good lawyers: Avvo: Massachusetts real estate lawyers. They’ll all spend a few minutes on the phone with you.

      2. This should help:
      Nolo: LLC Asset Protection and Charging Orders

      3. Yes, you’d fill out a capital contribution form for your own records (to be used in court, if ever needed, to show proof), but you’d make the deposits via regular deposit slips at the bank. You’re not supposed to pay business expenses with a personal credit/debit card (or vice versa), but you certainly could… there are no “police” monitoring this. But if you end up in court and your records get subpoenaed, it’ll come back to bite you.

      Just take capital distributions (the opposite of capital contribution… aka a documented withdrawal) from the LLC checking account and then do with it what you want. Just don’t start charging personal expenses to your LLC debit/credit cards (or checks for that matter). That’s the clean and proper way to do it. Hope that helps!

  53. I used LLC University help me set up my LLC and you are very helpful and and I love the step by step instruction. Montana has gone to electronic file the articles, that was an easy fix- I mailed them in, they called me, walked me through the process and issued my LLC within 2 hrs, and I did not order expedited service. What a great service you have to offer!

    • Hi Kari, thank you for your comment! So glad to hear that we were able to help :) We’ve actually been updating our Montana guide this week. They are getting more modern to streamline things and have done away with the paper forms. Apologies for any inconvenience we caused you, but glad to hear you got it all sorted and got your Montana LLC successfully formed! Congratulations!

  54. Trying to open a business account at the bank pnc. I have an LLC business and a EIN# but the bank won’t open the account without my personal ssn.
    Is this right or even legal?

    • Hey Dan, this is very common when opening an account for your LLC. The account is still in the LLC’s name, but you are a signer (and the bank is federally required to verify your identity). You don’t have to give them your SSN, but they also don’t have to give you an account. Hope that helps.

        • Hi Jay, I’ll expand upon this a little more in your original comment. Glad to hear it was helpful though.

  55. Hi Matt,

    Enjoyed the article. I was wondering do banks run a personal credit check on you when opening a bank acct. under an LLC?

    Secondly, does having a LLC acct. protect member/members from personal garnishment?

    • Hey Dave, I’ve never run across a bank that runs credit to opening an account, personal or business. Regarding personal garnishment, that’s a great question, but I’m not sure about the answer. If you find anything out, feel free to keep me posted. Thanks.

      • This asshole at Chase asked me for my social security to tie it together with opening my LLC corporate business acct.
        I told him he was full of it and didn’t need my social for my LLC EIN # Is all that is needed, along with my two forms of Id.
        Am I wrong? Or am I correct and this guy I should want to punch in the face for being a BIG LIAR?

        • Hey Jay, your buddy at Chase is actually correct. Think of it like this. The LLC bank account is registered to your LLC’s EIN. But someone as an agent of the LLC needs to do things on behalf of the LLC, and that’s you. This is often referred to as the Authorized Signer. Now as a part of the bank’s federal regulations, they need to adhere to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance rules. As a part of that, they use your Driver’s License and Social Security Number to identify you and add you to the LLC’s bank account. Now… to take it one step further… you don’t HAVE TO give them your SSN. But they also don’t HAVE TO give you a bank account either. Hope that helps demystify things a bit ;)

      • Hello Matt,

        I have had several banks that run a credit check before opening an account Bank Of America is one of them…

        • Yes, banks run your personal credit for individual accounts. However, rarely has a bank run my personal credit to open account for a S corp, C corp, LLC… There is a difference. I have refused to use B of A because many years ago they would not cash a check written to me by their customer. Why… not because I did not show 2 forms of ID… of course I had that ready…because I refused to give them my credit card to right my account info on the back for everyone to have….

          • Thanks for the info Sonya. I had a BOA checking account many years back and just found it a big pain compared to my other banking experiences.

      • hi sir can i open paypal or LLC in usa bank with help of u by paying fees while sitting in pakistan? as i want a seller account either in ebay or amazon…


  56. Hi

    I opened a LLC 3 years ago but have never used but I am now starting a new business so propose to use the LLC. I have gone online and with your helpful tutorial changed the name appropriate to my new business. However my Certificate of Organization is in the old company name and the bank I am trying to open an account with won’t accept it. Should I apply for a new Cert of Organization or is there another way around?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Andy, after your LLC name change went through, you should have received back confirmation showing the new LLC name. Which state is your LLC in?

      • Hi Matt

        Thanks for your reply my LLC is in Pennsylvania I didn’t get a confirmation but I if I search the new name it does come up ok.

        • Hi Andy, you should have received confirmation of the amendment that you filed. I recommend calling the Bureau of Corporations and ask for a copy, then bring that to the bank. You never need to form a new LLC in order to change the name of an LLC. That just doesn’t make sense if you think about it. Also, to save time, you can call the bank and see if they’ll accept the updated record on the state’s website. Depending on the bank, that just may be enough. Either way, I’d still get a copy of your amendment changing your LLC name. You will likely need that for other things.

  57. Hi,
    I have worked as a sole proprietor cleaning company for a while now and have just worked as a DBA. I have a license to do business from town hall, a license from DRS to collect sales tax and I also get vouchers from IRS for SE Payments. All under my name/SSN(since I was DBA).
    Recently I formed a Single member LLC under the some name but With LLC at the end.
    I am not sure what I need to do now. Do I have to get a new license to do business from town hall? Do I also have to register for sales tax license?. And do I have to change anything with IRS for SE vouchers? Will I still need them since I’m single?
    member llc.
    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Rachel, likely yes, you’ll need to change all that you mentioned, since the legal entity doing business (now your LLC, not you) has changed. Regarding the SE vouchers, please check with your accountant on this one. And regarding the business license, depending on the jurisdiction, you’ll either need to get a new one, or they’ll let you transfer your existing one. You’ll need to call and check.

  58. Hi Matt,

    I received a check in my name from a 403b. How exactly do I deposit this money into my LLC to help with fund the startup?

  59. Hi,

    My husband and I have a construction company. I’m new to this and last year the first thing we did was go register the company in the office of deeds and quickly got the EIN number. My husband and I didn’t have any idea that we were going to need the company to be an LLC for our protection. I don’t know what to do now since we already have an EIN number but we have to get the company register as LLC. Will I have to get a new EIN number or is there any way I can still use that one? Please let me know how you can help? Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Tracey, it sounds like you either registered a Sole Proprietorship or Partnership at the Office of Deeds and then obtained an EIN. In that case, although you can “transfer” an EIN from your existing Sole Proprietorship or Partnership, having to deal with the IRS on this (and hoping it’s done correctly) is a pain. Instead, we recommend forming an LLC and then applying for a new EIN from the IRS after the LLC is approved. Then, after you (or your accountant) files your final tax return for the Sole Proprietorship or Partnership, you can simply close the EIN with the IRS (instructions here). Hope that helps! Let me know if you need anything else.

      • Hi
        I am from Pakistan and i am runing USA base LLC. I don’t have visa of USA to travel, could you please recommend any bank account or a way to get USA bank account as i need it for fund transfers.


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