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In this lesson, we will discuss the newspaper publication requirement for a Nebraska LLC.

Section 21-193 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes requires that:

  • Your LLC must publish an ad (called a “Notice of Organization”)in a legal newspaper
  • The newspaper ad must run for 3 weeks
  • The newspaper needs to have general circulation
  • The newspaper needs to be located near your LLC’s Designated Office
  • After the 3 weeks, the newspaper will send you Proof of Publication
  • You then must file that with the Secretary of State
  • If you don’t comply, it can be interpreted that, until your LLC publishes, the acts of your LLC may be invalid, and the LLC owners may be exposed to personal liability

Note: Some newspapers use the term “Proof of Publication” and other newspapers use the term “Affidavit of Publication”. They have the same meaning. We’ll be using the term “Proof of Publication”.

Requirements for your LLC Notice of Organization

Note: The term “Notice of Organization” means the same thing as a newspaper ad. We may use these terms interchangeably.

The purpose of the Notice of Organization is to inform and notify the public that your LLC has been created in the state of Nebraska.

Your Notice of Organization must include certain information about your LLC, as spelled out in section 21-117 (see ‘b’) of the Nebraska Revised Statutes:

  • The name of your Nebraska LLC
  • The name and street address of your LLC’s Initial Agent for Service of Process (your Nebraska Registered Agent)
  • The street address of your Initial Designated Office (principal place of business)
  • If your company offers professional services (and is forming a professional LLC), you must state the professional services your LLC offers

Example Ad for Notice of Organization

Below are 2 versions of example newspaper ads for your Nebraska LLC’s Notice of Organization.

These meet the statutory requirements of section 21-193, as mentioned above.

Which Example Ad Should I Use?

  • Some newspapers may ask for just the basic information (LLC name, initial designated office, Registered Agent name, and Registered Agent address). If that’s the case, you can use Example Ad #1 (Basic).
  • Other newspapers may ask for more information. In addition to the basic information list above, they will also want to know whether your LLC is Member-managed or Manager-managed and the business purpose of your LLC. If that’s the case, you can use Example Ad #2 (Extended).


  • An Initial designated office is a street address in Nebraska where your LLC is located. This can be a home address, a friend or family’s address, an office address, or the address of your Registered Agent.
  • An Initial agent for service of process is the same thing as your LLC Registered Agent; a person or company who agrees to accept legal mail on behalf of your LLC.
  • Your initial designated office and the address of your initial agent for service of process may have a different address, or they can be the same.

Example Ad #1 (Basic):

Notice is hereby given that ABC Widgets, LLC, a Nebraska Limited Liability Company, has been organized under the laws of the state of Nebraska, with its initial designated office at 123 Main Street, Lincoln, NE 68522. The initial agent for service of process of the Company is John Doe, 456 Baker Street, Omaha, NE, 68102.

Example Ad #2 (Extended):

Notice is hereby given that ABC Widgets, LLC, a Nebraska Limited Liability Company, has been organized under the laws of the state of Nebraska, with its initial designated office at 123 Main Street, Lincoln, NE 68522. The initial agent for service of process of the Company is John Doe, 456 Baker Street, Omaha, NE, 68102. The company is member-managed. Nature of the Company is manufacturing.

What’s the cost to publish a Notice of Organization?

Most legal Nebraska newspapers charge “per line”. And prices will vary depending on the newspaper:

  • Legal newspapers in larger counties usually charge more; for example, $100 to $250
  • Legal newspapers in smaller counties are usually cheaper; for example, $40 to $70

What makes a newspaper a legal newspaper?

As per section 25-523 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes, a newspaper is considered a
legal newspaper (for purposes of publishing legal and official notices) if it meets the conditions below.

The newspaper must:

  • Have 300 paid readers (with weekly subscriptions)
  • Have its paper published every week of the year (52 straight weeks)
  • Have its paper printed in the county where the newspaper’s office is located (not in an outside county)

However, those are the rules; the easiest thing for you to do is simply call the newspaper and ask, as mentioned below.

How do I place my order with the newspaper?

Publishing your Nebraska LLC Notice of Organization in a legal newspaper is a bit of an “old school” process.

Here are the steps:

  1. See the table of newspapers listed below
  2. Find a newspaper that is located in the same city or same county as your LLC (based on your LLC’s Initial Designated Office)
  3. Call and ask if they are a legal newspaper and if they publish LLC notices
  4. If they are a legal newspaper, ask to speak to someone who can help you publish your ad (if not, call another newspaper)
  5. Take out a pen and pad and ask:

a. “How should I send you my Notice of Organization ad text? Do you have an email address you’d like me to send it to?”

b. “Regarding the Proof of Publication, do I need to pay extra for that, or is that included in the price for running the ad?”

c. “Regarding the Proof of Publication, would you like my address for where to mail it?”

d. “How do you take payment? Can I pay with a credit card or do you prefer a check?”

e. “When will I receive my Proof of Publication?”

Tip: If you speak to someone who isn’t helpful or friendly, thank them for their time, hang up, then call right back. Hopefully you’ll get someone who is more helpful.

Nebraska LLC Newspapers

Below is a list of newspapers in Nebraska that have general circulation.

Below is a list of newspapers in Nebraska that have general circulation.

There are more than 180 newspapers in this table. By default, you’re seeing 35 at a time.

Desktop: To see more, use the “show entries” drop down (top) or use the “Next” and “Previous” links (bottom).

Mobile: To see more, use the “Next” and “Previous” links (bottom). You can also slide the table left and right with your thumb.

In addition to the table below (which comes from the Nebraska Press Association), they also provide a helpful Newspaper Locator Map, which may be easier to use.

AinsworthBrownStar-Journal402-387-2844Weekly921 E. 4th
Ainsworth, NE
AlbionBooneNews402-395-2115Weekly328 W. Church
Albion, NE
AllianceBox ButteTimes-Herald308-762-3060Daily114 E. 4th St.
Alliance, NE
AlmaHarlanHarlan Co. Journal308-928-2143Weekly711 West Main
Alma, NE
ArapahoeFurnasPublic Mirror308-962-7261Weekly420 Nebraska Ave.
Arapahoe, NE
ArlingtonWashingtonCitizen402-426-2121WeeklyArlington, NE
ArnoldCusterSentinel308-848-2511Weekly113 So. Walnut
Arnold, NE
ArthurArthurEnterprise308-764-2402Weekly411 Fir Street
Arthur, NE
AshlandSaundersGazette402-944-3397Weekly1510 Silver
Ashland, NE
AtkinsonHoltGraphic402-925-5411Weekly207 E. State St.
Atkinson, NE
AuburnNemahaNemaha Co. Herald402-274-3185Weekly830 Central Ave.
Auburn, NE
AuroraHamiltonNews-Register402-694-2131Weekly1320 K Street
Aurora, NE
BassettRockRock Co. Leader402-684-3771Weekly118 Clark St.
Bassett, NE
Battle CreekMadisonEnterprise402-675-5333Weekly407 S. 2nd St.
Battle Creek, NE
BayardMorrillTranscript308-586-1313Weekly336 Main St.
Bayard, NE
BeatriceGageDaily Sun402-223-5233Daily200 N. 7th
Beatrice, NE
BellevueSarpyLeader402-444-1242Weekly604 Ft. Crook Rd. N
Bellevue , NE
BenkelmanDundyPost & News-Chronicle308-423-2337Weekly513 Chief
Benkelman, NE
BertrandPhelpsHerald308-472-3217Weekly615 Minor
Bertrand , NE
BlairWashingtonWashington Co. Enterprise402-426-2121Weekly138 No. 16th St.
Blair, NE
BlairWashingtonWashington Co. Pilot-Tribune402-426-2121Weekly138 No. 16th St.
Blair, NE
BloomfieldKnoxMonitor402-373-2332Weekly110 N. Broadway
Bloomfield, NE
Blue HillWebsterLeader402-756-2077Weekly565 W. Gage St.
P.O. Box 38
Blue Hill, NE
BridgeportMorrillNews-Blade308-262-0675Weekly801 Main
Bridgeport, NE
Broken BowCusterCuster Co. Chief308-872-2471Weekly305 So. 10th
Broken Bow, NE
BurwellGarfieldTribune308-346-4504Weekly757 H Street
Burwell, NE
ButteBoydGazette402-775-2431WeeklyButte, NE
CallawayCusterCourier308-836-2200Weekly204 E. Morse
Callaway, NE
CambridgeFurnasClarion308-697-3326Weekly706 Patterson St.
Cambridge, NE
Central CityMerrickRepublican-Nonpareil308-946-3081Weekly802 C Ave.
Central City, NE
ChadronDawesRecord308-432-5511Weekly248 West Second
Chadron, NE
ChadronDawesEagle308-432-6303College227 Kline
Chadron, NE
ChappellDeuelRegister308-874-2207Weekly273 Vincent Ave.
Chappell, NE
ClarksonColfaxColfax Co. Press402-892-3544Weekly242 Pine
Clarkson, NE
Clearwater-EwingAntelopeRecord-News402-887-4840Weekly419 Main St.
Neligh, NE
ColeridgeCedarBlade402-283-4267Weekly107 West Broadway
Coleridge, NE
ColumbusPlatteTelegram402-564-2741Daily1254 27th Ave.
Columbus, NE
CozadDawsonTri-City Tribune308-784-3644Weekly320 W. 8th
Cozad, NE
CrawfordDawesClipper/Harrison Sun308-665-2310Weekly435 2nd St.
Crawford, NE
CreightonKnoxNews402-358-5220Weekly816 Main
Creighton, NE
CreteSalineDoane Owl402-826-8657CollegeDoane College
Crete, NE
CreteSalineNews402-826-2147Weekly1201 Linden Ave.
Crete, NE
CroftonKnoxJournal402-388-4355Weekly108 W. Main
Crofton, NE
CurtisFrontierFontier County Enterprise308-367-4144Weekly208 Center Ave.
Curtis, NE
David CityButlerBanner-Press402-367-3054Weekly339 E St.
David City, NE
DeshlerThayerRustler402-365-7221Weekly704 4th St.
Deshler, NE
DodgeDodgeCriterion402-693-2415Weekly140 Oak St.
Dodge, NE
DoniphanHallHerald402-756-2077WeeklyDoniphan, NE
ElginAntelopeReview402-843-5500Weekly116 So. Second St.
Elgin, NE
ElkhornDouglasDouglas Co. Post-Gazette402-289-2329Weekly117 Hillrise Center
Elkhorn, NE
Elm CreekBuffaloBeacon-Observer800-323-3929Weekly209 N. Tyler
Elm Creek, NE
ElwoodGosperBulletin308-785-2251Weekly308 Smith
Elwood, NE
FairburyJeffersonJournal-News402-729-6141Weekly516 5th St.
Fairbury, NE
Falls CityRichardsonJournal402-245-2431Weekly1810 Harlan St.
Falls City, NE
FranklinFranklinCo. Chronicle308-425-3481Weekly707 15th Ave.
Franklin, NE
FremontDodgeThe Midland402-721-5480CollegeFremont, NE
FremontDodgeTribune402-721-5000Daily135 N. Main
Fremont, NE
FriendSalineSentinel402-947-2391Weekly108 Main
Friend, NE
FullertonNanceNance Co. Journal308-536-3100Weekly416 4th St.
Fullerton, NE
GenevaFillmoreNebraska Signal402-759-3117Weekly131 N. 9th
Geneva, NE
GenoaNanceLeader-Times402-993-2205Weekly524 Willard Ave.
Genoa, NE
GeringScotts BluffCourier308-436-2222Weekly1405 Broadway
Scottsbluff, NE
GeringScotts BluffCitizen308-633-6397Weekly1447 10th St.
Gering, NE
GibbonBuffaloReporter308-647-5158Weekly113 C St.
Shelton, NE
GordonSheridanSheridan Co. Journal-Star308-282-0118Weekly210 No. Main St.
Gordon, NE
GothenburgDawsonTimes308-537-3636Weekly406 10th St.
Gothenburg, NE
Grand IslandHallIndependent308-382-1000Daily422 West 1st
Grand Island, NE
GrantPerkinsTribune-Sentinel308-352-4311Weekly327 Central
Grant, NE
GreeleyGreeleyCitizen308-428-2915Weekly207 W. O?Connor
Greeley, NE
GretnaSarpyGuide & News402-332-3232Weekly620 N. Hwy. 6
Gretna, NE
GretnaSarpyBreeze402-444-1242Weekly604 Ft. Crook Road
Bellevue , NE
HartingtonCedarCedar Co. News402-254-3997Weekly102 W. Main
Hartington, NE
HastingsAdamsTribune402-462-2131Daily908 West Second
Hastings, NE
HastingsAdamsCollegian402-461-7399College7th & Turner
Hastings, NE
Hayes CenterHayesTimes-Republican308-286-3325Weekly607 Tate
Hayes Center, NE
HebronThayerJournal-Register402-768-7214Weekly318 Lincoln Ave.
Hebron, NE
HemingfordBox ButteLedger308-487-3334Weekly714 Box Butte Ave.
Hemingford, NE
HendersonYorkNews402-723-5861Weekly1021 N. Main St.
Henderson, NE
HickmanLancasterVoice News402-792-2255Weekly108 Locust St.
Hickman, NE
HoldregePhelpsCitizen308-995-4441Daily418 Garfield
Holdrege, NE
Hooper-ScribnerDodgeRustler-Sentinel402-664-3198Weekly310 Depot Rd.
Hooper, NE
HowellsColfaxJournal402-986-1777Weekly122 N. Third
Howells, NE
HumboldtRichardsonStandard402-862-2200Weekly317 West Square
Humboldt, NE
HumphreyPlatteDemocrat402-923-1400Weekly310 Main St.
Humphrey, NE
HyannisGrantGrant Co. News308-458-2425Weekly206 S. Grant Ave.
Hyannis, NE
ImperialChaseRepublican308-882-4453Weekly622 Broadway
Imperial, NE
KearneyBuffaloAntelope308-865-8488CollegeUniversity of Nebr.-Kearney
Kearney, NE
KearneyBuffaloHub308-237-2152Daily13 E. 22 St.
Kearney, NE
KimballKimballWestern Nebr. Observer308-235-3631Weekly118 E. 2nd
Kimball, NE
LaurelCedarAdvocate402-256-3200Weekly106 East Second St.
Laurel, NE
LeighColfaxWorld402-487-2218Weekly216 Main St.
Leigh, NE
LexingtonDawsonClipper-Herald308-324-5511Weekly114 W. 5th St.
Lexington, NE
LincolnLancasterJournal Star402-475-4200Daily926 P St.
Lincoln, NE
Loup CityShermanSherman Co. Times308-745-1260Weekly822 ?O? St.
Loup City, NE
LyonsBurtMirror-Sun402-687-2616Weekly205 N. 2nd St.
Lyons, NE
MadisonMadisonStar-Mail402-454-3818Weekly211 South Main
Madison, NE
McCookRed WillowGazette308-345-4500DailyWest 1st & E
McCook, NE
MilfordSewardTimes402-761-2911Weekly510 First St.
Milford, NE
MindenKearneyCourier308-832-2220Weekly429 N. Colorado Ave.
Minden, NE
MitchellScotts BluffIndex308-623-1322Weekly1448 Center Ave.
Mitchell, NE
MullenHookerHooker Co. Tribune308-546-2242Weekly306 NW 1st St.
Mullen, NE
Nebraska CityOtoeNews-Press402-873-3334Weekly823 Central
Nebraska City, NE
NelighAntelopeNews & Leader402-887-4840Weekly419 Main
Neligh, NE
NelsonNuckollsNuckolls Co. Locomotive Gazette402-225-2301Weekly63 East 4th
Nelson, NE
Newman GroveMadisonReporter402-447-6012Weekly509 Hale St.
Newman Grove, NE
NiobraraKnoxTribune402-857-3737Weekly254-4 Park Ave.
Niobrara, NE
NorfolkMadisonDaily News402-371-1020Daily525 Norfolk
Norfolk , NE
North BendDodgeEagle402-652-8312Weekly730 Main St.
North Bend, NE
North PlatteLincolnTelegraph308-532-6000Daily621 N. Chestnut
North Platte, NE
North PlatteLincolnBulletin308-696-0052Weekly1300 E. Fourth St.
North Platte, NE
O'NeillHoltHolt Co. Independent402-336-1220Weekly114 North 4th
O?Neill, NE
OaklandBurtIndependent402-685-5624Weekly217 N. Oakland Ave.
Oakland, NE
OgallalaKeithKeith Co. News308-284-4046Weekly116 West A
Ogallala, NE
OmahaDouglasWorld-Herald402-444-1000Daily1314 Douglas St.
Omaha, NE
OmahaDouglasCreightonian402-280-4059CollegeOmaha, NE
OmahaDouglasThe Gateway402-554-2471CollegeMBSC 116
Omaha, NE
OmahaDouglasDaily Record402-345-1303Daily3323 Leavenworth St.
Omaha, NE
OmahaDouglasCatholic Voice402-558-6611Weekly6060 NW Radial Hwy.
Omaha, NE
OmahaDouglasJewish Press402-334-6448Weekly333 S. 132nd St.
Omaha, NE
OrchardAntelopeOrchard News402-887-4000Weekly110 E 4th Street
Neligh, NE
OrdValleyQuiz308-728-3262Weekly305 South 16 St.
Ord, NE
OshkoshGardenGarden Co. News308-772-3555Weekly204 Main
Oshkosh, NE
OsmondPierceRepublican402-748-3666Weekly312 State St.
Osmond, NE
OxfordFurnasStandard308-824-3582Weekly104 W. S. Railway
Oxford, NE
PalmerMerrickJournal308-894-3025Weekly916 Commercial St.
Palmer, NE
Papillion/LaVistaSarpyTimes/Sun402-444-1242Weekly604 Fort Crook Rd. N.
Bellevue , NE
Pawnee CityPawneePawnee Republican402-852-2575Weekly600 G St.
Pawnee City, NE
PenderThurstonTimes402-385-3013Weekly313 Main
Pender, NE
PeruNemahaTimesCollege600 Hoyt Stree
Peru, NE
PetersburgBoonePress402-386-5384Weekly123 Main St.
Petersburg, NE
PiercePiercePierce Co. Leader402-329-4665Weekly109 E. Main St.
Pierce, NE
PlainviewPierceNews402-582-4921Weekly508 W. Locust Ave.
Plainview, NE
PlattsmouthCassJournal402-296-2141Weekly410 Main
Plattsmouth, NE
PoncaDixonNebr. Journal-Leader402-755-2203Weekly110 East St.
Ponca, NE
RalstonDouglasRecorder402-444-1242Weekly604 Fort Crook Rd. N.
Bellevue , NE
RandolphCedarTimes402-337-0488Weekly121 W. Broadway
Randolph, NE
RavennaBuffaloNews308-452-3411Weekly322 Grand Ave.
Ravenna, NE
Red CloudWebsterChief402-746-3700Weekly322 N. Webster
Red Cloud, NE
SargentCusterLeader308-346-4504Weekly757 H Street
Burwell, NE
SchuylerColfaxSun402-352-2424Weekly1112 C St.
Schuyler, NE
ScottsbluffScotts BluffStar-Herald308-632-9000Daily1405 Broadway
Scottsbluff, NE
ScottsbluffScotts BluffBusiness Farmer308-635-3110Weekly22 West 17th
Scottsbluff, NE
SewardSewardThe Sower402-643-7307CollegeConcordia University
Seward, NE
SewardSewardSeward Co. Independent402-643-3676Weekly129 S. 6th St.
Seward, NE
SheltonBuffaloClipper308-647-5158Weekly113 C St.
Shelton, NE
SidneyCheyenneSun-Telegraph308-254-2818Daily817 12th Street
Sidney, NE
South Sioux CityDakotaDakota County Star402-494-4264Weekly1000 West 29th, Suite 116
South Sioux City, NE
SpaldingGreeleyEnterprise308-497-2153Weekly140 S. Cedar St.
Spalding, NE
SpencerBoydAdvocate402-589-1010Weekly100 S. Thayer
Spencer, NE
SpringviewKeya PahaHerald402-497-3651Weekly102 S. Main St.
Springview, NE
St. EdwardBooneAdvance402-678-2771Weekly105 N. 3rd St.
St. Edward, NE
St. PaulHowardPhonograph-Herald308-754-4401Weekly406 Howard
St. Paul, NE
StantonStantonRegister402-439-2173Weekly907 Ivy Street
Stanton, NE
StapletonLoganEnterprise308-636-2444Weekly238 Main Street
Stapleton, NE
StromsburgPolkPolk Co. News402-764-5341Weekly205 E. 4th
Stromsburg, NE
SuperiorNuckollsExpress402-879-3291Weekly148 E. Third Street
Superior, NE
SutherlandLincolnCourier-Times308-386-4617Weekly824 1st St.
Sutherland, NE
SuttonClayClay Co. News402-773-5576Weekly207 North Saunders
Sutton, NE
SyracuseOtoeJournal-Democrat402-269-2135Weekly123 W. 17th St.
Syracuse, NE
TecumsehJohnsonChieftain402-335-3394Weekly241 Clay St.
Tecumseh, NE
TekamahBurtBurt Co. Plaindealer402-374-2226Weekly707 So. 13th
Tekamah, NE
ThedfordThomasThomas Co. Herald308-636-2444WeeklyThedford, NE
TildenMadisonCitizen/Meadow Grove News402-368-5315WeeklyTilden, NE
TrentonHitchcockHitchcock Co. News308-334-5226Weekly346 Main
Trenton, NE
ValentineCherryMidland News402-376-2833Weekly146 W. 2nd St.
Valentine, NE
VerdigreKnoxEagle402-668-2242Weekly202 Main St.
Verdigre, NE
WahooSaundersNewspaper402-443-4162Weekly564 N. Broadway
Wahoo, NE
WakefieldDixonRepublican402-287-2323Weekly224 Main St.
Wakefield , NE
WaunetaChaseBreeze308-394-5389Weekly324 Tecumseh Ave.
Wauneta, NE
WausaKnoxGazette402-586-2661Weekly603 E. Broadway
Wausa, NE
WaverlyLancasterNews402-786-2344Weekly14210 Kenilworth
Waverly, NE
WayneWayneThe Wayne Stater402-375-7488College111 Main Street
Wayne, NE
WayneWayneHerald402-375-2600Weekly114 Main
Wayne, NE
West PointCumingNews402-372-2461Weekly134 E. Grove
West Point, NE
WilberSalineRepublican402-821-2586Weekly115 W. 3rd
Wilber, NE
WisnerCumingNews-Chronicle402-529-3228Weekly1014 Avenue E
Wisner, NE
WolbachGreeleyMessenger308-754-4401Weekly408 Howard Ave
Saint Paul , NE
Wood RiverHallSunbeam308-647-5158Weekly113 C St., Shelton
Wood River, NE
WymoreGageArbor State402-645-3344WeeklyPO Box 327
Wymore, NE
YorkYorkNews-Times402-362-4478Daily327 Platte Ave.
York, NE

Receive your Proof of Publication from the newspaper

After your Notice of Organization has run for 3 consecutive weeks, the newspaper should send you back a Proof of Publication.

Most newspapers will automatically send your Proof of Publication (or Affidavit of Publication) after your newspaper ad runs.

If you don’t get yours in 1 week after the ad runs, you can call the newspaper and request it.

LLC University® recommendation:
Make two copies of this document and keep it with your business records.

Here’s what a Proof of Publication/Affidavit of Publication may look like:

Nebraska LLC Affidavit of Publication from Newspaper

File your Proof of Publication with the State

After you receive the Proof of Publication, you need to submit a copy to the Nebraska Secretary of State.

After the Secretary of State receives it, they will upload it to your LLC’s permanent record and it can be seen by doing a business search.

Note: Some newspapers automatically file your Notice of Publication with the Secretary of State. Make sure to call the newspaper and ask. If they don’t, you can follow the instructions below.

There are two ways you can file your Proof of Publication with the State:

  1. By mail: $30
  2. Online: $27

LLC University® recommendation:

  • We recommend filing online if you’re comfortable with scanning PDF documents
  • We recommend filing by mail if you don’t have a scanner or aren’t “tech comfortable”

How to file Proof of Publication (online instructions)

  1. Scan your Proof of Publication and save it to PDF format (the state only accepts PDF files)
  2. Go to the Corporate Document eDelivery page
  3. Under Select Filing Type, select “filing for an existing entity/trade name
  4. Enter your LLC’s Business Services Account Number (do a business search to find it)
  5. Leave the Client Memo line blank
  6. Click “Continue
  7. Select Proof of Publication and click “Continue
  8. Upload your PDF and click “Continue
  9. Under Required to Submit, check the box to agree to the terms
  10. Enter your email address to receive notifications for your LLC (optional)
  11. Leave the Note to SOS Filing Office blank and click Submit
  12. Enter your billing and credit card info, click Verify Information, and finalize your payment

How to file Proof of Publication (mail instructions)

  1. Prepare a check or money order
  2. Make it payable to “Secretary of State”
  3. Mail your Notice of Publication and check or money order to:

Secretary of State
PO Box 94608
Lincoln, NE 68509-4608

Download a filed copy of Proof of Publication

After you file your Notice of Publication with the State, you’ll want to download a copy from their website.

This copy is important because it will be stamped by the Nebraska Secretary of State.

This is proof that you’ve properly met the newspaper publication requirement.

How long before the Secretary of State reviews and scans?

The Secretary of State will scan your Notice of Publication into your LLC’s record within 1-2 business days.

How can I download a stamped copy?

  1. Do a business search
  2. Click on your LLC name
  3. Scroll down to Filed Documents and look for Proof of Publication
  4. You’ll need to pay $0.45 to download a copy

Nebraska Secretary of State Contact Info

If you have any questions, you can contact the Nebraska Secretary of State at 402-471-4079.

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  1. I see notices in my local journal where an attorney was involved. Is this a requirement for publication?

    • Hi Tammy, if you take a look at Section 21-193 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes (this is the section about publication), you’ll see there is no requirement for an attorney to be listed. Hope that helps.

      • Thank you! I did not believe such a requirement existed but wanted to make certain.

  2. Something to think about. In your article you state “there’s no deadline and there’s no penalty for not complying with the publication requirement”. White it is true the Nebraska Secretary of State does not actively enforce this statute, it is important to note that IT IS a statutory requirement. Please pay particular attention to the text in the last sentence of Neb. Rev. Stat. §21-2,229(c) and Neb. Rev. Stat. §21-193(3) which are the publication statutes for corporations and LLCs.

    Nebraska Model Business Corporation Act, §21-2,229(c) ….the acts of such corporation prior to, as well as after, such publication SHALL BE VALID. (Emphasis added)

    Nebraska Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, §21-193 (3) ….the acts of the limited liability company prior to, as well as after, such publication SHALL BE VALID. (Emphasis added)

    Although there may not be any penalties for not publishing, and the statute allows you to correct this omission at any time, that last sentence implies that the acts of the corporation or LLC are not valid until they have published and filed the affidavit of publication with the Secretary of State.

    I must admit, I have not researched the intent or meaning of that language but my interpretation is that if the acts of the corporation/LLC are invalid until they comply with statutory requirements, it’s possible that any liability incurred by the company as a result of its acts could conceivably be considered to be the personal liability of the shareholders and/or members. Another issue is that the company may not be able to obtain a “certificate of good standing” if needed.

    The following quotes are from an old publication entitled “American and English Corporation Cases: A Collection of All Corporation A Collection of All Corporation Cases, Both Private and Municipal (excepting Railway Cases): Decided in the Courts of Last Resort in the United States, England, and Canada [1883-1894]”. Isn’t it possible they still apply?

    “This liability in the event of there being no required publication does not depend upon the actual injury which the failure to publish may have occasioned in a case but is absolute depending only on the proof of publication or no publication. Such a statute can be regarded in no other light than a penal one.” Page 635

    “Where a statute provides that until certain things are done by persons forming a corporation, -such as the filing of its articles of association in the office of a public officer, -the stockholders in such corporation shall be liable for the debts thereof, such a statute is only declaratory of the common law”. Page 636

    “But what these cases decide, and decide only, that where persons have attempted to form a corporation, until they shall have complied with the requirements of the statute for that purpose, they are jointly and severally liable for the debts of such association.” Page 638

    • Brenda, this is the most thorough and thoughtful comment we’ve received in a while! Thank you. We’ve discussed and you’ve influenced our guide. We have a few things to complete in the next few weeks, but once finished, we’ll be updating and revamping our Nebraska LLC Publication Requirements lesson, aided by your comment and resources. You are correct. While there are no penalties per se, the risk of not publishing (and leaving things open to interpretation) is not worth the risk.

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