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Articles of Organization
In this lesson, we will walk you through filing your Articles of Organization with the state. This is the document that officially forms your Arkansas LLC.

You can file your Articles of Organization by mail or online.

When filing by mail, the fee is $50 and approval takes 2-3 weeks (plus mail time).

When filing online, the fee is $45 and approval takes 3-7 business days. We recommend this option if you want your LLC approved quickly.

Note: Filing times may take longer due to government delays. For the most up-to-date LLC processing times, check how long does it take to get an LLC in Arkansas.

The “LLC filing fee” (the fee to create an Arkansas LLC) is the same thing as the “Articles of Organization fee”. The Articles of Organization is the document, which once approved by the Secretary of State’s office, creates your Arkansas Limited Liability Company.

How much is an LLC in Arkansas explains all the fees you’ll pay.

Arkansas LLC Secretary of State Business Commercial Services

(Arkansas Secretary of State Business, Commercial Services Building)

You will find instructions below for both filing by mail as well as filing online. If you want to hire a company to form your LLC instead, check out Best LLC Services in Arkansas for our suggestions.

Note: Before proceeding with this lesson, make sure you searched your Arkansas LLC name to make sure it’s available.

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Filing Arkansas Articles of Organization by Mail

Download Arkansas Certificate of Organization:
Arkansas Certificate of Organization: Form LL-01

Note: Arkansas changed the name of this form to “Certificate of Organization” in 2021. But you’ll see it referred to as both the Articles of Organization and the Certificate of Organization. Don’t worry, it’s the same form.

Filing Fee: $50
Accepted Forms of Payment: Check or Money Order
Make Payable To: “Arkansas Secretary of State”

Mailing Instructions: Send your completed Articles of Organization and $50 filing fee to:

Arkansas Secretary of State
Business & Commercial Services Division
1401 W. Capitol Avenue
Suite 250
Little Rock, AR 72201

Filing Arkansas Articles of Organization Online

Access the online filing

1. Visit the Arkansas Corporations Online Filing System.

2. Look for the box in the middle of the page. Scroll down in the list until you find the section titled “Domestic Limited Liability Company”.

Click “Articles of Organization for Domestic LLC – LL-01” once, and then click the “Choose Filing” button.

3. On the next page, scroll down to the “Domestic LLC” section. Then click the “Start Form” button directly below “Certificate of Organization for Domestic LLC – LL-01”.

Note: Arkansas refers to this form as both the Articles of Organization and the Certificate of Organization. That’s why there’s one name on the first screen, and a different name on the second screen. Don’t worry, as long as it says “LL-01” you have the correct form selected.

Filing your Arkansas Certificate of Organization online

1. Filing Act

You don’t need to do anything for this item, it is automatically completed. The default is Act “1041 of 2021”, which is the correct Arkansas LLC Act.

2. Company Name

Enter your LLC name exactly as you would like it, including your preferred capitalization, as well as the designator “LLC” or “L.L.C.” (the abbreviation “LLC” is the most common).

Note: You can use a comma or you can leave it out. (Example: “ABC Widgets, LLC” and “ABC Widgets LLC” are both acceptable). For more information on the comma in your LLC name, watch this video.

Tip: You can click the “Search for Similar Names” link next to this name box to check for business name availability. The search results open in a new window. If the message says “No results found!” your name should be available to use.

3. Principal Information

Enter an address for your LLC’s Principal Place of Business. Don’t let the name scare you. It’s just a street address for your LLC.

  • You can’t use a PO Box address
  • This address doesn’t have to be where actual business activities are taking place
  • Any address where you can get mail will be okay to use
  • The address can be in Arkansas, but it doesn’t have to be
  • The address can be in another state
  • The address can be a home address, an office address, or the address of your LLC’s Registered Agent (if they allow it)

You can ignore the following fields: Entity Name, First Name, Last Name, Phone, and Email.

4. Registered Agent

Enter the name and address of your LLC’s Arkansas Registered Agent. The address must be a street address located in Arkansas (no PO Boxes are allowed).

If your Registered Agent is an individual, leave the “Business Name” box blank and put their name in the “First Name” and “Last Name” boxes.

If your Registered Agent is a company, leave the “First Name” and “Last Name” boxes blank and put their company name in the “Business Name” box.

5. Organizer/Officers

In this section you need to list at least one Member (or Manager) and one Organizer.

What’s an Organizer?
An LLC Organizer is the person who submits the Articles of Organization form to the state. They don’t have to be a Member or Manager (although they can be). To learn more about what an Organizer is, please see Registered Agent vs LLC Organizer.

If you own the LLC and are filing this form yourself, you will be both a Member and an Organizer. In that case, please repeat the following steps to add yourself twice. The first time you add yourself, choose “Member” in the “Title” drop down list. The second time you add yourself, choose “Incorporator/Organizer” in the “Title” drop down list.

Name and Address:
If your LLC Member(s)/Manager(s) are individuals, leave the “Business Name” box blank and then enter their name(s) and address(es).

Note: Make sure to enter their full name, including middle name (or N/A if no middle name). This information gets sent to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration for tax records, so you must provide first, middle and last names.

If your LLC Member(s)/Manager(s) are a company, leave the “First Name” and “Last Name” box blank and then enter their company name and address.

What Title to use when adding people?
If your LLC is Member-managed, in the “Title” drop down list, select “Member”.

If your LLC is Manager-managed, in the “Title” drop down list, select “Manager”.

Note: If you are not sure if your LLC should be Member-managed or Manager-managed, read Member-managed vs Manager-managed LLC.

Save each Member/Manager/Organizer:
Once the Member’s/Manager’s information is entered, click the “Save Officer” button.

Add each additional Member/Manager and click the “Save Officer” button each time.

Remember, if you’re forming your own LLC you’ll need to save yourself twice, once as “Member” and once as the “Incorporator/Organizer”.

6. Submitter Contact Information

Enter your name, address, phone number, and email.

7. Annual Franchise Tax Report Contact Information

Enter your name, address, phone number, and email. Then type your full name again in the “Signature Box”.

This information is forwarded to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. They will then send your LLC’s Annual Franchise Tax Report information to remind you to file the required forms.

8. Agreement

Effective Date:
Most people choose today’s date in the “Effective Date” box to have their LLC officially formed on the date it’s filed with the state.

If you need to forward date your filing, you can do so up to 90 days.

Matt Horwitz, founder of LLC University®Pro tip: If you’re forming your LLC in October, November, or December, and you don’t need your business open those months, forward date your filing to January 1st. This will save you the hassle of doing unnecessary taxes. For more information, please see LLC effective date.

Check off the box agreeing to the terms, and then type your full name in the “Signature” box. Then click the “Submit” button to proceed.

9. Document upload page

This page allows you to upload additional documents that would be attached to your Certificate of Organization. Most LLC filers don’t upload anything.

If your business attorney instructed you to upload additional articles, this is where you would do that.

If you don’t need to upload anything, just click the “Next” button to continue.

10. Review Page

Review all of the information you entered and check for typos.

If you need to change anything, click the “Go Back to Make Changes” link at the top.

If everything looks good, click the “Next” button at the top to proceed.

11. Payment Method

Select your method of payment and click “Continue”.

Most people select “Pay by Credit Card,” which also allows you to pay with a Debit Card. If you select “Pay by eCheck” you will enter your bank routing number and account number for an ACH withdrawal.

12. Make Payment

Enter your contact and billing information, then click the “Confirm” button to submit your payment.

Congratulations, your Arkansas LLC Certificate of Organization has been filed for processing! Now you just need to wait for approval.

Arkansas Limited Liability Company Approval

When filing by mail: 2-3 weeks (plus mail time)
When filing online: 3-7 business days

Whether you filed by mail or filed online, you will receive back the following 3 items:

  • Receipt
  • Stamped and approved copy of the Certificate of Organization
  • Certificate of Approval (which has a state seal and can be used when opening an LLC business bank account)

If you filed by mail, your documents will be returned in the mail.

If you filed online, your documents will be emailed to you (in 2 separate emails).

Note: You don’t need to pay extra for a Certified Copy. You can just use the stamped and approved documents the state sends you (along with your LLC’s Operating Agreements) to work with financial institutions in opening accounts, credit cards, or loans.

Arkansas Secretary of State Contact Info

If you have any questions, you can contact the Arkansas Secretary of State, Division of Business and Commercial Services at 501-682-3409.

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Arkansas Articles of Organization FAQs

How do I setup an Arkansas LLC?

Here are the steps to starting an LLC in Arkansas:

    1. Choose an LLC name and make sure it’s available
    2. Choose who will be your Arkansas Registered Agent
    3. File the Arkansas LLC Articles of Organization
    4. Complete and sign an Operating Agreement
    5. Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS
    6. Research state or local licenses and permit requirements
    7. Open business bank accounts

LLCs are the most popular business structure for small business owners in Arkansas because of the liability protection (aka personal asset protection).

What are the Articles of Organization for an LLC in Arkansas?

The Arkansas Certificate of Organization (aka Articles of Organization) is a form that tells the Secretary of State important information about your LLC. Once the state approves this formation document, your LLC officially exists.

The Certificate of Organization form asks for your LLC name, business address, Registered Agent, and other information. In Arkansas, some information is sent to another government agency which handles annual business tax filings.

What if I need to open a PLLC?

If you are a licensed professional in Arkansas, you must open a PLLC or PLC instead of a regular LLC.

The Articles of Organization filing process is the same for starting an Arkansas Professional Limited Liability Company or Professional Limited Company, with one extra step:

First, make sure your company (or you, as the individual owner) has obtained the certificate or card from the medical/dental board or other certification/licensing authority in Arkansas.

Then, follow the filing instructions above and use “PLLC” or another approved suffix when naming your company. The Secretary of State will confirm that your company has the appropriate license certificate or card before approving your PLLC.

Do I have to hire a lawyer to start Arkansas LLCs?

No, you don’t have to hire an attorney to file your LLC Certificate of Organization. You’re allowed to file the documents yourself, if you like. You don’t need to be a lawyer to create a legal entity with the state.

Some people choose to hire a professional service (an LLC formation company) to file Articles of Organization instead. We have some recommendations here: Best LLC Service.

Matt Horwitz
Matt Horwitz
Matt Horwitz is the leading expert on LLC education, and has been teaching for 15 years. He founded LLC University in 2010 after realizing people needed simple and actionable instructions to start an LLC. He's cited by Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and the US Chamber of Commerce, and was featured by CNBC and InventRight.
Matt holds a Bachelor's Degree in business from Drexel University with a concentration in business law. He performs extensive research and analysis to convert state laws into simple instructions anyone can follow to form their LLC - all for free! Read more about Matt Horwitz and LLC University.

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  1. Hi, Matt,
    Your site is sooo helpful, thank you very much.
    I formed an LLC in Arkansas 2015 and have been paying franchise tax and income tax ever since. But this year the franchise tax form changed (I used to just pay with a credit card when I get the notice), and now requires an AR SOS filing # as well as a Registered Agent. I have signed up an RA; I started to file with the SOS thanks to your instructions.
    In the effective date section, can I use the 2015 date when the LLC was created? Thank you.

  2. Hi Matt,

    I filed for an LLC & submitted myself & my husband as a “member”, “manager” and “member manager” for a total of 7 saved officers (including myself as the organizer).

    Is that going to be an issue in the future? Wasn’t sure which to do so I essentially did them all.

  3. If I register an LLC with a fictitious name, do I still also have to file for a fictitious name? If so is there an order this must be done in?

    • Hi Chelsea, your first question is not worded properly, since the formation of an LLC and the filing of a Fictitious Name are two separate filings. I recommend checking out does my LLC need a DBA. If you want your LLC to operate under a name other than its true legal name, you would first form an LLC, wait for it to be approved, then file for a Fictitious Name where the LLC is listed as the owner/holder of the Fictitious Name. Hope that helps.

  4. Hi we’re buying some property in Arkansas that has rental income on it that we will be renting out, we live in Florida and want to set up an Arkansas LLC, in the application it ask for a business address, would that be the address of the property?

    • Hi Rhonda, we’ve included notes about the “address of principal place of business of the limited liability company” above on this page. It can be any address you’d like. While you could list the address of the property, that’s probably not the best idea in case mail is sent there. You’ll likely want to use your best address in either Arkansas or Florida. Hope that helps.

  5. Applied for my articles before reading your website, when I typed in the member part I only added myself once as the organizer and didnt go back and add myself as a member. Can I correct that?

    • Hi Tashina, yes, you can. That form/filing is called a Certificate of Amendment to Articles of Organization. Hope that helps.

  6. If I did my EIN and did not add LLC in the name do I need to create a new EIN with LLC?


    • Hi Sarah, yes, we recommend getting it filed correctly to avoid any issues or confusion later. Just go ahead and get another EIN and then cancel the incorrect EIN. You don’t have to wait for the EIN cancellation to happen before getting a new EIN. Hope that helps.

  7. I just have a small farm and I want to sell a few items in the future at farmers markets and online. I have searched the web in side and out but I am so confused about exactly how to register my farms name without jumping through a million other hoops. We never plan on being a really big farm and/or making the bulk of our profits from the farm sells, but I want to make sure the name we want for our farm is protected and useable. Can I get some advice?

    • Hi Laguana, when you say “register my farm’s name” it sounds like you’re talking about an Application for Fictitious Name, also known as a DBA. You certainly can register a DBA for your farm, but DBAs don’t have any rights to their name. Further, if you just “register a DBA” then the owner of that DBA is you, therefore you’re operating your farm as a Sole Proprietor and have no liability protection (unless you have insurance). While we’re not telling you what to do, I’ll tell you what most farm owners do. They set up a legal entity to separate themselves from the liability of their business. I recommend reading two other articles on our site: Sole Proprietor vs LLC and Do I need to file a DBA. Hope that helps :)

  8. My wife skipped a few steps for her business and got a EIN number from the irs before she did the articles of organization thru the state of Arkansas, is this fixable?

    • Hey Mack, the IRS doesn’t check to make sure an LLC is in existence before granting an EIN. So if your wife got an EIN first with the IRS under the name “ABC Trucking LLC” (as an example), and the state also approved the filing of your LLC under the same name, then you’re all good. Nothing you need to do. If the names are different, you can cancel the first EIN ( and the apply for a new one. Hope that helps.

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