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Missouri LLC Name Search

The first step to forming an LLC in Missouri is to search your desired LLC name and make sure it’s available for use.

Missouri LLC Name Requirements

Before searching your LLC name in Missouri, there are a few requirements you need to know:

1. The abbreviations “LLC” or “L.L.C.” must be used at the end of your name. The abbreviation “LLC” is the most common.

2. Because an LLC is not a Corporation, your desired name cannot use the word “Corporation”, “Incorporated,” or their abbreviations (“Corp.”, “Inc.”).

3. Your desired LLC name must be distinguishable. This means it must be different and unique from all other businesses registered in Missouri.

Differences in designators (identifiers at the end of a business name) and differences in grammar do not create distinguishability.

For example:
• LLC, L.L.C, Inc., Corp.
• singular, plural, and possessive
• A, An, The
• and, or, &
• hyphens, slashes, periods, commas
• three vs. 3

The following examples are NOT distinguishable:
– Smith Investments, LLC vs. Smith Investments, Inc.
– Apple Farm, LLC vs. Apple Farms, LLC
– Print Shop, LLC vs. The Print Shop, LLC
– Night & Day, LLC vs. Night and Day, LLC
– Peter Paul & Mary Studios, LLC vs. Peter-Paul-Mary Studios, Inc
– Three Teachers Consulting, LLC vs. 3 Teachers Consulting, LLC

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Searching the Missouri Name Database

To make sure your LLC name is distinguishable and available for use, you’ll need to search it in the Missouri Business Entity Database.

1. Visit Missouri’s Business Entity Database search page:

2. Enter your desired LLC name in the “Business Name” box and click the “Search” button.

Leave out the ending “LLC” and any punctuation. Capitalization doesn’t matter. Enter the first few words of your name. Unless you have a single word for your name, then just enter that.

3. Browse the list of existing Missouri businesses and make sure your name is unique.


  • If your desired LLC name is not unique you’ll need to think of a new name or use some creativity and come up with a variation.
  • If you see “No Results”, then your desired LLC name is unique and available to use.
  • If the results show names that are not too similar to yours (meaning yours is distinguishable), then your desired LLC name is available for use.

Next Step

Once you find a unique and distinguishable LLC name, you’re ready to select your LLC’s Registered Agent. We’ll discuss this in the next lesson: Missouri Registered Agent.

Missouri Secretary of State Contact Info

If you have any questions, you can contact the Missouri Secretary of State:

573-751-4153 (phone)
866-223-6535 (toll-free phone)
[email protected] (email)
http://www.sos.mo.gov/business/corporations (website)

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  1. Julie Orrick June 27, 2018

    You’re site walked me through and we’re an LLC in MO.
    Thank you so much!

    • Matt Horwitz July 31, 2018

      Fantastic! You’re very welcome :)

  2. Nichole August 9, 2018

    What if the name that comes up is the fictitious name of your sole proprietorship that you are seeking to replace with an LLC? Can you still use the name? I want to keep the name but change the type of business it is.

    • Matt Horwitz August 15, 2018

      Hey Nichole, yes, you can form an LLC with the same name as your Sole Proprietorship. For example, if your Fictitious Name is “Nichole’s New Company”, you could form an LLC with the name “Nichole’s New Company LLC”. Hope that helps!


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