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Last updated July 28, 2021

Pennsylvania LLC Change of Address (Registered Office)

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This Quick Start Guide is a brief overview of how to form an LLC in Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania state fee: $125

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Pennsylvania LLC - Change of Registered Office

Video Transcript:

In this video, we’re going to discuss changing your address with the Corporation Bureau. This is specifically known as “Change of Registered Office”. What you’re first going to do in the upper left, is you’re going to check off this box here, enter your name, address, city, state and zip, where you’d like these documents returned to. I’m going to go ahead and paste in some sample information now. Please note that I am filling this out on the computer, but you don’t have to. You can fill this out on the computer if you’d like, and then print it out and sign, or you can just simply print out the document and then do all this by hand. If you do it by hand, just make sure to use a blue or black pen. Moving down, you’ll see the fee for changing your office is $5. Then, it says “The type of domestic association”, you’re going to check off “Limited Liability Company”. Then in Section 1, you’re going to enter the full name of your LLC, including the designator “LLC”. I’m going to enter sample information now. Okay, I’ve entered “ABC Widgets, LLC”. Moving on to No. 2 (“the current registered office address as on file with the Department of State. Complete part (a) or (b), but not both”), if you or someone you know is a Registered Agent for your LLC, you’re going to fill in “(a)” which is your current street address. If you had hired a Commercial Registered Agent and you’re now either changing that to a new Commercial Registered Agent or you’re changing it to a different address, you would fill in “(b)” and you would simply just list the name of the Commercial Registered Agent, as well as the county. In this example, let’s say that I’ve been using my home address, but I’ve moved. I’m going to enter some sample information (which would be my old address). Okay, I pasted in sample information (this is the old address). Now, I’m going to go down to Section 3, (“the New address. Complete part (a) or (b), but not both”). In my case, I’m going to fill out “(a)” and that’s going to be my new street address (which just happens to be where I want these documents sent back to as well). I’m going to go ahead and paste in that new address here. Okay, I’ve entered the information, and Section B is going to be left blank since this is not a Commercial Registered Agent (or Registered Office, same thing). Moving on, No. 4 (“For corporations only”), this is not applicable for LLCs, and there’s nothing even fill out so you don’t need to worry about that. You simply just need to sign and then send this off to the State. In the 1st box, you’re going to enter the day, and you’re going to type it like this: the 6th day, or the 10th day, or the 20th day of, enter the month (so let’s just say we’re August), and then the year. So they already put in “20”, so I’m going to go ahead and put in “15”. Moving down in the Signature Area, we’re going to enter the name of the LLC again. Underneath “Title”, you’re going to enter “Managing Member”. Scrolling down, you’ll notice that there is a 2nd page with instructions. Feel free to read through this if you would like, but I’ve covered everything in this video. Going back up to page 1, you can print out both of these documents, and then you’re going to sign here where it says “Signature”. After you print this document out and sign it, you’re going to then send a check or money order for $5, and you’re going to make it payable to “Department of State” which is listed down here in general information, and then you’re going to mail it to the PA Department of State Corporations Bureau in this address here (P.O. Box 8722 in Harrisburg, PA 17105-8722). If you have any questions about the specific form that were not covered in this video, feel free to contact us, or you can call the State here and ask some specific questions about this form. Approximately 1 week after you mail the form to the State, you’ll receive back a copy letting you know that the State has received your Change of Address (which is more specifically called Change of Registered Office). It’s the official street address you use for your LLC. I hope this Lesson has been helpful for you, and that concludes this video.

To change the address of your Pennsylvania LLC, file a Change of Registered Office with the Pennsylvania Corporation Bureau.


Change of Registered Office (PDF)

Filing Fee


Accepted Forms of Payment

Check or Money Order

Make Payable To

“Department of State”

Filing Instructions

Mail Change of Registered Office form along with $5 filing fee to:

Bureau of Corporations
P.O. Box 8722
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8722

Approval Time

You will receive back a stamped and approved Change of Registered Office in 1-2 weeks.

How to change your Pennsylvania LLC address with the IRS

To change your Pennsylvania LLC’s address with the IRS, please see here: How to change your LLC address with the IRS.

How to change your Pennsylvania LLC address with the  Department of Revenue

To change your Pennsylvania LLC’s address with the State Department of Revenue, you need to file Form REV-854.

You can find Form REV-854 here:
Pennsylvania Department of Revenue: Business Registration Forms

You can find the mailing address for Form REV-854 here:
Pennsylvania Department of Revenue: Where do I mail REV-854

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  1. Can I pay for an address change online with a credit/debit card?

    • Hi Russell, yes you can. Log in to PENN File, click “Domestic Limited Liability Company”, then click “Change of Registered Office (1507-8825)”.

      • Matt I tried to file online and it looks like you cannot do this. Can you please provide more information or pictures to help. I would like do to this online but it doesnt look possible. looks like its only done via mail in.

        • I just filed and paid online for changing my address.
          – Go to https://www.corporations.pa.gov/
          – Create and register a new online account (if you don’t already have one)
          – After you login, click “Home” and it will take you to “My Dashboard”
          – Scroll down the page, you will see “Start or Manage Business Filings”
          – Select your business type and then select what you want to file

        • Hi Sean, the outline by Jeff is correct. From the list under the “Start or Manage Business Filings” header, select “Domestic Limited Liability Company”. From there, click on “Change of Registered Office (1507-8825)”. Hope that helps!

      • Hi Matt, it looks like the PennFile login is not recognizing my username or password. However, they are both correct. I recently created a new account and verified the email.

        • Hi Oscar, did you create a new Keystone Login and synchronize it with your PENN File account? We recently updated this page with the new information on Keystone Login (new in 2020). Let me know if that works for you.

          • Hi Matt, I have a login to both and I am looking to change the address for our LLC. We paid to do it by mail a year ago, but it is still showing the old address. I can not seem to find the online method? I tried logging into both systems it just brings me to the printable form.

  2. Hi Matt,

    I had IncFile perform the LLC formation for me with personal residence as business address. If I wanted to rent a UPS mailbox, can I just fill out the form with the new rented mailbox address without having them do it? Could you also clarify which address I put on the address change form? The Articles of Org was originally completed with them as the registered office but the business address is personal residence.


    • Hi James, yes, you can change your PA LLC address yourself. You don’t have to hire a filing company to do so. It’s your LLC and you’re in control of its actions. You can use any address you’d like. PA is flexible. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi. I will be changing my LLC address from my residence to a virtual business address. Is the Virtual Business address considered a commercial registered agent?

    • Hi Netara, no, that would not be a Commercial Registered Agent. So for #3 in the Change of Registered Office form, you would enter that address in 3a. Hope that helps.

  4. Hi Matt, thanks for your website and information. Very helpful. If I’m moving my LLC from PA to TX, do I need to file a change of address in PA, notifying them that I’m moving to TX? Or is it essentially ending the LLC in PA and forming a new one in TX?

    • Hi Eric, you’re very welcome. No, changing the address of your PA doesn’t “move” (domesticate) your LLC to a new state. The only acceptable address for a Registered Office is one that is in Pennsylvania, so you couldn’t change the address anyway. There are 3 ways to go about it: dissolve and form new, register as a foreign entity, or domesticate (called conversion in Texas) your PA LLC into a Texas LLC (and then dissolve PA LLC). It depends on if you want to keep company history, bank account, EIN Number, etc. Do you want to retain company history, bank account, EIN, etc. or start fresh?

  5. Hi Matt,
    I recently formed a LLC with IncFile. I am the sole member of the LLC and I moved to different address(home) however my LLC address is still same so what form do I need to file in order to update home address for the sole member.

    • Hi Imran, the page you’re on shows you how file the Change of Registered Office with the PA Department of State. Please see the instructions above.

  6. Clean video, really simple and effective. The task got done swiftly, thank you.

  7. How soon after you are approved for your llc can you change your address from home to a virtual. Or is it ok to change it as soon as I get a virtual address?

    • Hi Latoya, the LLC needs to be approved before the state will process a Change of Registered Office form. However, as soon as the LLC is approved, you can file the form. Hope that helps.

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