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How to Form an LLC in Mississippi

How to Form an LLC in MississippiA Mississippi Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a legal structure used to protect your personal assets (home, car, bank account) in the event your business is sued.

An LLC can be used to operate a business, or an LLC can be used to hold assets (such as real estate, vehicles, boats, or aircraft).

Forming an LLC in Mississippi is simple. Search your Mississippi LLC name in the state database and select your Registered Agent.

File your Certificate of Formation with the Mississippi Secretary of State and wait for your LLC to be approved.

You can file your LLC by mail (3-5 business day approval) or you can file it online (immediate approval). In both cases the state filing fee is $50.

After your Mississippi LLC is approved, complete your Operating Agreement and get your Federal Tax ID Number (aka EIN) from the IRS.

In order to keep your Mississippi LLC in compliance, you need to file an LLC Annual Report each year. The fee is $0.

We’ve created a free course that will walk you through forming your own Mississippi LLC, step-by-step.

On desktop, the lessons are listed on your right. On mobile, the lessons are listed at the bottom of the page.

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  1. Butch Silva March 28, 2017

    If I live in Alabama and wanted to start a business and I only need my home as a home office, what stepes would I need to go through? Services rendered would be therapy services in-home. I’m guessing that I would need to get a business license in the state of Alabama but would I need to do anything in Mississippi? Any insight into the process that I need to go through?

    • Matt Horwitz March 29, 2017

      Hi Butch, our guides and website is specifically about forming LLCs (Limited Liability Companies). We don’t offer information about starting Sole Proprietorships (which is what your question sounds like). If you’d like to learn the difference between an LLC and a Sole Proprietorship, please see this video. If you decide to form an LLC in Alabama, you can follow our Alabama LLC Guide. If your Alabama LLC is also going to do business in Mississippi, you’ll need to register as a Foreign LLC in Mississippi. Here’s the link to MS’s online portal. You’ll need to create an account, then click “Register an Out-of-State Corporation, Non-Profit, LLC, Partnership or Business Trust”. Again though, only do this after you’ve formed your Alabama LLC and if you’re also doing business in Mississippi. After your LLC (or LLCs) is/are approved, you may also need a business license in both Alabama and Mississippi. I know that’s a lot of info ;) Hope that helps though!

  2. Tonh January 16, 2018

    I live in Delaware and formed an LLC in Delaware, but I currently do business in Mississippi. I’ve since moved the LLC to MS and have done all of the filings. What’s happening now is that I am currently paying taxes in 2 states. I am working to withdraw from Delaware totally.

    Any suggestions about my course of action to remove my LLC from Delaware?

    Also, when filing taxes, I’m working to make sure I keep my personal taxes separate of my business. Again, any suggestions there. We do get our taxes professionally done. Seems to be costing more money.

    • Matt Horwitz January 17, 2018

      Hey Tonh, when you say you moved your LLC to MS, which type of filing did you do? It was anything besides a Foreign LLC registration, then you can file a Delaware LLC Dissolution. If you filed a Foreign LLC registration, then there’d be a different course of action. When you see keeping personal taxes separate from business taxes, I’m not sure what you mean, since, if your LLC is taxed in its default status, the LLC taxes flow through to your personal return.


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