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Before you start a Georgia LLC, you need to select a Registered Agent for your LLC.

Georgia LLC - Registered Agent


What is a Registered Agent for a Georgia LLC?

A Registered Agent is a person or company who agrees to accept legal mail on behalf of your LLC in case your business gets sued.

In most states, a Registered Agent will also serve as a general point of contact for receiving business and tax notices, payment reminders, and other documents.

Your Registered Agent must have a street address in Georgia (PO Boxes are not allowed).

Your Registered Agent must also be available during normal business hours (9am – 5pm) in case Service of Process arrives. Service of Process for an LLC includes delivery of documents such as complaints, summons, and/or subpoenas.

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Who Can Be Your Registered Agent in Georgia?

When forming an LLC in Georgia, you have 3 options:

Option 1: You can be your LLC’s Registered Agent.

Option 2: A friend or family member can be your LLC’s Registered Agent.

Option 3: You can hire a Commercial Registered Agent.

Important: If your Registered Agent is going to be an individual (you, a friend, or a family member), that individual needs to be a resident of Georgia.

How Do I Know Which One to Choose?

If you have a street address located in Georgia (such as a home or office), and are available during business hours, you can list yourself as the Registered Agent.

If you don’t have a street address in Georgia, you can use a friend or family member’s address. They need to have a street address in Georgia and be available during business hours.

If you don’t have a street address in Georgia, and you don’t have a friend or family member’s address that you can use (or prefer not to), you can hire a Commercial Registered Agent.

Using a Commercial Registered Agent offers more privacy and is usually a more reliable setup.

Commercial Registered Agent

If you need to hire a Commercial Registered Agent, we recommend Northwest Registered Agent ($125 per year).

Why we recommend Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is our personal recommendation (and the service we use ourselves) because they’ve been in business for over 20 years, have great customer service, and they let you use their address in your entire LLC filing in order to keep your address off public record.

How to keep your address off public records:

Many filers in Georgia start businesses from their home. For this reason, it’s important to know that all addresses that are on your LLC’s Articles of Organization get listed on public record and may appear in google searches.

If you were thinking of using your home address, but would rather keep it off public records, you can hire a Registered Agent that will allow you to use their address throughout your Articles of Organization. Northwest Registered Agent provides this unique service at no additional cost. They offer Registered Agent services for $125 per year and they’ll let you use their address throughout your Articles of Organization.

Any mail that is sent to your LLC will be scanned by them and uploaded into your online account.

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Are there risks if you, a friend, or family member are your LLC’s Registered Agent?

In short, there are risks. They are not likely to occur, but if they do, you could lose your liability protection.

For example, if the state is unsuccessful in reaching your LLC’s Registered Agent, you may lose your good standing status, and the state has the authority to dissolve your LLC.

Additionally, if a process server is unsuccessful in reaching your LLC’s Registered Agent about a lawsuit (they’ll try a few times), the court case can proceed in your absence and you might not even know about it. Worse, the court could enter a default judgment against your LLC if you aren’t there to defend yourself.

A few reasons a process server might not be able to reach your LLC’s Registered Agent:

  • you, your friend, or family member are not there during business hours
  • you/they are on vacation
  • you moved and forgot to file a Change of Registered Agent with the state

Hiring a Commercial Registered Agent is a more reliable setup and gives you the freedom to take vacations and not worry about changing your Registered Agent address if you move.

Many Commercial Registered Agents will also help keep your LLC in compliance by sending you reminders of annual reporting requirements.

Next Step

Once you determine who will serve as your Georgia LLC’s Registered Agent, you can then proceed to the next Lesson: Articles of Organization.

If you need to hire a Commercial Registered Agent, please do so before going to the next step.

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  1. Would the address of the commercial registered agent be also used as the physical street address of a virtual business?

    • Hi Lakeisha, I don’t understand your question by use of the word “would”. Can you rephrase your question and explain your current or desired setup? Do you mean can you use a commercial registered agent address as your virtual office address? The answer to that is no. Or you may be asking if you can use your virtual address as your registered agent address? The answer to that is also no, since Georgia law states that the registered agent’s business office must be the same as the registered office.

      • Thanks Matt. You answered my question. For clarification, it was “can you use a commercial registered agent address as your virtual office address?“

        • Hey Lakeisha, thanks for clarifying. A lot of those words can be confusingly similar ;) In this case, if you’d like to use your Commercial Registered Agent’s address in the other address fields of your Articles of Organization (filer’s address, principal office address, and organizer‘s address), some Commercial Registered Agent’s (like Northwest Registered Agent) allow this. If you’re using another Commercial Registered Agent, just make sure to ask if it’s okay to use their Registered Agent address in the other address fields. There are a large amount of Commercial Registered Agents that charge extra for this (or simply don’t allow it). Hope that helps!

  2. Goodday,

    we are a foreign company from France. We would like to know if we can create a society (LLC) in Georgia even if we don’t have a valid visa.
    Can we get a visa after creating the society?

    Thank you very much, best regards

    Francesca Savoia

    • Hi Francesa, yes, you can create an LLC in Georgia without a visa. There are no citizenship or residency requirements when forming an LLC in the US. You’ll need a Georgia address to use for the Registered Agent and other address requirements. I recommend hiring Northwest Registered Agent. They are very foreigner-friendly. You’ll use their address for your Georgia LLC filing and then they’ll scan your mail and upload it to an online dashboard for you. No, you cannot get a visa just because you form a company in Georgia. You’ll need to go through the visa application process just as any other foreigner would. You can find more information on the USCIS website and US Department of State website. Hope that helps.

      • Thank you very much for your answer. I will look for the visas.
        Anyway, is it necessary for the director or the associates of the society to have a visa? I mean if they aren’t physically in US, but there are american people there that work for them with a valid visas? Thank you again

  3. Can an out of state LLC have more than one registered agent in the states they do business? I am a tenant in an apartment complex owned by an out of state entity (LLC). My lease has a paragraph that states the current property management company is the registered agent for service. I requested the property management company to give me the name of the legal owners of the property, which they reluctantly did. My online research found that the registered agent on file with the State of Georgia is another business in my city with a different business name and address and shows the most recent filing with the state of GA renewing them as the registered agent on February 26, 2017.
    When I told the property manager this, she said she has no idea who this other company is and insisted that they (Property Management) are the registered agent for service. I have upcoming litigation with the owners of this and I want to know who should legally be receiving service notices.
    Any information or clarification you can provide is appreciated.

    • Hey Monica, I’ve never heard of an LLC with 2 Registered Agents. Regardless of what someone tells you, whatever is on state record is who the Registered Agent is. I’d serve both agents, as well as the owners, if you can find them. I’d exhaust all options. Hopefully you have an attorney helping you, who is already doing this.

  4. i want to apply for a students visa , how can i get visa for studying at Georgia LLC

    • Hi Belbase, I’m not sure, since we don’t cover information regarding obtaining visas.

  5. If someone creates an LLC and uses the local post office as the address for the LLC and opts not to disclose that it’s a P O Box when registering is this legal and acceptable? If not, what can be done to address my concerns?

    I was trying to have service completed on this law firm but couldn’t. After some investigation work realized it wasn’t an actual business but, a the local post office address with a p o box number.

    • Hi Tammy, there is a good chance this is not legal, but we don’t provide information on how to serve an entity or the legality of an existing entity’s Registered Agent. However, take a look at the 2010 Georgia Code. § 14-11-209 (Registered office and registered agent) and § 14-2-504 (Service on corporation). I’d also speak with your legal counsel as you may be able to still serve the entity via substituted service of process through the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office. Hope that helps.

  6. I started an LLC with an online company and then after a year I got a notice saying that I had to renew with my state and they could do it for me. I looked in to it and saw that this is something I can do myself and save money. I then got a letter and email from them saying that I need to send them $99 to renew them as my registered agent. I am just an individual who does work for myself and don’t have any employees so I want to be my own registered agent. Do I have to call the state and tell them that I am the registered agent or as long as they have my address and name already am I good. I just don’t want to have to pay for something that is not necessary but don’t want to get in trouble with the state and loose my LLC.

    • Hi Chris, I hear you. You’ll update your LLC’s Registered Agent to yourself via either your LLC’s Annual Registration or through an Amended Annual Registration.

  7. What happens if you have legal papers served and the RA is not available. Ie he put the business offices address which he is never at.

    • If this is your LLC, then we recommend getting a different Registered Agent. If you’re trying to sue an LLC, your legal counsel should be able to discuss other ways in which to deliver Service of Process against the LLC. Hope that helps.

  8. What’s the process for filing an llcf in Georgia for privacy only?

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