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LLC University and Northwest Registered Agent Partnership

Place your order through LLC University®, Northwest Registered Agent handles the rest

Choose your state & start your LLC for $39:

(where should I form my LLC?)

No hidden fees, no upsells, and no confusing LLC packages.

LLC University® readers, get special discounted pricing.
Northwest usually charges $100 + state fees
However, when you order through this page, you receive 60% off!

Northwest Registered Agent Package Basic


Northwest Registered Agent Package Deluxe
*Social Security Number required to obtain an EIN

Northwest Registered Agent Package Premium
*Social Security Number required to obtain an EIN


(If you don’t have a Social Security Number: how to get an EIN without an SSN or ITIN)

Finally, a company I can put my name behind

Matt Horwitz LLC University Founder

Hi, I’m Matt Horwitz. I’m the founder of LLC University®.

For the past decade, my team and I have been researching, writing, and teaching LLC formation in every single state.

Throughout this time, I’ve gotten to know the LLC formation and Registered Agent industry very well.

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, there are some really shady companies in this space. Even “big” companies, ones whose brand name you’re supposed to trust. I tell people to stay away from most filing companies.

For most of them, it’s just a numbers game. They pump you through their system (sometimes not even filing your LLC correctly) trying to extract as much money from you as possible. They basically upsell the crap out of you (mostly for stuff you don’t need) and then they sell your customer data to 3rd parties.

However, there is one company I stand behind: Northwest Registered Agent.

I use them myself. And it’s the only company I recommend to friends and family.

Are we compensated by Northwest Registered Agent?

Of course we are! I love Northwest Registered Agent. I’ve been using them since I got started. And when friends ask me who to hire, I always refer them to Northwest.

So a few years back, I decided to reach out to Northwest and see if they were interested in a partnership.

Our companies share a lot of the same values (no B.S., transparency, a great service, and excellent customer support, to name a few) and honestly, the partnership was effortless. It just felt right.

Since that I’ve time, I’ve now personally been out to their main office in Spokane, Washington twice. I rented an Airbnb and was in town for a few weeks. I got to hang out with their team, chill in the office, and see the “inner workings” of Northwest.

I was already impressed with them by “studying from afar”, but after getting to know the team there, I feel 100% confident in recommending their services.

Their tagline is We’re Just Not Annoying®.

And I know at first, you may read that and think, “What the heck does that mean?” What that means is they don’t upsell you and offer you crap you don’t need, they don’t sell your customer data, and they don’t blast you with newsletters and “coupon deals” every other week (man, the industry is pretty sad lol!). They just offer a solid service, at a great price, they’re always there if you need them, but other than that, they just leave you alone.

To be honest, I think a lot of companies could learn a lot from Northwest.

For more details, you can view our advertiser’s policy (link).

I hope my honesty and transparency has been helpful.

And look, this is just one man’s opinion. And of course I’m biased. I honestly do think Northwest Registered Agent is the best game in town. And sure, it would be great if you placed your order through this page (so we’re compensated), but honestly, if you’d rather not, just go to google, type in their name, and go to their website directly. In that manner, we get no credit for the sale. I’m just happy to help you find a reliable LLC and Registered Agent company :)

Thanks for reading!


Matt Horwitz
Founder, LLC University®

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about Northwest Registered Agent, you can check out the review I wrote: My Thoughts on Northwest Registered Agent.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I think
Northwest is the best game in town

1) No Hidden Fees. No Upsells. No Confusing Packages.

With Northwest Registered Agent, what you see is what you get.

Their tagline is “we’re just not annoying”. What they mean by that is they offer a great service at a great price. They don’t have confusing LLC packages, the don’t upsell you, and there are no hidden fees.

They offer premium LLC and Registered Agent services at the best price.

Unfortunately, most other companies take advantage of you. They make their packages confusing and trick you into paying more, often for things you don’t even need.

LLC packages at Northwest include everything you need at no extra cost.

2) They Don’t Sell Your Information to 3rd Parties

Unlike other companies that sell your personal information in order to make more money, Northwest does the opposite.

Northwest Registered Agent protects their customers at all costs. The information that you provide them, stays with them. They don’t sell it to other companies and disguise it as an “Accounting Consultation” (which is really your information being sold to a company with aggressive sales tactics).

This is one of the biggest reasons I personally use Northwest Registered Agent for my own LLCs.

I trust that my information is safe and I’m not going to get unwanted spam or marketing solicitations.

3) You can use their address for privacy (keeping your address off public records)

The address you put on your LLC filing (that’ll be your Articles of Organization, Certificate of Organization, or Certificate of Formation) gets listed on public records with the Secretary of State.

From there, it may begin appearing on google searches (since the state databases are publicly available).

This used to drive me crazy. I’d get so much junk mail and I didn’t like it when my information was so readily available via a quick google search.

So instead of using your home address (which is what most filers do), if you hire Northwest Registered Agent, you can use their address throughout your LLC filing and keep your address off public records.

This also will eliminate junk mail, which I think is a great bonus!

4) Free Registered Agent Service for the 1st year

If you don’t have the time or patience to DIY and form your LLC yourself, if you hire Northwest Registered Agent ($39 + state fee) to form your LLC, they include their Registered Agent service free for the 1st year.

That’s a $125 discount.

After that, service in year 2 (and onwards) is $125 per year.

I also like that they don’t have a contract and you can cancel any time.

5) They know what they’re talking about

If you call most other companies in this industry, you’re likely going to speak to some sales rep who barely understands what a Registered Agent is or how to form an LLC.

On the other hand, I really like that Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t have any sales reps. Pretty much everyone in their company does customer support. There’s no dedicated “sales team”. So when you call, you just speak with a friendly person who knows what they’re talking about. I find this super helpful.

Go ahead and give them a call (509-435-9053). Ask any question you want. I think you’ll be impressed when the phone is answered right away (no annoying phone prompts or extensions), the person you speak with is very friendly, and most importantly, they are experts at what they do. They know the ins and outs of LLC formation in every single state.

This is why I think Northwest Registered Agent is the best company in the space.

All 3 LLC packages come with:

  • 60% special discounted pricing for LLC University® readers
  • Free Registered Agent service for the 1st year (then it’s $125 per year)
  • Free Address Privacy™ (Northwest will let you use their address on your LLC documents; optional, not required to use)
  • Free Address Confidentiality™ (your information is kept safe and never sold to 3rd parties)
  • Free online account & document scanning (mail sent to your LLC will be scanned and uploaded to your online account)
  • Free Annual Report reminders (if applicable in your state; most states have an Annual Report)
  • 100% error-free guarantee
  • Lifetime customer support for LLC University® readers (dedicated line: 509-435-9053)

Clarification on Address Privacy™

When you complete the LLC checkout above, you’ll be asked if you want to use your address or Northwest Registered Agent’s address. That selection will take care of your address privacy on your Articles of Organization (or Certificate of Organization or Certificate of Formation; depending on the state).

For other items, like opening a bank account, credit cards, online registrations, magazine subscriptions, etc., please use your own address.

Place your order through LLC University®, Northwest Registered Agent handles the rest

No hidden fees, no upsells, and no confusing LLC packages.

LLC University® readers, you get special discounted pricing.
Northwest usually charges $100 + state fees.
However, when you order through this page, you receive 60% off!

Northwest Registered Agent Package Basic


Northwest Registered Agent Package Deluxe
*Social Security Number required to obtain EIN

Northwest Registered Agent Package Premium
*Social Security Number required to obtain an EIN


(If you don’t have a Social Security Number: how to get an EIN without an SSN or ITIN)

Disclaimer: Nothing on this page shall be interpreted as legal or tax advice. Rules and regulations vary by location. They also change over time and are specific to your situation. Furthermore, this comment section is provided so people can share their thoughts and experience. Please consult a licensed professional if you have legal or tax questions.


  1. Dandre Stewart March 22, 2019

    If I had incorporated myself before can I do my LLC it has been over 3years

    • Matt Horwitz March 23, 2019

      Hi Dandre, if you mean that you formed a Corporation 3 years ago and now want to form an LLC, the answer is yes. There is no limit to how many entities (LLCs or Corporations) you can own. If you’re asking if you can form your LLC by filing yourself, that answer is also yes. If you go to our homepage and then select your state, you’ll find instructions. Hope that helps.

  2. David J March 26, 2019

    Hello Matt,

    Good day to you from here, I am writing to you because I made payment for LLC in Delaware about 24hrs ago (25th March 2019), I got northwest registered agent online account dash panel. I have been waiting for an email from LLC University or Northwest Agent as a confirmation that my LLC is being processed but up till this moment, No email from them.

    Kindly let me know if my LLC payment is being processed and if the 9 days wait has commenced.

    Thank you.

    • Matt Horwitz March 26, 2019

      Hi David, I hope you’re doing well! Since you were in your online account, your order definitely through successfully (and the wait time has started). Northwest’s systems automatically send out a confirmation email, confirming the order and explaining the process. You’ll also get an email once your LLC is approved so you can login and download all your documents. You can also see the status of your order inside your online account with Northwest. Please take a look in your spam folder. There is a chance that the confirmation email went there. Also… it sometimes happens that there was a typo when you entered your email address. We at LLC University don’t handle the customer support, but if you don’t have an email from Northwest (or in your spam folder), please give them a call (509-435-9053) and they’ll be happy to double-check your email address and take a look at anything else you need. Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

  3. Ralph April 8, 2019

    What about non-residents of the US? which state would be best to form LLC in? Also what about transferring LLC from a state you now live to another if you’ll be no longer a resident of the state?

    • Matt Horwitz April 15, 2019

      Hi Ralph, as a non-US resident, if you’re not actually transacting business inside of a state (typically by having a physical location, employees, or repeated transactions), you can pick any state you’d like. If you are “transacting business” in a particular state, then that’s where an LLC should be formed/registered. The laws around “transacting business” vary by state, so it’s a conversation that would be best to have with an attorney.

      After a non-US resident forms an LLC, how they get an EIN for their LLC and open a US business bank account are different from how an American citizen would do it. We have those instructions here: how to get EIN for LLC without SSN or ITIN and foreign national opening US LLC bank account.

      How to “move” an LLC from one state to another can usually happen in one of three ways (depending on the states).

      The 1st option is to dissolve the LLC in the old state and form an LLC in the new state. This would require a new EIN Number and new bank account. It’s basically an entirely new business.

      The 2nd option is to register the existing LLC as a foreign LLC in the new state. The existing LLC will remain open (and will need to be maintained; annual renewal, Registered Agent, etc.) The benefit of the second option is that the existing LLC is just “extending its authority” to do business in a new state. So it’ll keep the same bank account, same EIN Number, and same company history. It’s the same company. It can just now do business in the new state.

      And the 3rd option is only an option if both states allow it, and that is called domestication (sometimes called conversion). This has the benefit of the second option (company history stays the same) and the benefit of the first option (once domestication/conversion is complete, you can dissolve the old LLC). The “negative” is that the filings are usually more complicated and we recommend working with an attorney to do them.

      Hope that helps!

  4. Autumn Kirkwood June 19, 2019

    I already have an entity set up in Nevada, I am just looking to renew for the least amount of money possible.

    • Matt Horwitz June 20, 2019

      Hi Autumn, the cheapest option is to file yourself. This way, you’ll just pay the state fees. You can find those details here: Nevada LLC annual requirements. If you need assistance, Northwest Registered Agent does offer an Annual Compliance service. It’s $100 + state fees. You can find that on their website on the “Services” page. Hope that helps.

  5. Shivansh Sharma June 24, 2019

    i am non us citizen , i want to open a llc where should i open it And also i need a reseller tax certificate
    please help me out

    shivansh sharma

    • Matt Horwitz June 24, 2019

      Hi Shivansh, you can pick nearly any state you’d like. Some things to consider are the LLC bank account for non-US residents. That could influence your choice of which state. You can also look into the reseller tax certificate for the state(s) you are considering and see if there are any special requirements. However, we’re unable to say “this is where you should form an LLC”. Thanks for your understanding.

  6. TOM CALGARO July 3, 2019

    I want to form an LLC so at what point do I apply for name approval of my new company? I’m doing California….

    • Matt Horwitz July 7, 2019

      Hi Tom, getting the LLC name approved ahead of time (usually called a Name Reservation) isn’t a required a step. When you form your LLC (or hire someone to form your LLC), the state approves the name when they approve your LLC filing. Said another way, when the state approves your LLC filing, they are approving the “whole thing” (including the LLC name). Hope that helps.


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