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Deal alert! Northwest will form your LLC for $39 (60% discount).

Matt Horwitz founder of LLC University

Northwest Registered Agent is the 2nd largest Registered Agent business. They offer LLC formation service and Registered Agent service in every state. You can read our review to find out if you should hire them.

Let’s get right to it:

Should you hire Northwest to form your LLC?
If you’re looking for great customer service and the best price, yes, we recommend hiring Northwest Registered Agent. They charge $39 plus state fees to form your LLC.

Northwest offers discounted pricing to LLC University® readers (60% off).

About Northwest Registered Agent LLC

Northwest Registered Agent review

Northwest Registered Agent is headquartered in Spokane, Washington. However, they also have offices in all 50 states.

They are a well-established business and have been in operation for over 20 years.

Core Services

Northwest Registered Agent offers the following core services:

  • LLC formation service
  • Registered Agent service
  • Address privacy (keeps your address off public record)
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Annual Report reminders
  • Online document dashboard

Additional Services

Northwest offers the following extra services:

  • EIN Number
  • Annual Report service
  • Operating Agreements
  • Virtual office service
  • S-Corp Election
  • Mail forwarding service
  • Foreign qualification
  • Legal forms
  • Legal services (in Utah)
  • Incorporation services

Northwest Registered Agent reviews

RatingNumber of ReviewsSource
Google:4.6 stars339 reviewsGoogle reviews
Better Business Bureau:4.33 stars90 reviewsBBB reviews
Birdeye:4.4 stars443 reviewsBirdeye reviews
Yelp:4 stars49 reviewsYelp reviews

Here’s a few of our favorite customer reviews:

These guys are real. They do LLCs. They do just as good a job as LegalZoom. They do it for much cheaper. And they do it with 1 or 2 day turnaround, for FREE, whereas Legal Zoom charges HUNDREDS of dollars for that. They also have great people available on the phone. I paid. I received service. It was not a scam. Legit business. I’m very, very happy I found these guys. LegalZoom would’ve taken a month and cost much more.”

Carlos Augusto, California
(source: Google reviews)
Northwest Registered Agent Review by Carlos Augusto

Northwest Registered Agent is one of the more seamless companies to work with in regards to company formation and registered agents. Paul (the rep who helped me) is a beast. I rapid fired so many questions at him, all of which were answered patiently with specificity and experience. Within 30 minutes, I went from being someone who knew little to nothing about company formation, to being someone who was able to move things forward with certainty.”

Dylan P, New York
(source: Yelp reviews)
Northwest Registered Agent Review by Dylan P

Down-to-earth pricing with no hidden gotchas. Fast turnaround, responsive customer service, and an all-round pleasurable company to work with.”

Ozan B.
(source: Better Business Bureau reviews)

How much does Northwest Registered Agent charge to form an LLC?

LLC formation:$39 + state fee
Registered Agent service:Free the 1st year (then $125 per year)
Address privacy:Free

Pros of Northwest Registered Agent

These are the pros of Northwest Registered Agent:

  • Keep your address off public record (no other company offers this)
  • Great customer support (call and ask any question – you’ll be impressed!)
  • Very reasonable prices (use the LLCU discount)
  • Been in business 20+ years
  • They don’t sell your customer data (unlike most other companies in the space)
  • They have offices in strategic locations (to help you save money on states where there’s a publication requirement: Arizona, New York, and Nebraska)

Cons of Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is not the cheapest company. Other companies are cheaper, however, we think the saying holds true: you get what you pay for.

We don’t believe there are any cons to Northwest. We’ve compared Northwest with all other LLC filing companies. We haven’t found a single situation in which Northwest didn’t come out on top.

Northwest Registered Agent Guarantee

Northwest has a 100% Error-Free Guarantee:

“We form hundreds of LLCs every day, and each filing is backed by our 100% error-free guarantee. Although extremely rare, in the 20 years we’ve been in business, we’ve learned that mistakes do happen. Should an error occur, we’ll file every amendment required to make sure your company information is accurate (at no cost to you).”

Alternatives to Northwest Registered Agent

Alternatives to Northwest Registered Agent are:

If you go with another company, we recommend looking into the following:

  • Do they have hidden fees?
  • Do they have lots of upsells?
  • Do they charge extra to scan your mail?
  • Do they have good reviews?
  • Do they keep your address off public records?

Northwest Registered Agent vs competitors

Check out the table below for pricing and reviews of the top LLC formation services.

PriceAddress privacyReviewsFree Registered Agent 1st year?
Northwest Registered Agent$39 + state fee
(complete package)
Yes, the only company to offer this.4.6 stars Google ratingYes
LegalZoom$0 + state fee
(basic package)
No3.6 stars Google ratingNo, $299 per year
ZenBusiness$49 + state fee
(starter package)
No4.8 stars Google ratingYes
IncFile$0 + state fee
(started package)
No3.4 stars on TrustpilotYes
Rocket Lawyer$100 + state fee
(non-subscriber price)
No4.7 stars on TrustpilotNo, $150 per year

Northwest Registered Agent vs LegalZoom

Winner → Northwest Registered Agent

Why? Northwest Registered Agent has better customer support and better pricing. LegalZoom has misleading pricing and can be hard to cancel.

For more information, check out Northwest Registered Agent vs LegalZoom.

Here is LegalZoom compared to Northwest Registered Agent:

LegalZoomNorthwest Registered AgentNotes
LLC price:$0 + state fee$39 + state feeNorthwest's filing fees are $110 cheaper.
Registered Agent price:$249 per yearFree for 1st year, then $125 per yearMany LegalZoom customers say this service is hard to cancel.
Upsells:7 upsellsNo upsellsLegalZoom upsells totaled $1,688.
Approval time:30 business days (unless you pay extra)3-5 business days (in most states)Northwest is on average 3 weeks faster
Google reviews:LegalZoom is 3.7 starsNorthwest is 4.7 starsNorthwest has better reviews.
Customer support:Not easy to contact. Sometimes they try to sell you more products.Industry experts who share knowledge. Friendly. No sales pitches.Northwest has better customer support. And no "pushy" salespeople.
Data privacy:LegalZoom sells customer info.Northwest never sells any customer info.

Northwest Registered Agent vs IncFile

Winner → Northwest Registered Agent

Why? While IncFile has cheaper filing fees, Northwest Registered Agent has much better support. And Northwest doesn’t sell any of your customer data.

For more information, check out IncFile vs Northwest Registered Agent.

Here is IncFile compared to Northwest Registered Agent:

IncFileNorthwest Registered AgentNotes
LLC price:$0 + state fee$39 + state feeWhile IncFile is cheaper up front, most people pay a lot more with the upsells.
Registered Agent price:Free for 1st year, then $119 per yearFree for 1st year, then $125 per year
Upsells:8 upsellsNo upsellsIncFile upsells totaled $343.
Approval time:1-3 weeks (depends on the state)3-5 business days (in most states)
Google reviews:IncFile is 1.5 starsNorthwest is 4.5 starsNorthwest has better reviews.
Customer support:This is where IncFile gets a bad reputation. Support can be hard to reach or not helpful.Industry experts who share knowledge. Friendly. No sales pitches.Northwest has better customer support. And no "pushy" salespeople.
Data privacy:If you choose certain upsells, IncFile does sell your data.Northwest never sells your data.

Services provided by Northwest Registered Agent

In addition to LLC formation and Registered Agent service, Northwest also offers other products and services.

LLC formation

Northwest Registered Agent charges $39 + state fee. This includes free Registered Agent service for the 1st year.

Northwest will check your LLC name availability and then file the Articles of Organization with the state government. Once this document is approved, your LLC is officially created.

Note: In some states, the Articles of Organization is called the Certificate of Organization or Certificate of Formation.

With every order, Northwest includes the following for free: Annual Report reminders, mail scanning and uploading, and lifetime customer support.

Registered Agent service

Northwest will include Registered Agent service for free for the 1st year (if you hire them to form your LLC). After that, service renews at $125 per year.

What is a Registered Agent? A Registered Agent is a person or company who agrees to accept legal mail (called Service of Process) and state notices on behalf of your LLC.

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)

Northwest will get your EIN Number from the IRS for $50 (if you have an SSN or ITIN).

If you’re a non-US resident, and don’t have an SSN or ITIN, Northwest can still get your EIN Number from the IRS. The price is $200.

LLC Operating Agreement

An LLC Operating Agreement is an agreement between the LLC owners (called “Members”). It spells out certain things, such as how much of the LLC everyone owns and how the LLC is managed.

You can purchase an Operating Agreement from Northwest for $50.

Other items

Certificate of Good Standing for $50. This is needed if you are registering your LLC as a Foreign LLC in another state.

Certified Copy for $60. This is needed in only certain states if you are registering your LLC as a Foreign LLC in another state.

Phone service. Northwest offers a free trial for a business phone number. If you like the service, it renews at $9/month.

Credit card processing. If you’d like to receive credit card payments for your business, Northwest can help you set up a merchant account. Prices will vary based on volume.

Top 5 reasons Northwest Registered Agent is the best

We compared Northwest Registered Agent to all the other companies. These are our top 5 favorite things about Northwest.

1) No Hidden Fees. No Upsells. No Confusing Packages.

With Northwest Registered Agent, what you see is what you get.

Their tagline is “We’re just not annoying.” What they mean by that is they offer a great service at a great price. They don’t have confusing LLC packages, they don’t upsell you, and there are no hidden fees.

They offer LLC formation packages and Registered Agent services at the best price.

Unfortunately, most other companies take advantage of you. They make their packages confusing and trick you into paying more (often for things you don’t even need).

2) They don’t sell your personal information

Northwest doesn’t sell your personal information to make more money (unlike many competitors)

Instead, they protect their customers’ information at all costs. The data that you provide stays with them. They don’t sell your information to other companies and disguise it as an “Accounting Consultation” (which is really your information being sold to a company with aggressive sales tactics).

This is one of the biggest reasons I personally use Northwest for my own LLCs. I trust that my information is safe and I’m not going to get unwanted spam or marketing solicitations.

3) You can use their address for privacy (keep yours off public records)

The address you put on your LLC filing (your Articles of Organization, Certificate of Organization, or Certificate of Formation) gets listed on public records with the Secretary of State.

From there, it may begin appearing on Google searches (since the state databases are publicly available), and even on other websites that copy the public records.

This used to drive me crazy. I’d get so much junk mail and I didn’t like it when my information was so readily available via a quick search.

So instead of using your home address (which is what most filers do), if you hire Northwest Registered Agent, you can use their business address throughout your LLC filing and keep your address off public records.

This also eliminates some junk mail, which I think is a great bonus!

4) Free Registered Agent Service for 365 Days

If you hire Northwest ($39 + state fee) to form your LLC, they will include Registered Agent service free for the 1st year.

Northwest offers 1 LLC service package.

That’s a $125 discount. After that, Northwest’s Registered Agent service is $125 per year.

This renews automatically every year, but you can cancel this at any time in your personalized dashboard.

If you cancel services with Northwest, nothing happens to your LLC. It doesn’t change status or do anything scary like that. Instead, you’ll just need to file a change of Registered Agent filing with the state and appoint the new Registered Agent.

5) They are LLC experts

If you call most other companies in this industry, you will probably speak to some sales rep who barely understands what a Registered Agent is or how to form an LLC.

On the other hand, I really like that Northwest doesn’t have any sales reps. Everyone in their company does customer support. There’s no dedicated “sales team.” So when you call, you speak with a friendly person who knows what they’re talking about.

Go ahead and give their customer service team a call right now: 509-435-9053. Their hours are Monday to Friday, from 9am to 8pm Eastern (6am to 5pm Pacific).

Ask any question you want. I think you’ll be impressed when the phone is answered right away (no phone prompts or extensions), the person you speak with is very friendly, and, most importantly, they are experts at what they do.

Is Northwest Registered Agent a good choice for your LLC?

Northwest Registered Agent has excellent customer service and they are industry experts.

They keep your address off public records and don’t sell your data to 3rd parties.

Northwest Registered Agent is our favorite company and they’re also a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

We’ve been using them for our own LLCs for many years and we highly recommend them.

I hope this Northwest Registered Agent review has been helpful!

Northwest Registered Agent FAQ

What happens after I hire Northwest?

Northwest will confirm that your LLC name is available. Then they’ll file your Articles of Organization with the state. Once your LLC is approved, you will get an email notification.

Then, you can log into your personalized dashboard and download your LLC forms. This will include the approved Articles of Organization (formation papers), your LLC Operating Agreement, and any other services you ordered.

Does Northwest offer a discount?

Yes, Northwest Registered Agent offers a 60% discount for LLC University readers. To learn more, see Northwest Registered Agent discount.

What are the turnaround times?

The turnaround time depends on the state where you form your LLC. Please see How long does it take to get an LLC for state approval times. Please add a few days to the state approval time to account for Northwest’s processing time.

Can you be your own Registered Agent for an LLC?

Yes, you can be your own Registered Agent for your LLC. In most states, you need to be a resident of the state where you’re forming the LLC. Being your own Registered Agent will save you money.

However, your name and address will be listed in the Articles of Organization, which goes on public record. If you’d like to avoid that, you should hire Northwest and let them be your Registered Agent. This will keep your address off public records. Not only does Northwest let you use their address for the Registered Agent section, but they’ll use their address for the LLC principal office address and the LLC mailing address.

What is Service of Process?

Service of Process for an LLC is the delivery of legal documents, like a notice of a lawsuit.

Other documents that are delivered by Service of Process include subpoenas, summons, complaints, and writs. Service of Process is delivered to your LLC’s Registered Agent.

Receiving Service of Process is the main purpose of a Registered Agent. However, the Secretary of State may also send state notices to your Registered Agent. Any mail sent to your Registered Agent will be forwarded to you.

Is a Registered Agent really necessary?

Yes, a Registered Agent is required for forming an LLC in every state (except for New York and West Virginia).

However, we still recommend hiring a Registered Agent in New York to save money on the New York LLC Publication Requirement.

How much does Northwest Registered Agent cost?

If you use Northwest’s Registered Agent service, it costs $125 per year. People choose this standalone service if they are forming their LLC themselves.

However, if you hire Northwest to form your LLC ($39 + state fee), they’ll include Registered Agent service free for the 1st year.

Is Northwest Registered Agent legit?

Yes. They’ve been in business for 20+ years, and have an excellent BBB Business Profile.

They have the best customer service and we use them for our own LLCs. They don’t sell customer data and they keep your address off public records.

How to cancel Northwest Registered Agent?

You can cancel services with Northwest Registered Agent at any time by logging into your online account.

Click on “Services” at the top. Then click on your company name. Then check the box to the left of “Registered Agent service”. Then click the “Cancel services” button.

There is no fee to cancel Northwest Registered Agent. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to file a change of Registered Agent with the state to add your new Registered Agent.

How long to get an EIN with Northwest Registered Agent?

If you hired Northwest Registered Agent to form your LLC, they can also get your EIN from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Once the IRS approves your EIN, they’ll issue an EIN Confirmation Letter (CP 575). Northwest will provide the EIN Confirmation Letter along with your other LLC approval documents and they’ll give them to you at the same time. So it depends on what state you form your LLC in.

However, Northwest can usually get an EIN within a few business days if you have a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer ID Number (ITIN). If you don’t have an SSN or ITIN, it can take a few months.

What does enabling compliance mean Northwest Registered Agent?

Enabling compliance with Northwest Registered Agent means they will file your LLC Annual Report for you every year.

Northwest does charge a service fee for this. And you’ll need to pay the state fees as well. Northwest Registered Agent will send you reminder notices by email before your LLC’s Annual Report due date.

Note: This service doesn’t apply for states where there are no LLC Annual Reports.

Which companies use Northwest Registered Agent?

Companies that use Northwest Registered Agent are usually small and medium sized businesses. Northwest Registered Agent offers services for businesses of all sizes, whether you’re a brand new entrepreneur or your business is expanding into multiple states.

Where is Northwest Registered Agent located?

Northwest Registered Agent is headquartered in Spokane, Washington. However, they have offices in all 50 states. So no matter where you need an LLC formed, or where you need Registered Agent services, Northwest can assist you.

What does Northwest Registered Agent do?

Northwest Registered Agent specializes in LLC formation and Registered Agent services.

A Registered Agent is a person or company who agrees to receive legal mail (called Service of Process) and state notices on behalf of your LLC.

What is the Northwest customer support phone number and email?

Northwest’s customer support phone number is 509-435-9053. Their hours are Monday to Friday, 6am to 5pm Pacific (9am to 8pm Eastern).

Their email is

Matt Horwitz
Matt Horwitz
Matt Horwitz is the leading expert on LLC education, and has been teaching for 15 years. He founded LLC University in 2010 after realizing people needed simple and actionable instructions to start an LLC. He's cited by Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and the US Chamber of Commerce, and was featured by CNBC and InventRight.
Matt holds a Bachelor's Degree in business from Drexel University with a concentration in business law. He performs extensive research and analysis to convert state laws into simple instructions anyone can follow to form their LLC - all for free! Read more about Matt Horwitz and LLC University.

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  1. Hi Matt,
    two questions: can I create a Nevada series LLC and put a FL land trust in one cell and a California LLC in another cell?
    And where could I find a trustee for the FL land trust?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Raffael, I’m not sure. For that, I recommend speaking with a few different asset protection attorneys and tax attorneys. Typically, people use a Trustee that they know and trust, however, there are also trustee services out there as well. At this time, we don’t have any recommendations for such services. And it may be better to work with the attorney that helps you with your land trust, if that’s the route you take.

  2. Ive formed my LLC, have my EIN but need a new Registered Agent and want someone to handle that part of the business for me. Do you all do that as well; Amendments?

    • Hi Sen, you can purchase Registered Agent service from Northwest Registered Agent for $125 per year. They may be able to assist with Amendments as well. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi Matt,
    I am from Nebraska, so the plan will be to publish my LLC notice for 3 weeks. Lucky me (LOL). I reside in Warren Buffett territory, so I know which newspaper to choose, and I suspect that the cost will be rather frightening.
    I’m very new at this. Should I begin by contacting Northwest, then hire someone to start building my website? I’ll follow your advice about Mercury (I had considered Ally).
    What a blessing it was to accidentally find this site. I feel less nervous after reading much of your information. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Cady, glad you found us! And happy to hear. That’s cool you’re in Warren Buffet territory. And yes, that’s a fine order to start things.

  4. Hi,
    First of all, I wanted to thank you for making this website, it’s been a blessing to have all the true/correct info in one place. Super useful!!
    Do you have a chapter in LLC university where it explained how to create LLC and stay fully anonymous?
    Like create an umbrella LLC in WY or DE then open an LLC in California (where I reside). So neither my name or address show up?
    Where can I find details on how to properly do that? Should the WY LLC be registered as a member manage or manager manage? Same for the LLC in CA- should it be manager managed by the WY LLC or Member manage by the WY LLC. My understanding is that the CA LLC should be manager managed ? Will my name appear anywhere? How about WY LLC how to make sure that You create an LLC anonymously fully over there in WY. Can Nothwestern help with that?
    Thank you for any help!

    • Hi Anthony, you’re very welcome! Thank you for the kind words. We don’t have a chapter on that just yet, as it requires a pretty high level of understanding as well as attention to detail. If the CA LLC is Manager-managed by you, then yes, your name will be listed in the California LLC Statement of Information. Northwest can help, however, we recommend you be aware of the paperwork and all fields. Apologies for our slow reply. If haven’t filed and still have questions, please let me know and I can provide some more details. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for the great info on this website!

    I am about to start/file my LLC application (which would be a smartphone app development LLC), but I don’t want either my name or my home address to show in public in anyway. So I was thinking to use Northwest as registered agent, however I was also reading some info online where I needed to have a virtual business address as well. So I am a bit confused here by reading this post here as it sounds like Northwest’s registered agent would be enough in terms of what I wanted to achieve (not show public my name and home address). So my question is: can I use Northwest’s registered agent address also as my business address? Basically I’d like to use Northwest’s service as both registered agent (for receiving legal related mails) AND my business address (for receiving business related mails which I don’t think would be many as it’d be online communications with my clients most of the time).


    • You’re welcome! What state are you forming an LLC in? And where did you read you need to have a virtual business address?

      You don’t need a virtual office address for your LLC paperwork if you hire Northwest. However, Northwest isn’t your “general” business address for regular mail, bills, packages, etc. For that, you can use an existing address you have, rent office space, or use a virtual office address. (Having said that, if it’s only a few pieces of mail, Northwest will still scan that for you. They don’t want credit cards, packages, or large volumes of mail that isn’t state correspondence.)

      “Virtual office” is a bit of an ambiguous term. Some virtual office places just do basic mail retrieval and forwarding (sometimes scanning). Other virtual office places have conference rooms, phone receptionists, free lunch, networking events, etc. It’s all about the businesses you find offering these services and the details of those services. There isn’t a “standard” virtual office place. They all differ. You’ll need to call around and read different place’s websites.

      • Thanks for the info again, very informative!

        The misleading info I got from other places, I won’t post the link here, but if you search “registered agent vs virtual address” on YouTube, you will find them atop of the list. I think I am good to go with Northwest’s service as explained here.


  6. Hi Matt,
    Is Northwest registered agent good for my case?
    I am a US citizen living abroad, planning to open a LLC in Nevada? (Colorado used to be my home state, but. I don’t have family there and haven’t been there for many years), the main business is making media/video/movies abroad, do you recommend open a LLC in the US?
    Sorry for the double question, the other thread is closed so I came here.
    Thanks, George

    • Hey George, if you want to form an LLC in the US, then yes, you can hire Northwest. Nevada has expensive fees (formation and renewal) when compared with other state LLC filing fees, FYI. As to whether you should form a US LLC or an entity in your current jurisdiction, we can’t comment on that. Hope that helps.

  7. I want to form an LLC for a main company that will be offering different services in pro to the ultimate mission of the LLC. The LLC will work toward Marriage and Family but the products will sell different services, like therapy and coaching, entertainment, education and formation, health advice, in the future homes, etc… should I need to have separate LLC’s? Or can we operate under the main one only? Also I would like to do business with Europe and South America, could it be possible under the same LLC?
    I am an American Citizen and reside in Texas

    • Hi Maritza, ​apologies for the slow reply. We got backed up on support tickets. First, because Marriage and Family Therapy is regulated, there is a chance you may need to form a Professional LLC (PLLC). And typically PLLCs can’t engage in other activities. Even if it were allowed, it’s typically not good to place too much liability under “one roof” (ex: a therapy practice that also buys and sells homes). You’ll need to look into the state laws where you’re licensed regarding the PLLC and what it’s allowed to do. Hope that helps.

  8. Hi Matt, So I wanted your opinion on this. If I opened a Wyoming LLC or Nevada and paid someone to run my online business there with minimal interaction from me besides sending them a monthly check. Do I really need to register a Foreign entity for my home state of California? Would Northwest be able to set me up to be private from the public?

    • Hi Larry, California is very strict with “doing business” laws. Please see When is an LLC doing business in California. The fact that you are the Managing Member and reside in California and are doing things on behalf of an LLC, means that LLC will be doing business in California…. and should be registered as a foreign LLC there, pay franchise tax, and file LLC returns.

  9. Hi… I just printed all of the STEPS in your LLC formation section and was going to read it this weekend. Then I saw the section on WHERE to create LLC? where you make repeated references to “HOME STATE”. My situation is that I am selling an LA Apartment house to my two daughters. They live in CO and MN, but the property is in CA. I am not sure how HOME STATE fits in with their situation. Can they simply have ONE LLC in CA where the property is, or does the foreign LLC somehow come into play for them?

    • Hi Larry, an LLC should be formed/registered in the state(s) where it is doing business. California is very strict about these rules. You are likely fine to just form an LLC in California since that is where the LLC is doing business. If the LLC were also doing business in CO and/or MN, then it should be registered as a foreign LLC there. Hope that helps.

  10. Hi Matt, thank you for creating such an informative and helpful site. I was was so excited to hear about Assembly Bill 85 through your site! I am forming an LLC in California and wanted to use NorthWest but I see that they are charging me a $90 CA filing fee and not the $70 that is indicated on your site or the CA government site. This additional $20 is not associated with the expedited time fees, those are different. I realize the price is still great, but it is not the accurate filing fee so is this an extra cost for them to file for me? I thought that is what the $39 is for.

    Thank you for your time and assistance.

      • Got it, thank you for the quick response and clarification! I am going to form through them. Thanks again for creating this site that makes the formation and filing so easy to understand!

  11. First i would like to say i thank you for posting your honest opinion of Northwest. I researched online in 12/5/20 and went with Zen business, paid for the package with the domain site included but they had registered agent listed. I saw online that you cannot in missouri use or virtual address, so this company has a chat line and i asked about the ups store business address as an option, spoke on the phone and was told yes.. January found out that it was not true so i was going back and forth with zen business, secretary of state and i was asking why since i have a registered agent listed that i cannot use their address. I literally was trying to decide which coworking space i could pay $50-200 month for just for a physical address since i was told i cannot use their company registered agent as the address. Also secretary of state felt bad for me because they just literally said ” i don’t know what company that is but from what they are telling you i wouldn’t do business with them.
    Now again the company zen business has a registered agent listed, but you cannot use them in the sense of maybe what other registered agents make use for safety not including a home address.
    i was told so many conflicting things and i am not the type of person to immediately ask for a refund but this was something i could not avoid.
    i spoke one day to someone at northwest and they helped me so much with information and i wasn’t even a client. a week later i spoke with James Tucker and told him my situation and he gave his professional help even though again i wasn’t a client and empathized with my situation. he was not trying to sell me on anything, he truly cared about my business.
    i spoke back with zen business and conflicting info so i decided to call in the am and received a refund. i told them it was not worth to pay for another registered agent just to use the address and there is one listed with them at the same price. i am losing out on money.
    i called northwest back and asked for Mr. Tucker and he gave all the needed help and honest information i needed back in december and i am forever grateful for this. i feel more confident.
    i am happy this site is around or i wouldn’t have known about northwest in a true sense of honest reviews. also this site helped me in the sense of knowing i could have filed myself but i’m happy with the decision.

    • Hi Rosie, you are very welcome. Thank you for sharing :) That certainly sounds frustrating, but I’m really glad you got it sorted out and had a really positive experience with Northwest. I really like how they have no sales people and when you call, the person that picks up is knowledgable and is happy to help. Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad we could help!

  12. Hi, I chose to go with Northwest to set up my LLC, but I haven’t recieved any communication from them outside of the initial invoice showing I paid for services.

    Is this normal for Northwest? When can I expect to hear anything about the filing being completed or any progress?

    • Hi Ray, you’ll receive another email notification once your LLC is approved. If that email was sent and you didn’t see it, you can check your online account under “Documents” (the name may be slightly different). That is where your LLC documents will be uploaded after the LLC is approved by the state. Hope that helps.

  13. Another drawback of IncFile is that they don’t do business with non-resident, they need a US address

  14. Hi. I just signed up to form my LLC. While reading some of the comments I came across a few questions. I want to know what Northwest doesn’t cover that is mandatory for me to do on my own? For instance, tax registration, EIN number, publication…. Is there more? Im registered in New York.

    • Hi Shakria, if you didn’t choose the option to pay extra and have Northwest get your EIN, then you can obtain that yourself (at no cost) from the IRS. We have instructions here: How to get an EIN for LLC. You’ll also need to open the LLC bank account yourself.

      You’ll need to take of the New York LLC publication requirement yourself.

      You’ll need to take care of tax registration. However, within about 2 weeks of your LLC being approved, you’ll get a letter from the New York Department of Taxation and Finance. It’s called the “LLC/LLP Request for Info” letter. You’ll just fill that out and mail send it back to the Dept. of Taxation and Finance (this registers your LLC for taxes in New York). The letter will say “must be filed in 15 days or else penalties”. Don’t be scared. It’s not true. It’s not enforced. Yes, send it in when you can. But there is no penalty if it takes you longer than 15 days. Hope that helps :)

      • Hi Matt,
        I want to form a LLC in CA through Northwest. I was also wondering, what all I have to do on my own (specially all that concerns taxation in CA).
        Do you by any chance know if I can form a LLC with someone who has a study visa (not working visa) as a passive partner?
        Great information on your website- thanks a lot, really helps!

        • Thanks Anna! I’m not 100% sure on the visa rules as those vary a lot and have strict requirements. Northwest will file the initial Statement of Information (due within 90 days of formation). If you are enrolled in their annual report service, they’ll also file that for you every 2 years.

          Then the LLC will pay $800 franchise tax every year except for its fist year (because of the new AB85 exemption for LLCs). Your LLCs first $800 payment will be due by April 15, 2022 (assuming your LLC is formed in 2021). You can find more information on annual franchise tax, the LLC Estimated Fee, and Form 568 here: California LLC annual franchise tax. We also recommend speaking with an accountant or two for a deeper dive and to discuss any city-level filings.

      • Matt, good day to you!
        I worked with Northwest to form my LLC in New York State, and as you mentioned above I recently received the letter called “LLC/LLP Request for Information” from NY State Department of Taxation and Finance.
        One quick question: in Part 1 – New address information, it has 2 business addresses (Mailing address and Physical address) to be updated. (1) I can fill out with the same Northwest addresses that were used in the LLC formation, correct? Or, just leave it blank will also do? (2) What will happen if I put my personal home address there? Then, will I start getting all those junk mails to my home address?

        • Hi Jennifer! You’ll want to use your business location or home address on this form. Northwest doesn’t want you using their address here because this is a tax form. No, this won’t lead to junk mail since the information submitted to the New York Department of Taxation and Finance doesn’t go on public record. Hope that helps :)

  15. Matt,

    Thank you for creating this site. There’s a lot of helpful information and it’s vividly apparent that you strive to provide accurate and current information.

    Regarding Northwest Registered Agent: I have to say I would prefer not to post this, but just reach out in a non public manner, but briefly here are a couple of concerns I have regarding potentially hiring NWRA: I called their office maybe around a year ago and got the “wait don’t hang-up” recording. To be transparent, I hung up. I made additional calls throughout the day between 11am-4pm (PST) and always received the same recording.
    The other concern is that their website does not list their state by state business addresses. Maybe I missed something, but it seems like you have to speak with someone or perhaps signup to know what business address is available? Overall, it seems like an unprofessional approach and leaves me wondering if I would receive important notices within an appropriate time frame should I hire them.
    Again, thank you for all of the information provided on your website and kind regards,

    • Hi Robin, thank you very much! And thank you for your candid concerns. Please do call them again though! Hopefully the time you tried before was just a busy day. The reason they don’t list the addresses is because people were using them and listing the addresses on LLC filings before hiring Northwest (some people were confused). We personally use Northwest for at least a dozen registrations and have never had one single issue. We don’t just recommend Northwest because we’ve heard they are good. We recommend them because we personally use them and have been doing business with them since 2011. I hope you’ll give them another chance.

      • Thank you Matt!

        I have no idea how you are able to reply so quickly, but it’s admirable. I believe you when you say that you employ the services of NWRA for several of your businesses.

        Here’s my update: I left a voicemail around 2:30pm Monday afternoon and I did in fact receive a call back the next day around 9:45am.

        Your explanation (which I find to be valid) regarding why their addresses are not published provides insight as to why the representative did not address my question when leaving a message.

        I did take a look at the reviews on the website and I agree with you. The posted responses to claims seem to be earnest. It’s refreshing to have a company publicly acknowledge their mistakes.

        After having more time to consider my concerns I have taken into account the obvious convenience and financial savings of using their address instead of paying to rent a virtual office.

        Respectfully, I think for someone like myself who is considering e-commerce and knowing that there will be time sensitive mailings that will require a reply to keep my listings, I just don’t think the financial savings is worth taking the chance. I don’t want to have to play phone tag and this seems like it might be a constant issue.

        There are some definite positives to the services they provide and there is a lot to be said about the way they handle complaints made to the BBB. For my situation, I just don’t have the level of confidence to move forward with their services. I would be concerned about my personal information and also potential confusion with my LLC and associated DBA’s. NWRA just does not come across as a professional organization.

        I’m sorry. I really like your website, and find you to be credible, but I just can’t bring myself to abandon my concerns. This being stated, professionalism and straight forward answers when speaking with different virtual office companies also seems to be hit and miss. I guess this is just a sign of the times.

        Again, I do sincerely appreciate your reply and the information provided on this website.

        Thank you and may 2021 bring you continued good health, joy and prosperity.

        • Hi Robin, I’m not always that quick lol. Your comment came in while I was sitting down replying to comments ;) I’m glad to hear you got such a quick call back, especially during a very busy time of year. When mail is received for a business by Northwest, it’s scanned and automatically uploaded to your online account (which triggers an email notification). So you don’t have to call regarding mail. However, I certainly understand your concerns and hesitation and it’s usually not a good idea to go against your feelings on something. I know Northwest reads this page. And I know they’ve made serious investments to beefing up their phone systems (adding new features + new employees to get to calls quicker). Let us know if you need anything else or have any other LLC questions. Thank you Robin :) And Happy Holidays!

  16. Hi Matt,
    Sorry another question.
    I reside in China. You mentioned in “EIN Verification Letter (147C) for an LLC” that only an owner of your LLC can request a 147C Letter. No one else can call for you, unless they have a Power of Attorney on file with the IRS.
    If I register a LLC in Wyoming through Northwest, I can not apply for the 147C Letter by myself because I’m not the owner of my Wyoming LLC?

  17. Hi Matt,

    I am currently residing in China (also I am not a US citizen) and I intend to sell goods on Amazon US.
    If I register a LLC in Wyoming thruogh Northwest,does it mean the LLC owner is Northwest?
    It matters to me because when I register a seller account on Amazon,it requires me to offer the Articles of Organization and the Certificate of Organization with the legal person’s name on it. If Northwest is the owner,I can not register my Amazon seller account in my own name.

    Thank you very much for your time and efforts.

    • Hi Felicia, no, Northwest is not the owner. Northwest signs the Articles of Organization as the LLC Organizer. There is no owner (Member) information on the Articles of Organization in Wyoming. Maybe you can show Amazon the Initial Resolution that Northwest provides you, which is very similar to a Statement of LLC Organizer, where the Organizer steps down. With a Wyoming LLC, your ownership is stated in the Wyoming LLC Operating Agreement. If your name is on the Articles of Organization as the Organizer that doesn’t mean you’re the owner (Member). It just means you’re the Organizer. Of course, not everyone realizes this though. If you want to be on the Articles of Organization as Organizer (which will likely be easier for Amazon), you can file yourself. We have instructions here: Wyoming LLC Articles of Organization.

      • Hi Matt,

        Thanks for your reply.
        Another question is since the Operating Aggrement is an “internal document”(no official seal on the file), how to verify its legal effect to Amazon except the signature? will a official seal do? do US LLC use official seal?
        And I’ve hired northwest to register a company for me, can I change the name on Articles of Organization to my name?

        Again, thanks for your patience! Your articles really help me out!!

        • Hi Felicia, there is no need for an official seal on an LLC Operating Agreement (although you can use if you want). It’s a legally binding document because it’s a legally binding document. You cannot change the LLC name to your personal name (if that’s what you’re asking). The LLC name must have an allowable designator (ending), such as “LLC” in the name. If you want to change your LLC name to another LLC name, you’ll need to file an Amendment with the state. You can contact Northwest to see if they’ll help. If you do change your LLC name with the state, make sure to also update the IRS: How to change an LLC name with the IRS. Hope that helps.

  18. Hello I’m forming a Over the road truck driving job but I live in Michigan do I need to file for a foreign llc?

    • Hi Marvin, you can just form the LLC where you reside in Michigan. You don’t have to file a foreign LLC since your activity is considered “interstate business” and that doesn’t require a foreign LLC registration. Hope that helps.

  19. Hi Matt- I have so far done 2 LLCs through Northwest after reading everything on LLC University. Now we have an amazing business opportunity but need to have an s-corp vs. LLC, like yesterday. I would have preferred to have an LLC taxed as S-CORP , but time is of the essence. I see that Northwest handles S-corp filings as well so I will use them. I am wondering if they will waive their Registered agent fee for the 1 yr. for this S- corp? Bummer thing is with my other LLCs I did not use their RA service, but this time actually need it.

    • Hi Claire, we’re not 100% certain if the S-Corp filing with Northwest is an S-Corp election for a Corporation or for an LLC. Please call or email them during the week to double-check. You can also tell them you were referred by LLC University and see if they will waive the Registered Agent fee for the 1st year. They’ll need to manually put that in place for your order, if they allow it. Hope that helps.

  20. I need assist me to fill out form in registering my company in state of Texas
    I need to register for chamber of commerce, company license, Tax id, etc
    Please let me know who can do it for affordable cost

    • Hi M., we don’t offer such services. However, our website will show you how to form an LLC in Texas though. Linked from that page, you’ll also find instructions on how to get a Federal Tax ID Number for your LLC (wait for your LLC to be approved). After your LLC is approved by the state, you’ll want to contact the Chamber of Commerce regarding registration. Hope that helps.

  21. For an Event planner /independent online travel agent. I put “Other” as business type for my EIN, is that ok?

    • Hi Val, if you’re referring to the IRS online EIN application, then yes. After the “Other” page, there will be a follow-up page where you can enter something along the lines of “Event and travel planning”, as an example. And don’t worry, you’re not going to be forced to do this forever. And you don’t have to update it if you change business activities. Hope that helps.

  22. Hi Matt, if I am domiciled in one state but I’m currently living outside the US, with the intent to return to the same state in a few years, and I want to form an LLC, would that state be considered my home state or would I have to form a foreign LLC there? Thanks!

    • Hi Michelle, we recommend forming the LLC in the state in which you will be returning to. Hope that helps.

  23. Can I operate all my businesses under one LLC or form a separate LLC for each businesses, eg, real estate and e-commerce businesses?

    • Hi Sam, you can operate one, or multiple business activities, under one LLC… or you can form multiple LLCs. A lot of people choose separate LLCs for separate business activities if they feel there is more liability risk. In the case of real estate, it’s worth considering forming separate LLCs so that your properties aren’t at risk for events that occur in your e-commerce business (and vice versa). We’re written about this in more detail here: Can you have two businesses under one LLC. Hope that helps!

  24. Hi Matt,
    I just moved to Washington sate and will form an LLC.

    Ideally, I want to be my own registered agent. But my current address is temporary and I might move to a more permanent address in a few months.

    My questions are:

    1. Will I be able to change the registered agent address after forming the LLC?
    2. If I use Northwest as my registered agent, will the address be in Washington state as well?

  25. Hello Matt!!

    I’m in the process of getting everything in order for the start up for my business. I plan on using Northwest to do everything! What I do have as a question is do they file public records for you or is that paperwork that I have to take care of?

    • Hey Danielle! I believe you’re referring to a New Jersey LLC. In that case, Northwest will file the “Public Records Filing for New Business Entity”. Once the New Jersey Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services approves the Public Records Filing, your NJ LLC goes into existence and the document then becomes a Certificate of Formation. So Northwest handles the “formation” part for New Jersey LLCs, but not the (tax) “registration” part. You’ll need to take care of that after the LLC is approved. We have instructions on that over here: New Jersey LLC Formation and Registration. Hope that helps!

  26. Northwest NEVER Answers The Phone Or Returns Voicemails. If I Can’t Get A Hold Of Them Before I Hire Them I Can’t Expect To Get A Hold Of Them Afterwards.

    I’ll Look At Local Options.

    • Hi Bob, thank you so much for your comment. We recently spoke with Northwest and they are aware of the problem and sincerely apologize! Northwest has grown a lot in the past few months and many of our readers sign up for their services. They have a somewhat outdated phone system that is in the process of getting replaced. Meaning, the reason you can’t get through is because all the customer support reps are on the phones. And because the phone system is outdated, there isn’t a way to put callers on hold in a queue (which is why calls go to voicemail; but if you leave a voicemail, they will call you back). You can also send them an email: – Again, this is currently being worked on and a new phone system will be installed ASAP. We still stand behind everything we say about Northwest and we still recommend their services for all the reasons mentioned above. And in the meantime, is there a question we can help answer?

  27. The LLCU Site Overall Is Quite Informative, But As With Everything Else Online, No One Should Believe Everything They Read On Line.

    I’ve Tried 3 Times On 3 Different Days To Contact This Northwest Registered Agent Recommended And They Never Answer, I Just Get Their Voice Mail. Twice I’ve Left Messages And Days Later Still No Call Back. There’s No Way To Send An Email, So Basically There’s No Way To Get A Hold Of Them.

    I’m Looking Elsewhere. There Seems To Be A Lot Of Local Options In The State I’m Interested In That Offer The Same Services And The Same Of Better Deal.

    A Registered Agent Is Is A Simple Yet Important Service And If You Can’t Get A Hold Of Them Before You Hire Them, You Can’ Expect To Get A Hold Of Them After You Hire Them.

    Research Local Options.

  28. Hi Matt, I just have to say, you’re awesome. All your replies are kind and professional, thank you. My question is I’m tossed between filing an llc in California or Missouri. I have a business partnership split down the middle with my son. I live in California and he lives in Missouri. I would really like to avoid paying that $800 annual California tax and all there extra stuff if possible. We will be working on, manufacturing and shipping the same items. Thanks for any help.

    • Hi Kevin, thank you so much. I really appreciate the kind words! :) California is a pain-in-the-butt state. Number 1, they have the most expensive annual fees. And Number 2, they are extremely strict on what it means to “transact business” in the state (as spelled out in two different bodies of law: the CA corporate code and the Revenue and Tax code). Meaning, if an LLC were to be formed in Missouri, but you as a Member carry out activities in California, your Missouri LLC is supposed to register as a foreign LLC. And then it’ll still have to pay the $800 franchise tax and file a Form 568. Additionally, the California Franchise Tax Board has the authority to administer penalties to LLCs that are illegally transacting business by not being registered. For more information, please see is my LLC doing business in California. While you may be able to get away with just forming an LLC in Missouri, there are risks. They could pop in a few months or a few years. The proper way to do it would be to form an LLC in Missouri and register it as a foreign LLC in California or form an LLC in California and register it as a foreign LLC in Missouri. Hope that helps.

  29. I live in Texas, I am wanting to form a LLC. I delivery workshops, conferences, spiritual therapy face to face and online in TX and other states.
    Is a LLC my best way?
    Additionally I am wondering if you have customer service and agents in Spanish?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Stella, we’re unable to say “you should form an LLC”, however, for those who don’t want to operate as a Sole Proprietorship, the LLC is the most common entity choice among business owners. We’ve compared the two on this page: Sole Proprietorship vs LLC. Our company is LLC University. We provide free instructions and guides on how to form LLCs. We are not Northwest Registered Agent, but we do recommend them if you want someone to form your LLC for you. Northwest does have people who speak Spanish. Hope that helps!

  30. In NY will Northwest handle the publication in local newspapers or will that still fall on me to do?

    • Hi Ben, no, Northwest doesn’t handle the publication requirement for you. They do allow you to use their Albany address and publish your newspaper ads in Albany county though. We have more information on the NY LLC publication requirement here: New York LLC publication requirement.

  31. Took your advice. Had a question on how to handle my middle initial and the Jr. at the end of my name. No hold time. Quick, easy answer. Professional service. Happy so far.

  32. Hey Matt, I want to use Northwest to form my LLC and be my registered agent. I have an EIN and my sales tax license. I opened my business account before i had my EIN or LLC. What should mt next step be?

    • Hi Marvin, it sounds like that business bank account was opened in your name. Therefore, it’s a Sole Proprietorship bank account. Same thing goes for the sales tax license. It’s attached to you. After your LLC is approved, you’ll want to open an LLC bank account. And you’ll need to check on this part (since we don’t deal with sales tax licenses), but you may be able to transfer the license from yourself to your LLC. You’ll need to get in touch with the governing body to see if that’s possible. If not, you’ll likely want a new sales tax license for your LLC. Hope that helps!

      • Hey Matt, i was wondering if i got my EIN before i got my LLC, will Northwest attach my LLC to my current EIN or will I need to get a new EIN?

        • Hi Marvin, if the EIN is for yourself personally, as a Sole Proprietorship, then you’ll need to get a new EIN for your new LLC after it is approved. You can’t “re-attach” an EIN to a different person/company. Hope that helps.

  33. Hi if we use NW for the basic filing would I still need to file Article of organization and pay additional fee on top of the LLC filing fee?

    • Hi Sophia, great question. The “LLC filing fee” is the Articles of Organization fee (aka state filing fee). They are the same thing. Hope that helps!

  34. Hi Matt,

    I live in California and I want to create an LLC for a house I rent in Georgia. Can I form my LLC in Georgia? Thank you in advance for your answer.


  35. How is it that MS charges $250 filing fee to form a LLC and your agency will charge $99 for filing fees and registered agent services total cost? How is that possible?

  36. Hi Matt,
    I have my own physical address in NY Kings County however I am not sure about LLC Publication expenses in my own county. Let suppose if I took NW Deluxe Plan @ $339 for LLC formation, then

    1. Do I need to pay additional charges for LLC publication based on the Albany
    address of NW ? If yes, then how much approximately?
    2. Once I am done with the LLC Publication based on NW Albany address I will
    switch the LLC address to my own NY Kings County physical address, then should
    I still need to pay NW annual fee as after switching to my own address I am no
    more in need of NW address as I’ll receive all the LLC mails on my own physical
    address after switching.

    Kindly brief on it. Thanks

    • Hi Lisa, if you’d like to publish in Albany county (and you hire Northwest as your LLC’s Registered Agent… or hire them to form your LLC and be your LLC’s Registered Agent), you can use their address in order to publish in Albany county. Yes, you will need to pay for the publication costs. Full details are here: NY LLC publication requirement. However, in Albany, the two newspapers will costs about $70 (plus or minus) in total. Unless you’d like address privacy for your LLC, you do not have to renew with Northwest. If you decide to change your address back after the publication requirement has been met, you can cancel their Registered Agent service from inside your Northwest dashboard. Hope that helps.

  37. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for all that you share for free! Its made a huge difference.
    I have used NW Registered Agent for years and they are wonderful
    I had a question, does an LLC have to continue with a registered agent every year? not sure if that’s mandatory to stay with a registered agent once LLC is all set. I am based in NYC. I have done all the steps and now have all the state and IRS paperwork to my home address. I would love to save the $125 a year.

    • Hi Donna, you’re very welcome! In nearly all states, maintaining a Registered Agent is a state requirement. Having said that, a Registered Agent doesn’t mean the same thing as a Commercial Registered Agent (a professional company). Meaning, your LLC’s Registered Agent can be you, a friend, or a family member, for example.

      In most states, a Registered Agent (when an individual) needs to be over the age of 18, a resident of the state where the LLC is formed, and have a physical street address in the same state (in case Service of Process needs to be delivered).

      West Virginia is an exception as Registered Agents aren’t required and New York is the other exception.

      In New York, the Secretary of State’s office actually serves as the “Agent for Service of Process” for all LLCs in the state. They use this term to differentiate from using a Commercial Registered Agent (aka Registered Agent)… which they allow in addition to the Secretary of State being the Agent for Service of Process. I know, it’s pretty confusing at first read.

      Many New York LLC filers will use the address of a Commercial Registered Agent to save on the NY LLC publication requirement fees, however, it sounds like you’ve already completed that step. So if you want, you can actually just revoke your LLC’s Registered Agent by filing a NY LLC Certificate of Change with the state. You’ll also want to login to your Northwest dashboard and cancel your services there too. That should help save you some money :) Hope that helps!

  38. Matt I have formed a LLC in Georgia and I did it thru Legal Zoom, and this year they charged me 499.00 for the Agent If I want to change to Northwest what do I have to do and also Can I change? my next question is this I need to form a subsidiary of the original company how hard is that to do and can I do that thru Northwest if I did the parent company thru Legal Zoom?


    • Hi Joseph, yikes, that’s expensive. You’ll first want to reach out to LZ and cancel their services. Then, you can hire Northwest to be your parent LLC’s Registered Agent. You’ll want to reach out to NW by phone or email and let them know you’re changing Registered Agent services over to them. After that, they can form a new LLC for you. You’ll just list the parent LLC as the Member of the new LLC. In Georgia, Members aren’t listed in the Articles of Organization (or Transmittal Form), so you’ll just list the parent LLC as the Member in the new LLC’s Operating Agreement. Hope that helps.

  39. Hello Matt,

    I live in Texas and doing business online providing Forex related services. I have 2 other partners who reside in different parts of the world other than the U.S. Is creating an LLC possible with two partners from a different country? Thanks for any assistance you might have.


    • Hi Noel, there are no citizenship or residency requirements to being an LLC Member (owner), so yes, you can have two partners from different countries. When entering their information in the Texas Certificate of Formation (Governing Authority section), you can use non-US mailing addresses, too. Hope that helps!

  40. Hi Matt,
    Thank you so much for setting up this very informative site and providing clear instructions on setting up an LLC. I went through your link for Northwest and was able to quickly complete the process at the great price of $39 + state filing fees. It was a very simple process with added privacy protection by using them as the Registered Agent.

    • Hi Ilir, you’re very welcome! Thanks for your awesome comment and we’re happy to hear things went smoothly… and that you got the added privacy benefit, too!

  41. Hi Matt, I want to form an LLC in Georgia. Is the Article of Organization fee included in the state filing fees?

    • Hi Kellie, great question! The answer is yes. In fact, the “state fee” is the Articles of Organization fee. Hope that helps!

  42. Hi Matt, I am wondering if there is a way to speak to customer service at NW because I dialed both numbers they have on their website and its always the voicemail… I would have assumed a big company like NW has customer service agents at all time and would hope that if I hire them they can answer my inquiries very rapidly. Let me know if you have any info on that. thank you

    • Hi Emilie, they are actually very easy to get a hold off :) There is a slight chance you called outside their business hours, since some people don’t realize their phone lines run on Pacific Time. Please try again, and if you have any issues, let us know and we’ll take care of it. Thanks!

  43. i am wanting to form a llc for my compny in tennessee and i was looking at your website it says the state filing fee is 309.00 why is that because i look on the tennessee state goverment website it says $300.00 dollars filing fee so why are you guys charging a extra $9.00 for can you explain that to me please

    • Hi William, that extra amount is actually how much the state charges for their “credit card convenience fee”. You would see that amount at the end if you were to go all the way through the state’s online filing process. Hope that helps.

  44. Hi Matt, NW’s office is in Spokane WA, what if my LLC operates in Seattle but uses their address? Any inconvenience when applying for some local business licenses?

    • Hi Joey, the licensing requirements will likely be based off your LLC’s “address of the principal office” (or where your LLC is actually located), not the Registered Agent address, however, you’ll need to confirm this with the City of Seattle. So you could use Northwest as your Registered Agent, but use your Seattle address for the Principal Office address. Then again, if you’re looking for privacy, you might still be able to use Northwest’s address as both the Registered Agent and the Principal Office address, however, we cannot confirm this as it gets into local-level jurisdiction and we don’t have all the details there. So we’re not even sure if the later is possible. Again, best to jump on the phone and make some calls. Hope that helps a bit.

  45. Kind of an unique situation here. I’m an US citizen whom previously lived in NYC before moving to Brazil. I’ve been living abroad for 5 years now but I’m planing on moving back to the US but not to NYC. I still have my driver’s license (DL) from NY and it has not expired.

    I’m planning on moving to Las Vegas and driving Lyft or Uber for a cash flow then moving into some investments.

    So my questions are:
    – Can I incorporate in Nevada while living in Brazil or do I have to be physically there?
    – Can I incorporate before changing my DL to Nevada?
    – Can I incorporate and have business partners who are not US citizens and do not have a SSN? We would be driving Lyft or Uber on separate days.

    Thank you for taking the time to clear things up.

    • Hey Felipe, yes, you can form an LLC in Nevada without physically being there. And yes, you can form your LLC in Nevada without changing your driver’s license. And yes, you can have business partners who are not US citizens. Here are the Nevada LLC filing instructions. After your LLC is approved, you’ll want to get an EIN Number for your LLC from the IRS. Just one person needs to be the EIN Responsible Party. If that’s you, you’ll be able to get the EIN online within about 10-15 minutes. If it’s another parter, here are the instructions: how to get an EIN for LLC without SSN. Hope that helps.

      • Thank you Matt! I appreciate you taking your time to answer my questions! Have a great weekend!

            • Hi Ajaz, we don’t have LLC formation services at this time. However, we have free LLC guides if you want to file yourself, or recommendations on our site if you want to hire a company to file for you.

  46. How do we get the LLC University discount.?
    Do we have to click through your Special Offer link?


    • Hey Mike, you’ll get the special discounted pricing by clicking any link on this page. Hope that helps.

  47. Hi Matt,

    I am currently residing in the UK (also I am not a US citizen) and I intend to sell goods on Amazon US. As Amazon would deliver the goods throughout the US, can I pick and choose the state a like most?

    Also, do you know if it is possible to obtain an EIN for a company that would be based in the UK?

    Thank you very much for your time and efforts.

  48. How do I switch from Legal Zoon as my registered agent to Northwest or another firm?

    • Hi Matt, just reach out to Northwest Registered Agent by phone or email and let them know. I believe they’ll include a change of Registered Agent filing with the state at no extra charge. It won’t happen automatically, so just make sure you get in touch with them. Then they’ll file the change of Registered Agent with the appropriate Secretary of State’s office to update your LLC’s records. Hope that helps!

  49. I’m not showing a 60% discount. premium with one-day service = Order Totals $455.00. Premium with 10day service $353.00. Is that supposed to be 60% off?

    • Hi Mike, the 60% off comes from the fact that Northwest’s typical fee to form an LLC is $100 + state fee, however, the pricing they are offering is $39 + state fee, which is a 61% discount. If you want to choose a faster filing option for the state where you’re forming an LLC, that will cost a bit more. Hope that helps.

  50. We have started an LLC (construction and remodeling) in Oregon. We are now being asked to work for clients in Washington. Are we to file our Oregon LLC as a foreign LLC in Washington or just an LLC?


    • Hi Tricia, we have more information about foreign LLCs here: what is a foreign LLC. If you would like your existing Oregon LLC to have authority to do business in Washington State, that filing is called a “Foreign Entity Registration”. If you need help, Northwest Registered Agent offers foreign LLC registration. You can also file this yourself if you prefer. We don’t have instructions on website, but you can find them on the Washington Secretary of State website. Alternatively, you could also form a new Washington LLC if you prefer. The difference between registering your existing LLC as a foreign LLC versus forming a new LLC in Washington is that a new LLC is a new entity, while a foreign LLC qualification is still just one entity… it would be an Oregon LLC that is also allowed to transact business in Washington. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you! I’ll be contacting them today to set up the foreign entity. Is the price the same? $239? With the one year registered agent for free?

        • You’re welcome Tricia. I’m not sure if they have the same pricing set up for foreign LLC registration. You can always call or email them and ask though. Hope that helps.

  51. How do Texas Vets apply in the northwest registered agents site so that we are not charged the state fee?

    • Hi Rob, unfortunately, Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t offer a filing service for Veteran-owned Texas LLCs at this time. We have instructions on this page if you’d like to file yourself: Texas Veteran LLC. Hope that helps.

  52. I am trying to file in Md. I saw an earlier post that said you could change the filing time on the order tab but I dont see that option available for md. It only gives a 7day filing time option

    • Hi T, you likely read our Maryland LLC page. I think the information you’re referring to is about when you file yourself (not hire a company). If you file yourself, you can choose the slower option, which takes 6-8 weeks for approval or the quicker option is 7-10 days. If you hire Northwest, they don’t offer the slower filing option in Maryland. Hope that helps.

  53. hi Matt,

    Thank you for sharing.

    I am forming my LLC in California. According to your information, when file Articles of Organization, the business address on the form has to be in California. You also say that we can use Northwest’s address if we hire them as registered agent. But their address is in Washington. How can we use their Washington address while the filing is in California?

    Thank you.

    best -Capt.

    • Hey Captain, great question. Northwest has their headquarters in Washington state, however, they also have offices in all 50 states (plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico). So if you decide to hire Northwest as your LLC’s Registered Agent (or hire them to form your LLC + be the Registered Agent), it will be their California office address (not the Washington address) that would be used through the California LLC filing. Hope that helps!

      • Just spoke with someone at NW and I asked similar question and they don’t have a Californa mailing address. So best option is to set up a virtual office first I think.

        Can you confirm? And advise

        Thank you

        • Hi Minh, you are allowed to use Northwest’s California address for both the Registered Agent address (in the California LLC Articles of Organization) as well as the Business Address. The exception to this would be if that you expect a lot of mail and packages, then you could use a virtual office address for the Business Address. Hope that helps.

  54. I want to form an LLC here in Washington State. I will also be doing business in Hawaii, do I need to register my LLC there in Hawaii?

    • Hi Nghia, where an LLC needs to be formed (and possibly registered as a foreign LLC) comes down to where it is legally transacting business. If your LLC will be doing business in Washington and Hawaii, then you’d form an LLC in Washington first, wait for it to be approved, and then you’d register the Washington LLC as a foreign LLC in Hawaii. Northwest can assist in the foreign LLC registration after your Washington LLC is approved. Hope that helps!

  55. Hey Matt,

    I have an LLC that is going to act as a holding company in Wyoming. I am trying to set up another LLC in Virginia which will be owned by the holding company LLC . Will I need to get a TAX ID for the Virginia LLC as well ?

  56. I wanted to open an LLC, my business is out of state staffing. I am the person only to provide the staffing. Would my LLC need to be in my home state?

    • Hi Manual, this comes down to where you’re legally transacting business. If you’re transacting business in the state where you reside, then your LLC is supposed to either be formed there, or formed in another state and registered to do business in your state as a foreign LLC. Hope that helps.

  57. Does a Registered Agent also keep your NAME off the state’s documents?
    If not, anyone can just find your name… and then find your home address anyway.

    Why does all the info only say “we keep your *ADDRESS* private”… but never anything

    • Hi Robert, it depends on the state. Where are you forming an LLC? Some states require members or managers to be listed. Having said that, you can research forming another LLC first (where names aren’t required to be listed) and that LLC can be the owner of the LLC in your state.

      • Hi Matt,
        very good point! Does Nevada require to list members or managers? Can I use my Nevada LLC as owner (=member?) for my California LLC?

        • Hi Raffael, yes, Nevada requires an Annual List of the Members or Managers (depending on how the LLC is managed). And yes, you can use a Nevada LLC as the owner (Member) of a California LLC. However, Nevada LLCs are a bit more annoying to file… and more expensive than people realize. What’s your goal/intention with this setup?

          • Hi Matt, thank you!. The goal is to “hide” the owner=member of the California LLC by giving the Nevada LLC as member and as manager. I know that I also could create a WY LLC to do this, but as we anyway already have a Nevada LLC (for Nevada properties) I thought it would be an easier set up..?? What do you think?

            • You’re welcome. That’s actually a good idea and a nice mental model… using a state you’re familiar with. It’ll work for what you’re looking to do. You can form an LLC in Nevada and then list that Nevada LLC in the California LLC paperwork.

  58. > Hire Northwest ($39 + state fee) to form your LLC, they include their Registered
    > Agent service free for the 1st year. That’s a $125 discount.

    The truth is:
    NW> $39 plus *DOUBLE* the state $50 fee. Total $139.00

    DIY> Just the $50 fee. Period.

    How is $139 a “$125 discount” compared to $50?

    Very deceptive. NW forces you to pay for the state’s 1-day-service… even if
    you don’t want it… or need it. (Most people don’t need to abruptly form a company
    by tomorrow morning.) NW will never tell you any of that. Why not?

    • Hi Susan, we’ll look into this. What state are you referring to? Thank you.

      • Hello,

        The state of Illinois appears as $256 (filing fee plus state fee) plus $39. I was under the impression it would be $39 plus the $150(Illinois registration fee).

        • Hi Kia, when you click over to Northwest, make sure to checkout the “Order” tab. You can select either regular filing or expedited filing. And that’ll adjust the price. Hope that helps.

          • I think she glossed passed this option. On the first tab “order”, there is an option to select 10 day or 1 day filing time. You have to click on the person to change the service.

            Filing online has the expedited option if you were to do in on your own for $250, but you can still file slowly online for $150 (same fee also by mail). It seems NW adds a few bucks onto the filing fees. Perhaps this is to cover CC transactions.

            • Alex, you’re right! I just updated my reply to Kia. We’ll get in touch with Northwest and make sure that people see the “Order” tab first (otherwise, that’s definitely confusing!). Yup, those extra few dollars are sometimes what the state’s charge for credit card fees or “online convenience fees”. Thanks for the helpful comment!

            • Hey Alex, just an update… the Northwest links now go to the “order” tab first. Thanks again for your attention to detail!

              • Why do you have to have a registered agent? Is this required? What’s the benefit to this? Can’t you just receive your own mail?

                • Hi Laura, great question. When forming an LLC, all states (except West Virginia) require that your LLC list a Registered Agent with your filing. A Registered Agent is a person (or a company) that agrees to except legal mail (called “service of process”) in case your LLC is involved in a legal matter. The requirements vary a little bit between the states. Typically, people either act as their own Registered Agent (if they meet the state requirements) or hire a company. It’s not required to hire a company though, however, there are some pros and cons to each setup. We go over those on this page: Choosing your LLC’s Registered Agent. Hope that helps!

            • I just tried it yesterday and when I tried to do NY it also did the expedited thing automatically for me and I don’t need all that. I was unable to change it today but if it does that to everyone it’s kind of sneaky to get people to pay expedited rates.

              • Hi Deacon, thanks for your comment. Due to recent changes in the New York LLC filing process, Northwest files them all the same (5 day filing time… which is faster then it was in the past). Did you see something different?

            • Hola Cesar, si. Si quieres abrir una LLC con socios, puedes hacerlo. Y los porcentajes de participación pueden ser los que quieras. Por ejemplo, 50/50, 80/20, (o 33.3/33.3/33.3, 20/30/50) etc.

    • when i went through sign up i was given all kinds of upsells, some suggestions and some mandatory.. EIN, after alluding that it was included, $50, min 5 day return $100, I quit at that point

      • Hi Carolann, I’m really sorry that you had a bad experience. We actually worked with Northwest over the past few months to simplify their signup process. Rather than having packages, they changed things to a flat-rate filing and then you can select items you’d like as optional items. We made sure they weren’t presented as upsells. At least that was our goal. However, I can see how the language on their page could have been misleading about the EIN. The reason they left it out (and made it optional for an extra fee) is that some people obtain the EIN on their own after their LLC is approved. Thank you for your feedback. We’ll make sure to work with Northwest and remove any confusion around the EIN. The 5-day approval time in Oregon is not $100 extra. The $100 is actually the state filing fee. If you click the “?” to the right of “5 Day Approval Time” you’ll see the explanation that you aren’t paying anything extra and that is the standard approval time. We also discussed this with them (making it easier to understand). They have it on their to-do list and the approval time section will be redesigned to add more clarity. So again, thank you for your feedback and I’m really sorry you had a crappy (potential) check out experience :(


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