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Your state will require you to file an Annual Report in order to keep your LLC in compliance. The LLC Annual Report will keep your LLC in good standing. Fees and due dates vary by state.

Once your LLC is formed, paperwork with the state is not over.

As a part of the ongoing requirements for your LLC, your state requires that you file an Annual Report and pay a filing fee every year.

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The Annual Report can take many names:

  • Annual Report
  • Annual Statement
  • Statement of Information
  • Periodic Report
  • Biennial Statement
  • And more

And not all Annual Reports are “annual”.

While some may be required to file every year, other start require a report be filed every 2 years (“Biennial”).

Since most states refer to the report as the Annual Report, we will also call these reports “Annual Reports” for simplicity.

The Purpose of the Annual Report

The purpose of the Annual Report is to keep your LLC in compliance and in good standing.

Additionally, it keeps the state updated with your LLC’s contact information.

If you fail to file your Annual Report, the state will automatically dissolve (shut down) your LLC.

Your Annual Report will include your LLC name, your office address, your Registered Agent information, and an “LLC Number” from your Secretary of State.

The “LLC number” is just a number that your state uses to reference your LLC. The easiest way to understand it is to think of it like your LLC’s “driver’s license number”. The LLC Number may also be called an Entity ID Number or a Company ID Number.

Filing Fee and Due Date

Filing fees and due dates for the Annual Report vary by state.

Filing fees can range from $9/year up to $800/year.

Due dates also vary:

  • Some Annual Reports are due every year
  • Some Annual Reports are due every 2 years (“Biennial Reports”)

Here is a full list of annual LLC fees for all 50 states.

How to File and Pay Your Annual Report

Generally, there are two ways you can file your Annual Report with your state:

You can file by mail or you can file online.

If you file by mail, you will:

  • fill out your Annual Report with a blue or black pen by hand (or you can fill it out on your computer)
  • make a copy for your business records and
  • mail it to the State along with a check or money order to pay the filing fee.

If you file online, you will:

  • prepare and submit your Annual Report on the State’s website and
  • pay the filing fee with a debit or credit card.

Regardless of which option you choose, it is important that you file your Annual Report on time.

Annual Report Reminders

Most states will send you a reminder to pay and file your Annual Report prior to the deadline, but not all states do this.

For that reason, we recommend that you keep a repeating reminder on your calendar. We have a quick video tutorial on how to set these calendar reminders.

Consequences of Not Filing

If you don’t file your Annual Report on time, the state will charge you a late fee.

If you continue to ignore this requirement, the State will automatically dissolve (shut down) your LLC.

Some states are stricter than others, so it’s best not to push your luck here.

How do I file my Annual Report?

Many people file their Annual Report themselves after their LLC is formed. It’s an easy form to file, since you usually just confirm the information the state sends you. Typically, you will just need to write a check or complete the online payment form. Below are instructions on how to get your Annual Report and file it yourself.

If you have already formed an LLC:

And want to learn how to file your Annual Report yourself, select your state below to read our step-by-step Annual Report lessons:

Where to get the Annual Report Form

If you have already formed your LLC, but you are not sure how to get your Annual Report from the state, you can visit your state’s website and contact them for guidance.

And if you’re not sure where to find your LLC Number or Business ID Number, we included the link to the state business entity searches to help you.

State DepartmentBusiness DivisionBusiness Entity Search
Alabama Secretary of StateAlabama Business ServicesAlabama Business Entity
State of AlaskaAlaska Division of Corporations, Business & Professional LicensingAlaska Corporations Database
Arizona Secretary of StateArizona Corporation CommissionArizona eCorp Business Entity Search
Arkansas Secretary of StateArkansas Business & Commercial ServicesArkansas Business Entity Search
California Secretary of StateCalifornia Business EntitiesCalifornia Business Search
Colorado Secretary of StateColorado Business OrganizationsColorado Business Database Search
Connecticut Secretary of StateConnecticut Business ServicesConnecticut Business Inquiry Search
State of DelawareDelaware Division of CorporationsDelaware Business Entity Search
District of Columbia Office of the SecretaryDistrict of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA)District of Columbia Business Filings Search (login required)
Florida Department of StateFlorida SunbizFlorida Business Name Search
Georgia Secretary of StateGeorgia Corporations DivisionGeorgia Business Search
State of HawaiiHawaii Business Registration (BREG)Hawaii Business Entity & Documents Search
Idaho Secretary of StateIdaho Business EntitiesIdaho Business Entity Search
Illinois Secretary of StateIllinois Business ServicesIllinois Corporation & LLC Search
Indiana Secretary of StateIndiana's INBizIndiana Business Search
Iowa Secretary of StateIowa Business ServicesIowa Business Entities Search
Kansas Secretary of StateKansas Business Filing CenterKansas Business Entity Search Station (BESS)
Kentucky Secretary of StateKentucky Business ServicesKentucky Business Entity Search
Louisiana Secretary of StateLouisiana Business ServicesLouisiana Business Filings Search
Maine Secretary of StateMaine Bureau of Corporations, Elections and CommissionsMaine Corporate Name Search
Maryland Secretary of StateMaryland Department of Assessments and Taxation Business ServicesMaryland Business Entity Search
Massachusetts Secretary of the CommonwealthMassachusetts Corporations DivisionMassachusetts Business Entity Search
Michigan Secretary of StateMichigan Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing BureauMichigan Business Entity Search
Minnesota Secretary of StateMinnesota Business ServicesMinnesota Search Business Filings
Mississippi Secretary of StateMississippi Business Services Division Mississippi Business Search
Missouri Secretary of StateMissouri Business Services DivisionMissouri Business Entity Search
Montana Secretary of StateMontana Business Services DivisionMontana Business Entities Search
Nebraska Secretary of StateNebraska Business Services DivisionNebraska Corporation and Business Search
Nevada Secretary of StateNevada Commercial Recordings DivisionNevada Business Search
New Hampshire Secretary of StateNew Hampshire Corporation DivisionNew Hampshire QuickStart Business Search
New Jersey Department of StateNew Jersey Department of the TreasuryNew Jersey Business Entity Name Search
New Mexico Secretary of StateNew Mexico Corporations BureauNew Mexico Business Search
New York Department of StateNew York Division of CorporationsNew York Corporation & Business Entity Database
North Carolina Department of the Secretary of StateNorth Carolina Corporations DivisionNorth Carolina Corporate Name Search
North Dakota Secretary of StateNorth Dakota Business ServicesNorth Dakota Business Search
Ohio Secretary of StateOhio Business ServicesOhio Business Search
Oklahoma Secretary of StateOklahoma Business ServicesOklahoma Search Corporation Entities
Oregon Secretary of StateOregon Corporation Division ServicesOregon Business Name Search
Pennsylvania Department of StatePennsylvania Bureau of Corporations and Charitable OrganizationsPennsylvania Business Entity Search
Puerto Rico Departamento de EstadoPuerto Rico Registro de Corporaciones y EntidadesPuerto Rico Búsqueda de Corporaciones
Rhode Island Secretary of StateRhode Island Business PortalRhode Island Corporate Database
South Carolina Secretary of StateSouth Carolina Business EntitiesSouth Carolina Business Name Search
South Dakota Secretary of StateSouth Dakota Business ServicesSouth Dakota Business Information Search
Tennessee Secretary of StateTennessee Business ServicesTennessee Business Information Search
Texas Secretary of StateTexas Corporations SectionTexas Taxable Entity Search
Utah Secretary of StateUtah Division of Corporations & Commercial CodeUtah Business Name Search
Vermont Secretary of StateVermont Corporations & Business ServicesVermont Business Search
Commonwealth of VirginiaVirginia State Corporation CommissionVirginia Business Entity Search
Washington Secretary of StateWashington Corporations DivisionWashington Corporations Search
West Virginia Secretary of StateWest Virginia Business DivisionWest Virginia Business Entity Search
Wisconsin Secretary of StateWisconsin Corporation Section of the Division of Corporate & Consumer ServicesWisconsin Search Corporate Records
Wyoming Secretary of StateWyoming Business DivisionWyoming Business Entity Search

Note: If you hired a company to form your LLC, then you need to verify whether they will file it on your behalf (and charge you to do so), or if you need to file it on your own. Sometimes, you must purchase an additional service to get the company to file this for you.

Remember, just because you paid a company to form your LLC, the Annual Report is ultimately your responsibility in order to keep your LLC in compliance and in good standing.

If you have not formed your LLC yet:

Don’t worry, you only have to file your Annual Report AFTER you form your LLC.

If you hire a company to form your LLC, just make sure to find out whether they will file your Annual Report for you or if you need to do it yourself.

LLC Annual Report Video Explainer

LLC Annual Report: Form an LLC (10/11)


In summary, it is important to make sure you file your LLC Annual (or Biennial) Report on time. If you don’t, your LLC will be fined, your LLC be out of compliance, and the state will administratively dissolve (shut down) your LLC. Failure to file the Annual Report is the #1 reason that LLCs are administratively dissolved by the state, so don’t take this lightly.

Matt Horwitz
Matt Horwitz
Matt Horwitz has been the leading expert on LLC education for the past decade. He founded LLC University in 2010 after realizing people needed simple and actionable instructions to start an LLC that other companies weren't offering. He's cited by Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and the US Chamber of Commerce, and was featured by CNBC and InventRight.
Matt holds a Bachelor's Degree in business from Drexel University with a concentration in business law. He performs extensive research and analysis to convert state laws into simple instructions anyone can follow to form their LLC - all for free! Read more about Matt Horwitz and LLC University.

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  1. Hi Matt.

    Thank you for this article.

    I just paid and submitted my llc annual report and I was just wondering if you knew what expense category this is filed under? I use Wave accounting but I’m lost in how to file such a payment.
    Thank You.

  2. Hello, i have an LLC in Florida but i have not applied for an EIN yet because i was told that one i file for an EIN id have to submit an Annual Report for the same year i applied for the EIN. Is the true or can i file for a EIN number now and won t have to do an annual report for 2019-2020 year but submit one for 2020-2021?

    • Hi Shaquanda, the Florida LLC Annual Report due date is based off the year your LLC was approved, and not the EIN Number. So there is no sense in waiting to apply for your LLC’s EIN. If your Florida LLC was approved in 2020, your first Annual Report is due between January 1st and May 1st of 2021. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi, I opened an LLC with hopes of kickstarting my business in a year or 2 after registering. I just wanted to have everything set up. Do I still have to file a report if I have done absolutely nothing the last year? No sales, no employees, nothing. All I did was register.

    • Hi Joel, yes, an Annual Report still needs to be filed regardless of activity. Apologies for the slow reply. Hope that helps.

  4. Hello, I dissolved my LLC in Florida this February 2019. Do I still need to file an annual report?

    • Hey Jackie, nope, you don’t have to worry about filing an Annual Report in 2019 since your LLC is now dissolved. Hope that helps.

  5. Hello Matt,
    If my LLC has an additional DBA, do I need to file Annual Report for the DBA as well as the LLC, or is it just for the LLC itself?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Jan, the Annual Report only applies to the LLC. However, some states (or counties) require an annual renewal (or a renewal filed every 2, 3, or 5 years, for example) for a DBA. You’ll need to check with your state or the county where you filed your LLC’s DBA about any applicable renewals, the form, and the fee, if any. Hope that helps!

  6. Hey Matt,

    Having issues trying to get onto the Colorado site. It seems the website isn’t working. If you can’t file due to the shutdown. Are you held responsible?

    Thanks Matt

    • Hi Robert, the website is online. Were you able to access it?

  7. Hello as for my LLC in Wyoming although I live in Washington State. My annual report is due soon and from reading some of the comments it is probably not best for me to have a foreign LLC because I’m doing business in a different state. Should I dissolve my Wyoming LLC and start a new one in Washington or transfer if that’s possible to Washington state from Wyoming or register it as a foreign LLC in Washington and keep it in Wyoming thank you

    • Hi Bryan, you’ll want to speak with an attorney about the details as there isn’t a quick answer to all that. You can either 1) keep Wyoming LLC and register as a Foreign LLC in Washington (this keeps company history, bank account, EIN, etc., and you maintain 2 LLC filings), 2) dissolve Wyoming LLC and form a Domestic Washington LLC (new bank account, new EIN, etc), or 3) you could convert/domicile your Wyoming LLC into a Washington LLC (this keeps company history, bank account, EIN, etc., and you’ll end up maintaining 1 LLC in WA; after WY is dissolved… after the conversion is complete). Hope that helps.

  8. Hello, I use Legal Zoom as my registered agent. I just received a document from them that my LLC has been dissolved due to missing the deadline on my Annual Report. I went through Legal Zoom to file my Annual Report as soon as I got that document. Will that put my company back in good standing or is my LLC completely dissolved? Thank you,

    • Hi Renae, it depends on the state, however, in most states, you need to come current with any outstanding Annual Reports as well as file an LLC Reinstatement. I recommend calling the Secretary of State’s office in the state where you formed your LLC and asking them to check on your LLC’s status. Find out whether or not your LLC is in “good standing” or if it’s still dissolved. If it’s dissolved, ask them to point you to the LLC Reinstatement filing and instructions. You can find your Secretary of State’s contact information here: Secretary of State websites. Hope that helps.

  9. If we want to cancel our LLC, should we just NOT pay the annual report and let the state dissolve the LLC? Will this affect our credit report or our ability to create LLCs in the future?


    • Hi Sarah, no, I do not recommend that. Instead, you’ll want to cancel/dissolve the LLC. What state is your LLC setup in? I’ll send you the appropriate link. And no, it wouldn’t affect your personal credit or prevent you from forming future LLCs.

  10. Hello Matt,

    Although I fill Annual report by myself , do I need to hire CAP services from USA ?

    For what purposes I need to hire CPA from USA ?

    Let say I form my LLC remotely in Wyoming and I work from my home country, Sri Lanka.


    • Hi Autumn, you’ll need to hire a CPA in order to file and pay and US taxes. You can do this remote from Sri Lanka. You’ll want to find an accountant who is familiar with US and international taxes. Here is a helpful article.

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