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Can I change the name of my LLC in Mississippi?

Absolutely! You can easily change your Mississippi LLC name.

The first step is to file a form called the Amendment with the Secretary of State and wait for it to be approved. This is how you officially change your LLC name in Mississippi.

The filing fee for the Amendment in Mississippi is $50.

After the state approves your LLC name change, you should then notify the following 3 places:

  • the IRS
  • state tax department
  • your business bank account

And finally, you can update your LLC name in other places like your website and marketing materials.

This page will guide you through the process and include helpful tips along the way.

Note: We’ve changed the names of our own LLCs over the years. So we have first-hand experience with filing the paperwork as well as dealing with the IRS and financial institutions.

What are the steps for changing an LLC name in Mississippi?

  1. Check if your new LLC name is available
  2. File the Amendment form (and wait for approval)
  3. Update the IRS
  4. Update the Mississippi Department of Revenue
  5. Update financial institutions (credit card companies, banks)
  6. Update business licenses
  7. Update other places (branding materials, business accounts, etc.)

How much does it cost to change an LLC name in Mississippi?

It costs $50 to change your LLC name in Mississippi. This is the filing fee for Mississippi LLC Amendments.

How do I change my Mississippi LLC name?

In order to change your LLC name, you must file the Mississippi LLC Amendment with the Mississippi Secretary of State. This officially updates your legal entity (your Limited Liability Company) on the state records.

Note: The Mississippi Secretary of State is responsible for LLC formation and administration, including name changes.

We provide step-by-step instructions on how to file the Amendment online. (Mississippi doesn’t accept mail filings anymore. You must file the Amendment using the online filing system.)

Can I change my LLC name myself?

You can file the Amendment yourself or you can hire a company to do this for you.

Mississippi business owners can do their own online filings in the state.

But, because the Amendment filing in Mississippi can be confusing and time consuming, many people choose to hire a company for help.

Need to save time? We recommend hiring MyCompanyWorks ($99 + state fee) to file your LLC name change.

Step 1: Make sure your new Mississippi LLC name is available

Before filing your amendment form (the Amendment), you should check that your new LLC name is available in Mississippi.

This is important because two businesses in the state can’t have the same name, or be too similar. This is called LLC name distinguishability.

If you file an amendment for a name that’s already taken, the state will reject your filing. And if that happens, you’ll need to re-file with a different name.

To avoid that, look up your desired Mississippi LLC name ahead of time using the state’s business entity search.

Check name availability: Our Mississippi LLC Name page has information about how to use the business entity search tool. It also explains details about name rules in Mississippi.

Step 2: File the Mississippi LLC name change form

The Mississippi LLC name change form is called the Amendment.

(It’s called this because you’re amending your Mississippi Certificate of Formation. The Mississippi Certificate of Formation is the document that originally creates a Mississippi company.)

How to file the Amendment in Mississippi

Get started: Go to the Mississippi Business Services page.

Login, or create an account if you don’t have one.

From your account dashboard, scroll down to the Amendment Filings heading.

Click the button to File an Amendment on an Existing Business.

Now you’ll need to enter your LLC’s MIssissippi Business ID Number

How to use the Mississippi Business Search
To find your LLC’s Business ID Number, follow these steps:

  1. In a new tab or browser window, open the Business Entity Search.
  2. Enter the first word or two of your LLC’s name and click Search.
  3. Find your LLC in search results, and make a note of the Business ID number.

Enter the Business ID Number in the Amendment screen.

Click Next to continue.

Business Information

There’s nothing to do in this section. It shows your LLC’s business entity details.

Business Details

Business Name
This displays your LLC’s current name.

Click Edit to change the name. Enter your new LLC name, including the designator (like “LLC”).

After entering the new name, you should see a message that the “Name is Available”.
If you see a different message, you’ll need to try a different name.

Other Amendments

Our step-by-step instructions only cover how to change the LLC name, to keep things simple.

If you are only changing the LLC name, scroll down to the Adoption and Approval Voting section. Skip the other sections in between.

However, you can use the Amendment form to make changes to other LLC information too. You can update: the mailing address, the list of Members or Managers, and Registered Agent. Simply click Edit next to any information you wish to change. When you’re done, continue with the instructions for Adoption and Approval Voting below.

Adoption and Approval Voting

The amendment was adopted on:
Select a date.

According to Mississippi law, this should be the date that you (and any other LLC Members or Managers) voted to approve the new name. Remember, that vote can be informal – like a conference call or group email chain.

To keep things simple, you can just enter yesterday’s date.

Future Effective Date

This is optional.

Must people leave this blank (and don’t select a date). In that case, the LLC name change will go into effect the day it’s approved by the Secretary of State.

You can also date your name change up to 90 days in the future, if you want.


You can skip this section (most people don’t need to change their NAICS code).

Or, if you want to change the NAICS code(s) on file for your LLC, change them now.

For more information on what this section is about, check out NAICS Codes for LLCs.


Click the button Click to sign to add your signature.

In the popup window, enter your Name and Address.

Select a Title from the drop down menu:

  • If you’re an LLC owner and your LLC is Member-managed, select Member.
  • If you’re an LLC manager and the LLC is Manager-managed, select Manager.
  • If you’re not an LLC owner (Member) or manager, but you have permission to file the Amendment on the LLC’s behalf, select Organizer.

(If these terms are confusing, check out LLC Organizer vs. Member and LLC Officer Titles.)

Note: There are other options in the dropdown menu, but they don’t apply to LLCs.

Click Next to continue.

Submit Amendment

The system will check the information you entered for any missing information or errors.
When it doesn’t find any issues, you can click Next to continue.

Upload Documents

You can skip this step.

An LLC name change Amendment in Mississippi doesn’t need any attachments or uploads.

Click Next to continue.

Payment Required

There are four options on this page:

Submit Document Electronically and Pay Online
If you’re ready to file the Amendment, click this button. Then you’ll enter your billing information and submit the filing to the state for approval.

Print Document and Mail-in with Check
Don’t click this button. Mississippi no longer accepts mail filings. The system still has these buttons active, but the Secretary of State will send your filing back to you with a request to submit it online.

Email Form to Third Party for Review
If you need to send the Mississippi Amendment to another person in your LLC or your business attorney, you can click this button. After they review, you’ll have to login to your Mississippi Online Filing account and resume the filing to pay and submit.

Exit and Save Document to File Later
This saves your filing as a draft. You can login to Mississippi Online Filing later and resume the filing to pay and submit.

Wait for approval from the Secretary of State

After submitting your Amendment to the state, please wait for approval.

Approval times vary, but on average, it takes 1-2 business days for your Mississippi business name change to be approved.

When you file online, you’ll receive your name change approval by email.

Reminder: Changing your LLC name with the Secretary of State still leaves your old LLC name in place everywhere else. Essentially, you’ve only changed your LLC name with one part of the state government, and you need to update it everywhere else.

Step 3: Change your Mississippi LLC name with the IRS

After your new LLC name is approved, the next step is to update your Mississippi LLC name with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This updates the name connected to your LLC’s EIN number.

We have step-by-step instructions here:
How to change LLC name with IRS

Step 4: Update your LLC’s Account with the Department of Revenue

After your new LLC name is approved, you need to update your business’s account with the state’s tax department (the Mississippi Department of Revenue).

Note: In most states, it’s called the Department of Revenue or Department of Taxation. In Mississippi it’s called the Department of Revenue, and this is who you’ll update with your new LLC name.

Typically, you can update your LLC name in one of three ways:

  • online
  • by mail
  • by phone

But it differs from state to state, so we recommend you call the Department of Revenue. You can ask about the process to update your business name.

Step 5: Update financial institutions with your new LLC name

Besides updating your Mississippi LLC name with the IRS and Department of Revenue business tax department, you’ll also want to contact the following places and let them know about the name change.

Financial institutions:

Matt Horwitz, founder of LLC University®
Pro Tip: You don’t have to rush to update these the same day or even the same week. Your existing checks and credit cards will still work, but it’s important to eventually get everything updated to your new LLC name.

Step 6: Update or Get a New Business License

If you have a state business license or a local business permit, you’ll need to change the name on that license.

Sometimes that means applying for a new license and canceling the old one. Or sometimes you can just change the name on your existing license.

Mississippi doesn’t have a general state business license requirement. But your LLC might have an industry- or occupation-specific license.

If that’s the case, contact your state licensing agency or licensing board for information on how to update the state business license:

And contact your local government (like a city clerk or county clerk) for the process to update any local business permits. You can find your county clerk on the Mississippi Association of Supervisors website, and you’ll need to look up your town or city, too.

Step 7: Update marketing materials and other places with your new LLC name

Tip: We recommend making a spreadsheet to keep track of everything. Enter the place you are changing your LLC name, their contact information, and maybe a notes section. Here’s an LLC name change checklist that you can use: Google Docs | Excel

Below are some examples of places to update with your new LLC name.

Branding and online presence:

  • online stores (like eBay, Shopify, Amazon)
  • website, domain registrar, hosting company
  • letterhead, logos, invoices, contracts, and important documents
  • social media accounts

Professional services:

Other government agencies:

  • local tax office (ex: city, county, township)
  • business licenses and permits
  • sales tax permit
  • utility companies
  • Department of Labor (if you have employees)

Stay calm: Don’t stress out thinking you have to change your LLC name everywhere right away. That’s not the case. Take your time and do the important ones first. Give yourself a few days or a few weeks to get them all done. Technically, your old business name will still work for quite some time.

Update your Mississippi LLC Operating Agreement

It’s a good idea to update the name on your LLC’s Operating Agreement. Don’t worry, this is a simple process. You can either:

  • You can make a new version of the Operating Agreement you already have. Update the document with your new LLC name, and have the LLC Member(s) sign.
  • Or, you can use our free template on Mississippi LLC Operating Agreement to create a new Operating Agreement with the new LLC name.

Tip: This is a good opportunity to review the other sections in your Operating Agreement and make any needed updates there, too. Have the LLC Member(s) sign, and distribute copies like you did with your initial LLC Operating Agreement.

Change LLC Name in Mississippi FAQs

How much does an LLC name change cost in Mississippi?

An LLC name change in Mississippi costs $50.

This is the filing fee for the Amendment, the official form used to change your Mississippi LLC name.

If you’d like to learn about all the Mississippi LLC costs, please see Mississippi LLC Costs.

Can I file my Mississippi LLC name change by mail?

No, you can’t file the Amendment by mail to change your Mississippi LLC name.

Mississippi doesn’t accept filings by mail anymore. You must file the Amendment online.

How many times can I change my Mississippi LLC name?

You can change the name of your Mississippi LLC as many times as you want. The state doesn’t care, as long as you pay the filing fee.

You’re allowed to change the name of your Limited Liability Company for any reason. The Amendment form doesn’t ask you why you want to change the name. No Mississippi law limits when you can file an Amendment to change the name of a company.

Who can change the Mississippi LLC name?

Generally speaking, the LLC Members (owners) can change the LLC’s name.

So, as long as all the LLC Members agree, you can go ahead and file the Amendment.

Technically, the LLC Members should vote to agree on the new name. However, a vote can be something informal, like an email or phone call.

Do I need a new EIN if I change the name of my Mississippi LLC?

No, you don’t need a new EIN number.

Getting a new EIN Number will actually cause confusion at the IRS, and that can create issues for your business.

So don’t get a new EIN number for your LLC.

Instead, you will simply change your Mississippi LLC name with the IRS (see above for instructions).

Do I need a lawyer to change the Mississippi LLC legal name?

No, you don’t need to hire a lawyer. You can file the Amendment yourself or you can hire a company to do it for you.

If you want to hire a company, we recommend MyCompanyWorks.

Need to save time? We recommend hiring MyCompanyWorks ($99 + state fee) to file your LLC name change.

How do I change my LLC name in another state?

You can change an LLC name in any state. Click the link below to learn how to change your LLC’s name in that state.

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Matt Horwitz
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