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The term Registered Agent is used in 39 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

A Registered Agent may also be referred to as a:

  • Resident Agent
  • Registered Office
  • Statutory Agent
  • Agent of Process
  • Agent for Service of Process

A Registered Agent is a person or company who agrees to receive legal mail (called “service of process”) on behalf of a legal entity (such as an LLC or Corporation) in case that entity is sued.

Service of process can include complaints, summons, and subpoenas.

Oftentimes, the Secretary of State will also use a Registered Agent’s address as an entity’s point of contact for official notices sent to the business. More often that not though, most regular mail (items that are not service of process) will be sent to the entity’s principal office address or mailing address.

What is a Registered Agent called in all 50 states:

AlabamaRegistered Agent
AlaskaRegistered Agent
ArizonaStatutory Agent
ArkansasRegistered Agent
CaliforniaAgent for Service of Process
ColoradoRegistered Agent
ConnecticutRegistered AgentUsed to be called "Statutory Agent", but CT changed the name in 2017.
DelawareRegistered Agent
District of ColumbiaRegistered Agent"Resident Agent" is used by Sole Proprietorships, General Partnerships, and Family Trusts.
FloridaRegistered Agent
GeorgiaRegistered Agent
HawaiiRegistered Agent
IdahoRegistered Agent
IllinoisRegistered Agent
IndianaRegistered Agent
IowaRegistered Agent
KansasResident Agent
KentuckyRegistered Agent
LouisianaRegistered Agent
MaineRegistered Agent
MarylandResident Agent
MassachusettsResident Agent
MichiganResident Agent
MinnesotaRegistered Agent
MississippiRegistered Agent
MissouriRegistered Agent
MontanaRegistered Agent
NebraskaRegistered Agent
NevadaRegistered Agent
New HampshireRegistered Agent
New JerseyRegistered Agent
New MexicoRegistered Agent
New YorkAgent for Service of ProcessThe Secretary of State is the Agent for Service of Process for all LLCs.
North CarolinaRegistered Agent
North DakotaRegistered Agent
OhioStatutory Agent
OklahomaRegistered Agent
OregonRegistered Agent
PennsylvaniaRegistered Office
Rhode IslandResident Agent
Puerto RicoRegistered Agent
South CarolinaRegistered Agent
South DakotaRegistered Agent
TennesseeRegistered Agent
TexasRegistered Agent
UtahRegistered Agent
VermontRegistered Agent
VirginiaRegistered Agent
WashingtonRegistered Agent
West VirginiaAgent of ProcessUnlike all other states, a Registered Agent isn't required in West Virginia.
WisconsinRegistered Agent
WyomingRegistered Agent
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