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Note: If you’re still learning about what an LLC is and the benefits, please refer to these articles: what is an LLC and LLC asset protection.

Below is a list of the documents to form an LLC in all 50 states. The most common name is Articles of Organization, but the forms are also known as Certificate of Formation and Certificate of Organization.

Once approved by the state, these documents are what “officially” forms your LLC and allows you to conduct business.

You’ll notice there is an additional column in the table for secondary forms. Some states require you to file two forms to form your LLC.

Take Georgia for example; they require you to file an Articles of Organization as well as a Transmittal Form.

Or Louisiana, which requires 3 forms; Articles of Organization, Transmittal Information, and Initial Report.

Submitting your LLC Formation Documents to the state is not the only step needed to create your LLC. There are more steps and legal requirements in each state, that if not met, can result in the state shutting down your LLC.

Please refer to our 50 State LLC Guides for more details and step-by-step instructions for each state.

Or if you want to save time, you can have a professional LLC service file for you: Northwest ($39 + state fee) or LegalZoom ($149 + state fee)

“What’s the best state to form an LLC?”

In order to avoid having to register a Foreign LLC and pay 2 state filing fees, it’s best to form your LLC where you are doing business, which is most likely your home state.

If you are forming an LLC for real estate investing, it’s best to setup your LLC in the state where your property is located.

Please don’t be mislead by the hype. If you don’t live in these states (Delaware, Wyoming, Nevada), don’t form your LLC there. We have a full video you can watch on this here: best state to form an LLC.

LLC Filing Documents for all 50 States

Here are the LLC forms for each state:

Important: Although you will see the same name of forms repeat themselves, remember that each state has their own version and will not accept another state’s form.

​The LLC filing fee is a one-time payment which is made to the state in order to create your LLC. This payment is usually made to the Secretary of State’s Office, but is not always the case, depending on what state you’re forming your LLC in.

LLC filing forms & fees (as of 2022):

StateLLC Filing FormLLC Filing FeeInstructions & Download
AlabamaCertificate of Formation, Cover Letter, Name Reservation$200Alabama LLC instructions
AlaskaArticles of Organization$250Alaska LLC instructions
ArizonaArticles of Organization, Cover Sheet, Statutory Agent Acceptance, Membership Attachment$50Arizona LLC instructions
ArkansasArticles of Organization$45Arkansas LLC instructions
CaliforniaArticles of Organization$70California LLC instructions
ColoradoArticles of Organization, Additional Members (if 2 or more members)$50Colorado LLC instructions
ConnecticutCertificate of Organization$120Connecticut LLC instructions
DelawareCertificate of Formation, Cover Letter$90Delaware LLC instructions
FloridaArticles of Organization$125Florida LLC instructions
GeorgiaArticles of Organization, Transmittal Form$100Georgia LLC instructions
HawaiiArticles of Organization$50Hawaii LLC instructions
IdahoCertificate of Organization$100Idaho LLC instructions
IllinoisArticles of Organization$150Illinois LLC instructions
IndianaArticles of Organization$95Indiana LLC instructions
IowaCertificate of Organization$50Iowa LLC instructions
KansasArticles of Organization$160Kansas LLC instructions
KentuckyArticles of Organization$40Kentucky LLC instructions
LouisianaArticles of Organization, Transmittal Information, Initial Report$100Louisiana LLC instructions
MaineCertificate of Formation$175Maine LLC instructions
MarylandArticles of Organization$100Maryland LLC instructions
MassachusettsCertificate of Organization$500Massachusetts LLC instructions
MichiganArticles of Organization$50Michigan LLC instructions
MinnesotaArticles of Organization$155Minnesota LLC instructions
MississippiCertificate of Formation$50Mississippi LLC instructions
MissouriArticles of Organization$50Missouri LLC instructions
MontanaArticles of Organization, Cover Letter, Request for Copy$70Montana LLC instructions
NebraskaCertificate of Organization$105Nebraska LLC Instructions
NevadaArticles of Organization$425Nevada LLC Instructions
New HampshireCertificate of Formation$100New Hampshire LLC Instructions
New JerseyPublic Records Filing (becomes Certificate of Formation)$125New Jersey LLC Instructions
New MexicoArticles of Organization, Document Delivery Instructions$50New Mexico LLC instructions
New YorkArticles of Organization$200New York LLC instructions
North CarolinaArticles of Organization, Cover Sheet$125North Carolina LLC instructions
North DakotaArticles of Organization$135North Dakota LLC instructions
OhioArticles of Organization$99Ohio LLC instructions
OklahomaArticles of Organization$100Oklahoma LLC instructions
OregonArticles of Organization$100Oregon LLC instructions
PennsylvaniaCertificate of Organization, Docketing Statement$125Pennsylvania LLC instructions
Rhode IslandArticles of Organization$150Rhode Island LLC instructions
South CarolinaArticles of Organization$110South Carolina LLC instructions
South DakotaArticles of Organization$150South Dakota LLC instructions
TennesseeArticles of Organization$300Tennessee LLC instructions
TexasCertificate of Formation, Consent to Serve as Registered Agent$300Texas LLC instructions
UtahCertificate of Organization$70
VermontArticles of Organization$125Vermont LLC instructions
VirginiaArticles of Organization, Request for Certified Copy$100Virginia LLC instructions
WashingtonCertificate of Formation$200Washington LLC instructions
Washington DCArticles of Organization$99Washington DC LLC instructions
West VirginiaArticles of Organization$100
WisconsinArticles of Organization$130
WyomingArticles of Organization$100Wyoming LLC instructions

LLC Annual Fees for all 50 States

For LLC annual fees, please see here: LLC annual fees by state.

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